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Publication Order of Moose Springs, Alaska Books

The Tourist Attraction / The Tourist Trap (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistletoe and Mr. Right (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enjoy the View (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Moose Springs Alaska” is a series of romance novels by Sarah Morgenthaler, a romantic comedy and contemporary romance author. These are novels full of fun-loving and quirky characters that fall in love even though they try their best not to. The 2017 and 2018 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist and winner of the NOLA Star Susanna award made her debut with the publishing of “The Tourist Trap” in 2019. Morgenthaler is a lifelong scientist nerd and geologist and also loves playing with Sammy her rescue pit bull, geeking out over rocks, and passionately supporting chocolate chip cookies. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found hiking in the national parks, traveling with her husband, or burying her nose in a great classical novel. Sara loves old pickup trucks, her family, God, and red wine.

Morgenthaler has been a writer ever since she was a teenager. However, much of the writing that she did during her teenage years was primarily for fun. It was not until 2016 that she decided to become a published author when she published “The Tourist Attraction,” the first of the “Moose Springs, Alaska” series of novels. Just like many of her contemporaries, Sarah was a huge reader growing up and loved to bury her nose in a fantasy or science fiction work. She can still feel the subtle influences of the reading she did this time in many of her novels. She also loves to have fun and laugh with the people in her life and she has incorporated this in her novels. Morgenthaler always tries to insert a sense of enjoyment into the people in her stories. She is known for writing about people that love their families, friends, and towns.

The “Moose Springs, Alaska” is a set of cute and funny contemporary romances set in small-town Alaska. Sarah Morgenthaler writes funny and cute stories full of dependable, impulsive, and stubborn characters that you can relate to. The plots are a heartwarming combination of romance, life, dangerous mishaps, family, adventurous quests, small-town living, and friendship. In “The Tourist Attraction,” the debut novel of the series, Graham who runs a diner in the small town of Moose Springs is getting an endless flock of tourists to his diner. He is overwhelmed and about to call it quits when he meets Zoey. She is in town for a fortnight but intends to make the most out of it. But the more time she spends in the town the more she realizes there could be more to it than rugged wilderness. “Mistletoe and Mr. Right,” the second novel of the series is the story of Rick Harding, a business owner who has a crush on Lana, an employee of the Montgomery group that belongs to her family. But he is a very shy guy and cannot muster the guts to talk to her. Meanwhile, she is dealing with the objections of the locals who are opposed to the building of her luxury condo project. “Enjoy the View,” the third novel of the “Moose Springs, Alaska” series is a beautiful tale about Easton Locker, a broody mountaineer who is working with River Lane a documentary filmmaker. They are navigating a dangerous mountain climb, blustery and cold nights, and an underlying simmering attraction.

“The Tourist Attraction” the debut novel of the “Moose Springs, Alaska” series is a sappy, fun, sweet, and slightly melodramatic novel full of memorable quirky characters. Graham is an entrepreneur that owns and runs a small diner named the “Tourist Trap.” It is a popular stop for tourists despite the less than stellar customer service and the limited menu. Graham is lucky to be one of the people that makes his money from the traveling tourists even though he hates the demands and chaos they bring. When he first meets Zoey, she is suffering from jet lag and nearly passed out drunk at the Tourist Trap. She had been abandoned there by a friend and Graham offers to take her back to the resort where she had booked a room. But despite his reservations, he is unable to stop thinking about the beautiful tourist. For Zoey coming to Alaska was a dream come true and she had spent everything she had and then planned her itinerary right to the last detail. But she had not accounted for the grumpy but sexy local who gets under her skin. She thinks it is crazy letting him get to her but she just cannot stop. Maybe she should start something with him, after all, she will be leaving soon and she can leave it all behind.

“Mistletoe and Mr. Right,” the second novel of the series is also set in Moose Spring, the small town in Alaska. Lana Montgomery is a rich socialite who believes she can change things for the better. But the people of the town just do not want someone like her. Nonetheless, she is determined to show them that she is one of them even if she had to track down the Santa Moose, a Grinch with antlers that wants to destroy anything that can bring Christmas cheer to the hamlet. She will also trade her stilettos for snow boots if that is what it takes. Lana thinks she can do it just like any other man in the town and sets out to prove the residents wrong. On the other hand, is Rick Harding, a man who has had a few brutal years and is not yet out of the woods. Things have only gotten worse ever since Lana came into town and tranquilized him instead of the Santa Moose. Everybody can see that she needs someone to help her and he steps forward hoping to catch her eye. It is a full-blown war as Lana and Rick work to capture the moose before it destroys everything. But will they finally find a place where they can be together?

In “Enjoy the View,” the third novel of the “Moose Springs, Alaska” series, River Lane’s career in Hollywood is tanking fast. She decides to get a fresh start but now behind the camera as a filmmaker producing a documentary in Moose Springs, a small town in Alaska. It should have been an easy assignment but she arrives to find the locals in no mood to welcome visitors. But she is determined to make her picture no matter what it costs or what mountains she will be forced to climb. On the other hand, is the survivalist and gentle giant Easton Lockett, who promises that he will get River and her entourage to their filming location in one piece. But the wildlife is unpredictable and wilder than is typical and while her crew is frightened to the point of wanting to jump off a cliff, Lana keeps her cool. Easton’s job protecting his charges only gets more complicated when he falls for River. But he thinks he can hold out as long as he is not exposed to her exquisite smile. Everyone’s life is at risk when the weather turns and Easton will have to dig deep into his repertoire of skills to convince River to stay with him forever and get everyone home safe.

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