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Publication Order of Moonlight Harbor Books

Welcome to Moonlight Harbor (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter at the Beach (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Summer Retreat (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beachside Beginnings (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunset on Moonlight Beach (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
At Home in Moonlight Harbor (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sand Dollar Lane (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mermaid Beach (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Moonlight Harbor” is a series of novels by Sheila Roberts a women’s fiction author. Sheila is best known for writing intriguing romances and women’s fiction novels and as Sheila Rabe, she is the author of historical romance and contemporary novels. She currently makes her home in the Pacific Northwest alongside her children and husband. She has been a writer since 1989 though it was not until 2008 that she published her debut piece of fiction “Bikini Season,” which was the first novel of the “Heart Lake” series of novels. She currently has more than thirty novels in the “Heart Lake,” “Life in Icicle Falls,” “Life in Icicle Falls Omnibus,” and the “Moonlight Harbor” series alongside several single standing novels. Before she was a writer, she did a lot of things including playing in a band and running a singing telegram company she owned. She no longer plays in a band but still writes songs as a hobby whenever she is not writing her novels. Sheila’s best-selling novels have been featured on “Reader’s Digest Condensed Books” while another of her novels was an Amazon Top Ten Romance in 2009. “The Nine Lives of Christmas” “On Strike for Christmas” were made into Hallmark and Lifetime Network movies. When she is not hanging out with her friends or speaking at conferences or women groups, he can be found with friends, family, or chocolate.

Sheila Roberts was first introduced to reading by her grandmother though she always had a lot of books in her home. She still remembers how excited she was when she got her first library card and her favorite book as a child was “The Wind in the Willows.” Her neighborhood in Seattle had a gorgeous but small Carnegie library and she can still remember going up the stone steps and walking over the hardwood floors as she headed for the children’s book section. She started writing as a child and has always written since. When she was an adult and got married, her mother in law that had become one of her best friends suggested that she write a story about her life. While nothing came of the manuscript, the experience whet her appetite for writing, and went on to write magazine articles and short stories for years. In the 2000s, she had an idea for a Regency England era story that had a lady thief as the lead. It was her first published work that put her on the path to becoming a renowned women’s fiction author.

“The Moonlight Harbor” series of novels is the story of Jenna Jones, a woman whose life is changed forever when she gets divorced. Her aunt decides to help her by inviting her to Moonlight Harbor, where she can help run several prosperous inns she owns. Looking to put the pain of her divorce behind her, she puts her soul and heart into making the inn a success. Along the way meets friends and potential romantic partners. Roberts starts the Moonlight Harbor series with a beautiful story of new beginnings, friendship, and family. Through the story of the lead character, we get a vivid picture of coastal Washington. Jenna is a relatable character who is in dire straits s she moves away from what she has called home for years to go help run Driftwood Inn. Amid organizing events, marketing the inn, and helping out her friends and family, she gets into a lot of adventure. Aunt Eddie brings some sass while her friends such as Jolly Roger and Pete bring the humor. While dealing with all these and the tumultuous relationship with her daughter’s Jenna the lead also gets to form genuine friendships while several romantic potentials brew in the background.

“Welcome to Moonlight Harbor” the first novel of the “Moonlight Harbor” series introduces the lead character Jenna Jones. She is a few months from her fortieth birthday but the big 40 has been messed up by an impending divorce. She can hardly support herself and her teenage daughter and still has to pay spousal support for her artist ex who is with another woman. Her mother had always told her that there is a rainbow in every storm and she thinks things are becoming better when her Great Aunt Eddie sends her an unexpected gift. Aunt Eddie is getting on in age and can no longer run The Driftwood Inn as efficiently as she could when she was younger. She wants Jenna to go live with her and help run the inn and she thinks this could be the solution to her financial problems. Her aunt lives in a run-down but charming town even though the Driftwood Inn that she is supoosed to help with is in an even worse state. Aunt Eddie believes that they can turn it around though Jenna thinks she may have gotten herself into an almost imposible situation. But with several handsome citizens and new friends maybe it is the rainbow she had at the end of her storm.

“Winter at the Beach” the second novel of the “Moonlight Harbor” series opens to Jenna as the new proprietor of The Driftwood Inn. Since she is in charge of the inn, she has come up with an idea to revitalize it that includes hosting “Seaside with Santa,” – a holiday festival. Planning events is something she has always enjoyed and she gets into the preparation, the decorating, and reservations with zeal. It is a lot of work though and she gets the help of two handsome men who are hoping that by spending time with her ,they can claim more of her heart. But Jenna is a busy woman but she is happy even when her troublesome ex tries to butt in and make things difficult for her. With a prosperous business, life could not have been as close to perfect as it was in the moment. But then the weather turns and storms and gales rain down on her parade threatening to blow all her hard work out into the sea. The town loses power and the main road into and out of town is blocked with Jenna’s motel full of guests. When her generators cough and sputter before going silent, she cannot help but be afraid for the welfare of her guests. But with a little holiday spirit and teamwork, they might find that there is always some good time at the beach.

“The Summer Retreat” the third novel of the “Moonlight Harbor” series is the story of Celeste Jones. She had made what she thought was a perfect summer getaway with her fiancé/boyfriend. But then he had dumped her to go with a woman he had been dating behind her back for several months. She is furious and heartbroken but moves on with her life. As soon as schools are closed for the summer break, she leaves and heads to Moonlight Harbor to stay with her sister Jenna, who is always a reliable friend in hard times. Jenna may probably need someone to help with things at the inn and Celeste does not mind doing some of the chores around Driftwood Inn as long as she gets her laid-back summer vacation. All she needs is someone or something to distract her from the troubles of the past few months. Finding her soul mate will be a tricky proposition but Jenna is determined to ensure that her sister does things right this time. Jenna herself is no expert at relationships and her own romantic life is not yet sorted out. However, they may learn that by enjoying life and love on the beach they may just find their soul mates.

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