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Publication Order of Moonsinger Books

Moon of Three Rings (1966)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exiles of the Stars (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flight in Yiktor (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dare to Go A-Hunting (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brother to Shadows (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon

During her lifetime, the author Andre Norton would come to write a lot of science-fiction and fantasy during her long and illustrious writing career which, over time, would come to be regarded as some of the most genre shifting work of her generation. With a strong and colorful imagination, she was quite adept at writing stories that drew the reader in, involving them in both the narrative and the characters, giving them a sense of escapism throughout. This then paved the way for much of the genre to follow, is she would reinvent both the genres, ultimately moving them forwards and taking them in new and exciting directions. Before moving to science-fiction and fantasy she was largely known for writing adventure and historical fiction, which is where she would initially find most of her fame, making a name for herself and creating her brand to be. During her lifetime she would also come to write a number of highly successful series and franchises, many of which would endure long after, with their legacy continuing to be discovered to this very day. A series that she would become particularly well known for is that of her much loved and acclaimed ‘Moonsinger’ series of novels, also known as ‘Free Traders’, as well as ‘Moon Magic’. Taking place within the world of ‘Yiktor’ this would incorporate a whole vast array of fantastical elements into its rich and varied narrative, creating a vibrant and colorful world moving across time and space. Following the main protagonists of Krip the Free Trader and Maelen the Moonsinger, it sees them travelling across the universe undergoing a series of wild and exciting adventures. The series also has another series called the ‘Free Traders’ series, a name which this series also goes under the name of sometimes, as they’re both set within the same universe.

With a total of five books, this series would begin in 1966 with the title ‘Moon of Three Rings’, later being followed up in 1971 with ‘Exiles of the Stars’. Then, in 1986, there was ‘Flight in Yiktor’, along with ‘Dare to Go A-Hunting’ in 1989 just two years later, all followed up with the final installment of ‘Brother to Shadow’ in 1993. Retaining an ever enduring appeal to this very day, the legacy of these books continues to live on, with more and more discovering them every day as the audience carries on growing all the time, something that will continue for many years to come.

Moon of Three Rings

Originally published in 1966 this was the first novel in the long-running ‘Moonsinger’ series of novels, as it would come to set-up and establish the overall world of the novels. It would also work at introducing Krip and Maelen for the first time too, as they would be the central protagonists of the novel, as well as the following series too. Establishing a style and a tone, this would allow the series to come alive, creating what was to be one of Norton’s most successful and endearing series to date, with an involving and highly engrossing narrative that would draw countless readers in.

As a space-opera with elements of fantasy, this follows on in a rich and illustrious history of the genre. With strong and heroic characters at the center of the story driving it forwards, it uses its protagonists to draw the readers in, allowing them to relate to the heroes. This is especially useful considering the sheer scale and scope of Norton’s imagination, as she paints across a large canvas, with a vast array of different elements being drawn in.

Landing on the planet of Yiktor a Galactic trade ship by the name of Lydis lands during the time of the Moon of Three Rings, and onboard is Krip Vorlund. Working as a crew member there, he embarks to go and see a beast show there, whereby he lays eyes on none other than Maelen, the owner of the show, who he is attracted to. It is then that he is kidnapped by a Combine who aims to control the planet there, as Maelen then transforms him into none other than a wolf like creature using her sorcery. Will he be able to survive and fight with his soul intact? Can he save the planet? What will happen during the Moon of Three Rings?

Exiles of the Stars

Brought out in 1971 just five years after the first, this was to be the direct follow-up to ‘Moon of Three Rings’, as it continued on with another installment. Picking up from where the last left off, it marks the second title in the ongoing ‘Moon Magic’ series of novels, further establishing the characters and the world. Not only developing the overall narrative, it also provides some extra twists and turn along the way, taking it in new and exciting directions that keep the reader hooked throughout.

On the way to planet Thoth, the Free Trader ship Lydis is caught up in the middle of a civil-war whilst attempting to transport incense to the temples of Kartum. At the heart of this war is an ancient evil with a Forerunner with a treasure buried deep within its heart, and it is a war which embeds the Lydis deep within the middle of it all. On-board the ship are Krip and Maelin, only now they are not in their own bodies, as their minds and souls have been transposed into beasts in order to hide themselves. Will they emerge victorious? Can they defeat the nameless evil? What lies in store for the exiles of the stars?

The Moonsinger Series

A classic example of its genre, this would go on to be regarded as a classic in the following years to come subsequent to its first initial release. Setting up a much loved franchise, many still see this has containing many of the staples of the staples of the science-fiction and fantasy genres that are still used to this very day. Moving the format forwards, this series is a must for anybody hoping to gain an insight into the life and career of Norton as a writer of modern genre novels, as well as being highly entertaining titles too.

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