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Publication Order of Heaven Sent Books

Heaven Sent (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven Bound (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven's Ghost (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sons of Heaven (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ring of Death and Heaven's Power were re-published into Heaven's Ghost.

Montre Bible is an American author of fiction. He is known for writing in the genre of Christian fiction, science fiction, or a combination of the two. He has been interested in writing stories for all of his life. Bible became a published author for the first time when his novel Heaven Sent was published in 2005.

Bible always used to love writing and would turn in short stories that were four pages to his teachers in grade school when they were only requiring a paragraph. There are other authors out there that have inspired Montre Bible to become an author. Christian author of fiction and classic Narnia novels C.S. Lewis is one of his major inspirations.

The Heaven Sent series deals with the main character that has supernatural powers. Andrew is a young man that is the descendant of a human and a fallen half-angel. As such he is much more sophisticated and has a little bit more going on than the average human teenager or kid. When a dark force threatens his family, he must go on a journey of self-discovery and do what he can to protect the people that he loves.

There are four books in total in the Heaven Sent series. The sequel in this Christian science fiction series from dynamic author Montre Bible continues the action and brings the adventure more than ever. Released in 2007, Heaven Bound picks up where the debut novel left off with main character Andrew as he reads the words of his mother whose revelations about her biology leave him with many questions and answers.

The third book in the Heaven Sent series of fiction is titled The Ring of Death. Andrew must team up with his twin brother to take on yet another threat. It’s been only two years that have passed since they found out that they are actually biologically part angel and part human. He and Antonio are about to take on a devil named Ibo, an ancient Jinn who only has the goal of getting revenge on their grandfather.

Donyel is the grandfather of Andrew and Antonio and he is an angel. The life of the brothers gets disrupted once more when spiritual forces come to toy and mess about in their life. Andrew will also have to get his powers under control if he’s going to be able to take down Ibo and any other evil powers that want to take them on.

However, things get turned around by the time that the fourth book comes out. Heaven’s Power is the fourth in this amazing series from dynamic author Montre Bible! Andrew is faced with an impossible choice when he must make a deal with the devil Ibo in order to keep his best friend’s soul and get it saved. He is at the top of his power but needs the help of the Jinn to get this done. Andrew will need to draw on all of his friends to have a shot at winning and keep from going to the dark side completely.

Heaven Sent is the first in the series of the same name. In this book, readers are introduced to the character of Andrew. His parents were a human being and a half-angel that fell from Heaven, so he is totally different from anyone else his age. The supernatural powers that he has as a result of his parents are both powerful and also on the verge of being beyond his control and understanding both.

When a dark force comes out of nowhere to threaten not only his family but Andrew’s soul, he is on the rollercoaster of a lifetime. Andrew must face heartache and tragedy as well head-on. He will also get some help from a long-missing father and his twin brother in facing this dark threat.

Together they will go together on a journey of discovery. Their spiritual adventure may just be the thing that finally wakes Andrew up to the true spirit and power of God and the part that it plays in his life. Can this new presence in his life be the thing that will show Andrew the benefits of using his powers for good instead of using them for evil? You’ll be turning the pages of this exciting new Christian science fiction book from Montre Bible!

Heaven Bound is the second book in the Heaven Sent series from Montre Bible. Andrew is back and in this novel readers also get to meet Andrea Turner. She is Andrew’s mother and after she died, she wrote her final words to her beloved son. It is through these words that she is able to tell him that she discovered something unbelievable– that she is half-human, but half-angel too. In other words, she is one of the Nephilim.

It’s not just anyone that ends up being part human and angel. Andrew is pretty special, in a way. But he also has been left with supernatural powers that are so strong that they may threaten to take him over entirely. When Andrea was in college, her friends helped her find the spiritual path that she still walks to this day. It’s only accidentally that she finds out that she actually has powers.

Andrea is shocked to find out that she was not at the college by accident. She learns it was a plan between her father, a fallen angel. She must decide on her own if she will be the one using her powers for the purpose of good or the purpose of the dark side.

Now Andrea is faced with the biggest temptation someone has faced since Eve was tempted with the apple by the snake in the garden of Eden. If she gives up her soul, she might just get the world in return for it. But is it worth the price that she will pay for it?

You’re going to have to read Heaven Bound by Montre Bible. Pick it up and find out what so many readers have been raving about. If you love this book, then check out The Ring of Death and Heaven’s Power in order to finish the series!

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