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Moretti Millionaires Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Morretti Millionaires Books

Seduced by the Playboy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the CEO (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the Heir (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by Mr. Right (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the Hero (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the Mogul (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the Bachelor (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduced by the Tycoon at Christmas (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The author of this series, Pamela Yaye, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education. It is her passion for African-American fiction that motivated her to pursue a career in writing romance. Her 15th Harlequin Kimani Romance novel known as SEDUCED BY THE PLAYBOY, was released in 2014. Pamela Yaye is a mother and a teacher. In her free time she likes watching sports, cooking, or going to a vacation with her family. She currently lives in Alberta, Canada with her adorable son and daughter.

Her passion for reading started developing at a very tender age. Her parents- Daniel and Gwendolyn Addison- were ardent readers they therefore encouraged her to read very much. Frequent Trips to the nearby public library were part of her week. Consequently, by the time she was in junior high she could read everything starting from biographies, suspense as well as True Confession magazines!

If you love reading a great romance story that features an attractive plot, spicy humor as well as HOT love scenes then you will
definitely enjoy reading her books. The Moretti Millionaires Series by Pamela Yaye features a hot newscaster known as Angela Kelly who wants to take the City by storm. However, considering her show’s low ratings, her chances of achieving her desire are very limited. She is on pressure to save her job, and a very tantalizing exposé on the mischievous professional baseball player Demetri Morretti could be her last attempt. But that’s only if she can be able handle the enticing desire that is developing between them.

Seduced by the Playboy

Seduced by the Playboy is the 1st book in Moretti Millionaires Series. This tale is about love, friendship, family dynamics as well as forgiveness all intertwined into one. They started off very badly with Demetri Morretti confronting Angela about the article she wrote about him. The video that shows them arguing leaks and she is required by her boss to interview Demetri so that he can tell his side of the story. He does not want to do the interview but Kelly’s boss insists that she convinces him to turn up for a show. Being somebody who’s very persistent, Kelly does not take back and as they spend time together, they start liking each other. She is very surprised about the instant chemistry that is developing between them.

You will be enchanted by Demetri Morretti since he is so loving. Although He was a very prominent baseball player, he needed his
privacy. He wanted the paparazzi to leave him on his own. However, Angela comes on his way and he only wants to be with her.

Although Angela Kelly is a lady who gets whatever she wants, she is only interested in doing well in her career. She not only wants to talk crap about superstars, she also wants to talk about what’s happening in America.

Okay perhaps it is not her that’s talking crap about the celebs but she thinks that they also do their part. Now she is at her workplace and she has the handsome player in her face. Since they were attracted to each other why couldn’t they enjoy themselves together? Angela Kelly got orders from her boss to get Demetri do the interview and the last thing on her mind was kissing Demetri.

When they ultimately begin seeing each other, Demetri recognizes that he’s falling in love with the hot newscaster. Angela cannot
stop smiling but something transpires and his assistant is at her door. It seems like she has been doing some digging and she recognizes what she actually did. Demetri Morretti knows very well that he deeply loves Angela and he does not mind telling her anything. He knows what he needs and he is very willing to do anything in order to get her.

Therefore, when Demetri surprises her with something magnificent she abandons him. When he finally gets to know the truth about the 2 ladies that he loves, who will he chose? Will she ultimately forgive her brother for what he did?

You will love how the two characters in the book were destined for each other and the fact that Demetri ultimately went for what he
desired most. The love between Demetri Morretti and Angela Kelly is not only very sweet and passionate, they were also destined to be with each other. Although the book is a bit slow at the beginning you will be able to know the characters very well as you continue reading. You will be able to picture the love between the two developing.The book will certainly keep you entertained from the start till the end.

Seduced by the CEO

Seduced by the CEO is the 2nd book in the Series by Pamela Yaye. Nicco Morretti meets Jariah at a coffee shop. Morretti was attracted to Jariah and he therefore wanted her. At the beginning, Jariah did not want to listen anything he was saying as she did not know who he really was. All that changed immediately she began working for him as she got to know who he really was. She couldn’t help loving him and he wanted to settle down with her. Although there were some people who did not want them to be together, Nicco is determined to settle with her.

Seduced by the CEO is a very interesting love story that you will definitely enjoy reading. Both Nicco and Jariah were contended with each other when they met. The story mainly focuses on being happy in your skin and it also emphases on a couple that is made for one another irrespective of their social status.

Class is and will always play a major role on how we treat other people. Smart loyal, honest, and trustworthy are the personalities of Jariah. Nevertheless she is under-rated since she is from “the wrong side of the track” and that’s when we get to learn that she means a lot to the rich Nicco.

Seduced by the CEO is an excellent read that that you will enjoy reading very much. The book by Pamela Yaye has an enthralling as well as an excellent start that makes this second installment to be very interesting.

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