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Publication Order of More Than Words Books

More Than Want You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Need You (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Love You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Crave You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Tempt You (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Pleasure You (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Dare You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Protect You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Possess You (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Hate You (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Desire You (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

More Than Words by Shayla Black is a series of novels by USA Today, New York Times bestselling author with more than seventy titles to her name. Shayla Black has been writing historical, paranormal, erotic and contemporary romances through audio, foreign, independent and traditional publishers for more than two decades. Her novels have been published in more than 12 languages and there are millions in print. She was raised as an only child and since she did not have siblings to play with spent much of her time daydreaming. It was in college that she found her love for reading and thought that she wanted to become an author given that she had so many stories rolling around her head. Even as she has a degree in Advertising/Marketing and went on to work in the corporate world, she has always had a love for writing stories. She has been a full time author since 2009 and has written a ton of novels since then. She currently lives in Texas with her husband, daughter and two cats. When she is not writing, she loves to read, watch reality TV, and listen to a wide-ranging blend of music.

The More Than Word Series is an emotional, sexy and fresh, contemporary romance series that features some of the most interesting characters. In “More Than You Want”, the first novel of the series tells the story of Maxon Reed and Keeley Kent. Maxon is the ultimate alpha who is driven to succeed, closed off, dominant, and sometime quite the arrogant ass. However, behind all that macho alphaness is a man struggling with past demons and the relentless need to show his worth to his father. Keeley is a strong willed, free spirited, confident, adorable and absolutely gorgeous woman who can also be kind, caring and loving. She is the type of person that everyone just loves. The lead of the second novel of the series “More Than You Need” is about Griff Reed and Britta. Griff is an arrogant man though his attitude comes from having to deal with a lot of issues. He is now looking to become a better man and this means he can show love and affection, which can be quite inspiring and sweet especially when directed towards Britta and his son. Britta his love interest is a single mother that has a lot of baggage having been to Hell and back. Griff had hurt her badly causing her to resent and lose trust in men. But she still needs someone who can be a father to her son Jamie. In “More Than Love You” we meet the sassy and snarky Harlow and the retired quarterback Noah Weston. Noah Weston had it all with different women throwing themselves at him during his playing days. The retired player is seeking to kick back and relax back home in Hawaii only to meet a woman that fulfills all his fantasies. He meets the wild, determined, stubborn, funny and smart Harlow sitting the house he is to move into. She is hiding something though he can immediately see that she is a strong sexy woman that he would like to know better.

Maxon Reed is the stubborn, competitive, sexy and hot headed lead of “More Than Want You”. He is a real estate mogul that intends to remain the top dog in a battle for dominance against his estranged brother Griff. His brother is no pushover and he has been gaining ground on Maxon and could take his crown if he does not take action soon. They are competing for a highly prestigious and lucrative property listing that Griff looks sure to snag. Max cannot let him get the listing and hence comes up with what he thinks is a sure fire plan to steal the listing from under his brother. Griff has always loved the ladies and Max thinks that dangling one that takes his fancy would be distracting enough that he would take his eyes off the ball. But Griff has a type and hence Maxon has to teach the woman he finds how to snag his brother. He hires the sassy college senior and proceeds to give her some tips on what Griff is attracted to. But now that Keeley Kent has accepted to become the perfect girlfriend that would distract Griff, there is a problem. They have been spending a lot of time in witty conversation and makeovers and in there somewhere, Max is falling for Keeley. She is a quirky dreamer which is one thing that he has never liked in a woman but who could resist her charms. He had prepared her for his brother but he now wants her desperately. How far will he go to make her his?

“More Than Need You” picks off from where the first novel in the series left off. Griff is reeling after he is informed that he has a 3 year old son. He knows that he really messed up by leaving Britta and it is hurting him deeply. He knows that he needs to ask for her forgiveness and show her that he is still in love with her, though he is not sure how she will react. He arrives just in time to find her celebrating getting engaged to another man. She has clearly moved on from him but he is convinced to show her that it would be a huge mistake to marry another man. He also wants to play a role in his son’s life and hence he wants to have Britta back. He thinks he can prove to her that she can trust him and that he is worthy of her love. It is not going to be easy but Griff has always accomplished the seemingly impossible and he is ready to even play dirty to achieve his goals. In his quest, he swings from elation to despair even as Britta remains reticent towards his moves. He had broken her heart and it is understandable that she would be distrustful of the man that had left her while she was pregnant. But Griff bombards her with his pleas and given their history, threatens to destroy the wall she had painstakingly put up to protect herself and her son.

“More Than Love You”, the third novel of the More Than Words series features Noah Weston and Harlow Reed. Noah has just retired from playing as a quarterback in the NFL and is looking to retire in Hawaii, where he intends to become a commentator. The remote location and home right on the beach would provide a much needed break from all the media attention. He had bought the home even without seeing it and asked that it be ready when he arrived. But then he arrives to find a beautiful Harlow lounging next to the pool and though he doesn’t know her, he knows she is all he wants. It turns out that she is the sitter and she knows nothing about him, which means she will not be chasing him like all the girls back on the mainland. With the owner back she is ready to check out and leave as her work is done but he is determined to work hard to get her attention, something he had never done before. He manages to get her to agree to a one night stand. But then her past catches up to her and their one night stand gets an indefinite extension. They can now get to enjoy each other in some passionate playtime while waiting for things to cool down. But they never expected that their impromptu liaison would develop into a strong connection.

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