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Montana Hamiltons Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Montana Hamiltons Books

An exemplary American author of romance novels, the writer B.J. Daniels is well known for creating stories that excel in their subgenre of romantic suspense. Highly gifted at being able to craft suspense and build tension, she is truly a master of being able to keep her readers glued to the page. Constantly turning the page to find out what happens next, she keeps them guessing throughout leaving a question at almost every turn. Not just that, but she also establishes characters that feel wholly real and finely tuned, as they speak to the reader almost directly off of the page. It is her series as well that have really attracted the attention of readers worldwide, with many of them keeping audiences coming back for more. One series that really exemplifies her standard of writing is that of the ‘Montana Hamiltons’ series of books, set out in the rural west. With stories of bravery and traditional values, the characters are all strong and fiercely independent, as they make an attempt to retrieve what is theirs. Following this through the family of the Montanas, it sees the world through their eyes, getting into their minds with a new story and romance with each and every book. This also allows the series to gain the best of both worlds, in that each novel stands up on its own with a singular romance self-contained romance story, whilst also providing a long-running narrative for the fans of the series too.

Running for a total of six books so far and counting, this series manages to set-up a new suspense filled romance with each and every entry. Whilst the first one was published in 2015 and the last coming out in 2016, they were released in quick succession of one another. With the series having indefinite room to grow, there’s been no clear signs that there’s more to come, although it is always possible.

Wild Horses

First released through HQN Books, this would originally come out in 2015 on the 24th of February, setting up the Montana Hamiltons series overall. Establishing what’s to come as well, it sets up the world as a whole introducing the first Hamilton family member and seeing the world through their eyes. Not only that, but it also manages to provide a taut and suspense filled story of romance and danger, set in the open expanse of Montana.

One of the most determined cowboys in the West, Cooper Burnett has come to the conclusion that a man is the only one responsible for his own prosperity. Having sacrificed everything to gain a piece of land for him and his fiancée Livie, the two of them are all set to live in Beartooth Montana, that is until a stranger decides to wreak the vengeance. It appears that Livie has a dark secret of her own, one that includes her being pregnant to a man after being victimized during a blizzard. This means that she must trust Cooper with the truth, and then hope he’ll still protect against all the many element in their path. Will he find it within himself to protect her? Can the two of them defend what’s theirs? What will become of the wild horses?

Lone Rider

Published through the HQN Books publishing house once more, this provides the story of another Hamilton family member. Heading off to the rural west again, the story manages to recapture a lot of what made the first one work so well, whilst also finding its own feet in the process. Released in 2015 on the 28th of July, it was published not long after the first, meaning that the readers weren’t waiting all to long for it to come out.

Bo Hamilton is a cowgirl at heart, looking to make her own way in the world, always out to make a name for herself doing what she does best. Then, one day, an employee of her family steals money from them before heading up into the Crazy Mountains, where there is a killer waiting to capture her. With many believing Bo to be the guilty one, Jace Calder feels otherwise, as he has every reason to trust her and believe she’s innocent. Heading up into the mountains himself, he vows to find her and discover what really happened as he feels he owes it to her. Will he be able to find and rescue her before it’s too late though? What will become of them both once they find each other? Just who, exactly, is the lone rider?

Lucky Shot

The third book in the now much loved ‘Montana Hamiltons’ series of books, this was again released through the ‘HQN’ publishing label. Coming out in 2015, it would see its release on the 24th of November, with it being published in the same year as the first two. It would also carry on the saga of the Hamilton family themselves, with another romance featuring another family member of theirs.

When Max Malone manages to get his one rare shot with Buckmaster Hamilton, following the sighting of him near Beartooth with a blonde woman, he quickly realizes exactly what’s on the line. Chasing down a daughter of this senator, he goes on to verify that the woman is actually his previously thought to be deceased now ex-wife. Not wanting anything to do with him though, now Kat Hamilton, the daughter, realizes that there’s something about Max Malone she just can’t put her finger on. Then she finds herself put into danger, and it is up to Malone to save her, igniting the possible spark that could build between them both. Will they both end up together? What happened with his ex-wife and why does she now want nothing to do with him? Just who will get the lucky shot?

The Montana Hamiltons Series

Capturing the essence of the values of yesteryear, Daniels is a master of both entertaining and engaging her readers in equal measure. Transporting her audience to another time and place, she really manages to make the most of her material, whilst enjoying herself in the process. It is this love and passion that is clearly evident on each and every page, sweeping up the readers in her magical stories and worlds. With more to come, there’s no reason why this world can’t continue to grow, as more and more readers will carry on discovering it every day.

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