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The Lies we Steal (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Truths we Burn (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood We Crave (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Blood We Crave: Part Two (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Oath We Give (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Courage for Fools (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Monty Jay is an American romance author known for writing edgy romance featuring broken alphas and women who help them discover happily ever after. She describes herself as a punk rock kid with a Red Bull addiction. Monty’s writing career began right in childhood as she would create imaginary friends and fictional friends. She knew she wanted to be a writer when she read Stephen King’s Nightmare and Dreamscapes novel. She was only eleven and found the book by accident.

As Monty explains, it wasn’t the collection of short stories in the book that inspired and transformed her. Still, instead, it was the introduction in which Stephen King talks about his love for stories and how he believes in the unimaginable. Her writing career was derailed for a few years due to negativity from people, but in November of 2019, Monty found her spark again and began writing Love & Hockey. In 2020, Monty Jay became a published author when Love & Hockey, the first book in the Fury series, was published. This marked the start of Monty’s taking people on epic adventures of love, illustrating the lengths dark love can go, how heartbreak can be, how revitalizing healing feels, and how even though love may not heal our deepest wounds, it does make them better.
When not writing, you will find Monty reading. She fancies reading darker romance and is also an avid fan of horror books.

The Lies we Steal, the first book in The Hollow Boys series, is an intense, dark, gritty book. It’s not a book for the faint-hearted but for those who enjoy dark and twisted bully romance novels. It’s important to note that a lot is going on in this book, from graphic violence, torture, murder, childhood abuse, psychological torment, suspense, and anxiety, because you’re not sure what will happen next.

Meet Briar Lowell from a simple childhood who’s allowed to attend an exclusive Hollow Heights University where her uncle is a member of the faculty team. Located in a small rural seaside town full of secrets, the school is full of wealthy and self-entitled students, most of whom spent their childhood locally. Briar knows too well that she’s out of her depth, quickly bonds with her roommate, and doesn’t let go of the opportunity of a world-class education.

Not long after she joins the university, Briar encounters The Hollow Boys, a group of four best friends with serious and twisted upbringings that have made them unique from those around them. The four are ruthless and, despite that, are close to each other as brothers, and they do whatever they want and are not answerable to anyone. They create fear among those surrounding them and revel in the shadows where they lurk.

The boys are set on one mission of revenge, seeking vengeance for the death of someone close to them. They will do whatever it takes to get rid of anything that stands in their way, and the author details to the latter every gruesome detail as they hunt for information, torturing and dealing with those who stand in their way and those who have already wronged them. And when Briar becomes a witness of their undertakings, she ends up on their radar, especially that of Alistair Caldwell.

Alistair is intrigued by Briar but doesn’t care and instead heads on to torment her, just to make her afraid of him and his boys to keep her mouth shut. But instead of hiding in fear, Briar does fight back. It’s a situation Alistair is all unfamiliar with, and the more she resists, the more he finds himself attracted to her. On the other hand, Briar is truly scared, but she doesn’t let fear get hold of her, and at the moment, feeling alive, thanks to the adrenaline rush and lust she gets from Alistair. It’s sort of a twisted situation, but this propels a mad attraction neither of the two can shy away from, and then the chemistry sizzles.

Briar is a fantastic heroine; she is bold, brave, and in an extreme situation that she comfortably handles herself and stands up to the bullying boys, refusing to fear them. You will love embracing her darker side. On the other hand, Alistair is an interesting character. Witnessing him start to care for someone outside his circle allows the reader to take a deeper look into his personality, which is quite fascinating. You will appreciate getting to know him better.

The Lies we Steal is not your typical love story. It is a dark and intense story, a bit perverted but seriously sexy, and works perfectly for the two main characters. The darkness drives them; as a reader, you can feel their attraction toward each other and the ever-growing feeling between them. It is an intense read, and the four boys aren’t your ordinary heroes, but the more we learn about Alistair and his best friends, the more the story draws us in.

The four boys are pretty intriguing; they are a twisted mix of cruel, bitter, evil, and sociopathic, but the bond they all share between them is pretty incredible. Their loyalty to each other is something without question, and as a reader, you will appreciate how they are always there for each other. Their dark humor is quite entertaining.

However, the boy’s quest for revenge unravels a deeper plot than they ever expected. It is a dark but very dangerous journey and seems to be the beginning, as the overarching story is unfinished and will undoubtedly continue in future books. The sex scenes in this book are just hot and sizzling. This is not your typical romance book, and honestly, the blurb doesn’t indeed do the story justice since it’s more than your average guy-loves-girl story, so he pretends to hate her and treat her badly story. There is more to this story that will hook you to the very end. If you enjoy reading romance novels featuring broken heroes who end up meeting women that mend their heart, then Monty Jay’s books are worthy the read.

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