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Publication Order of Moonlight Bay Books

An institution in his own right almost, the American author Dean Koontz is well known for his unique brand of suspense thriller novel. This has led to him becoming one of the largest and prolific names within his industry, putting out large numbers of almost guaranteed bestsellers on a regular and consistent basis. Not just an author, he is now a brand name, recognizable for regularly delivering a high-octane level of action and excitement. One particular series that he’s brought out is the suspense trilogy of novels, the ‘Moonlight Bay’ series, which fulfils all of his audience’s expectations and more. Set around a conspiracy that involves a military compound, it goes about following the leading character of Christopher Snow, as he aims to uncover what’s really going on. He does all of this whilst suffering from a condition known as XP, which means that he is highly sensitive to light. The series was held on a long hiatus, as the first two books were released in 1998 and 1999, with the third one waiting for over a decade and half. Telling readers he was half-way through the third book apparently titled ‘Ride the Storm’, Koontz informed readers that it was on its way back in 2000, and again in 2003. Still though, he ensured readers that it would be published despite the time wait, as he undertook a variety of other franchises in the meantime.

With a proposed set of three novels, this is a series that has ran over a long-time since its initial conception back in 1998. The first novel to arrive was titled ‘Fear Nothing’, and this was soon followed up in 1999 a year later with the second title ‘Seize the Night’. Going under the name of ‘Ride the Storm’, the third novel is all set to provide the thrilling conclusion to this highly popular trilogy of novels.

Fear Nothing

Originally published in 1998, this was the first novel in the long-running ‘Moonlight Bay’ trilogy of novels. Setting up the overall premise, it establishes the tone of the world, as well as introducing the character of Christopher Snow for the first time too. Brought out under the ‘Dell Books’ publishing label, it was also seen by many as the successor to Koontz’s 1987 novel ‘Watchers’.

Following a somewhat troubled protagonist, the plot sees him attempt to uncover a conspiracy, all whilst dealing with xeroderma pigmentosum. ‘XP’ for short, this means that he is highly sensitive to light, something which holds him back, making it an obstacle for him to overcome. A resourceful individual though, he is both strong and resilient, constantly showing a sense of strength throughout. With ideas of deep dark conspiracies and a race against the clock, it follows all the traditional beats of a fast paced thriller. Set in a shadowy and murky underworld, it manages to capture a sense of mystery and danger, one that really keeps everything on edge. For fans of the author, it really works at delivering what the audience are looking for, all whilst keeping them constantly guessing. The locations used are also rich and varied, as the character travels to variety of different places over the course of the novels. Mainly set upon Fort Wyvern though, it mostly features this military compound throughout, as it manages to fully utilize the location. Becoming a character in of itself almost, it manages to bring the fort to life, all whilst keeping the story flowing throughout.

Going to meet his father by night, Christopher Snow attends his father’s death-bed, as his father gives him his last words to ‘be brave’. As he’s leaving he accidentally witnesses his father’s body being switched with that of a drifter and, following his father’s body, it’s taken to a funeral home. Almost caught, he is then pursued by shadowy forces, as he must stick to the night, all whilst unraveling this intricate conspiracy. Will he be able to find out the truth? Where was his father’s body taken? Can he really fear nothing?

Seize the Night

Brought out under the ‘Bantam Publishing’ label this time, this would follow on from the last novel, it being released just a year later. Initially published in 1998 it would manage to continue the action that came before, whilst also developing it in the process. Giving the readers more of what they’d now come to expect, it also manages to provide some exciting twists and turns along the way.

Continuing many of the ideas from before, this carries on in much the same vein as before, as it manages to capture a sense of what came previously. Whilst also carrying on the many themes and ideas of the first novels, it also develops the many arcs of the narrative too. Along with this it also manages to progress the many characters too, not just that of Christopher Snow and his own predicament. With his character already introduced from the previous novel, this sees him continuing with his case-files, as he navigates the base of Fort Wyvern once more. Dealing with his condition as only he knows how, his skills of deduction are really put to the test, challenging him more than ever. Due to his ever resourceful nature and determined outlook, he will rise up against the pressure, and deal with it despite the odds. Set in Wyvern once again too, it doesn’t waste any time getting to the heart of the action and dealing with the story straight as it comes. With the base becoming a full three-dimensional world now, it’s really brought to life through the course of the story. The readers themselves are also made to feel as if they’re a part of the action too, as they’re fully immersed in the world and everything that’s going on.

Taking place a few months after the previous title, this sees Chris taking a walk with his dog Orson, only to find his ex, Lilly Wing, distressed over her missing son Jimmy. Promising to find him, Chris then sets off with his dog Orson, as they both set out to find the truth of what really happened. Soon, though, after calling the chief of police Manuel Ramirez, he quickly discovers that Jimmy is not the only child missing. Can he find the truth? Where did the missing children go? Who will seize the night?

The Moonlight Bay Trilogy

An exciting collection of novels, these are some great examples of the suspense and thriller genre, as well as showcasing Dean Koontz at his best. Providing an insight into the world of espionage, these thrillers are sure to keep readers on the edges of their seats throughout. With a strong leading character, they’re subdued in mystery and ambiance, something which will ensure that these novels have an ever enduring appeal for quite some time to come.

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