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Publication Order of The Mastermind Duet Books

Publication Order of Ocean View Books

Publication Order of Seasons of Revenge Books

Tis the Season for Revenge (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cruel Summer (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fall of Bradley Reed (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Big Nick Energy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ick Factor (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Springbrook Hills Books

The Distraction (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Protector (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Substitution (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Connection (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Playlist (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Morgan Elizabeth is an American romance and romantic suspense author. She is the author of the Springbrook Hill series and Ocean View series and several standalone books. The Springbrook series are often full-length romance books that can be read as standalone. They feature sexually explicit materials and profanity and are recommended for those above 18 years old readers.

Tis, the Season for Revenge books, starts with some friendly, legally blonde vibes. Meet Abbie, who has been a lawyer for four years with her boyfriend and hopes he will propose to her soon. It is Halloween, and she is happy to join him at one of his parties, but surprisingly, he shows up and dumps her immediately. Abbie is heartbroken and can’t believe that their relationship was never severe, but she soon starts seeing how things were with him. Her boyfriend made her dull her personality, dress, change her hair color, and act differently. She realizes that he made her change everything about herself to fit what he wanted. He used her and took advantage of her, acting as his cleaner and personal assistant. So she gets wasted with her best friends, logins into a dating website and matches to her boyfriend’s boss, creating a perfect recipe for revenge. She’s going to get laid by his boss and invited to her ex-boyfriend’s Christmas party.

Damien is one of the firm’s founding members and can’t believe his luck when he gets matched with the girl of his dreams on a dating website one night. He and Abbie immediately start dating, and they quickly fall in love. Their chemistry is so intense and unbreakable. He treats her like a queen, thinks she is perfect, and can’t get enough of the things that her ex-boyfriend used to hate about her. You will enjoy seeing Abbie heal by being with a man who appreciates her despite the age gap between them. The steamy moments in the book are so hot. It is nice seeing that both Abbie and Damien don’t want children, something that’s always refreshing and mainly represented in romance books.

The Ex-Files is the first book in Ocean View series by Morgan Elizabeth. Meet Cassandra Reynolds, who can spot a red flag a mile away. It’s her full-time job. A favor she did a friend in college who was afraid of getting catfished would later turn into a full-blown business. She owns The Ex-Files, a matchmaking business located in Ocean View. She dates men almost every day of the week to vet them. This way, she assures the matches she makes are perfect and free of heartaches.

However, with her job comes to some challenges as well. Every man she encounters is hiding something, not showing his true colors and trying to impress. It’s not worth the emotional stress for her to try anymore. But when she is invited to her father’s wedding, a man who lived a double life, she realizes she has no date of herself to bring to the event even after years of matchmaking.

When a mechanic Luke Dawson comes to the aid of a woman stranded on the roadside, he never thinks it would be the matchmaker. His sisters set him up with her because they wanted him to have a happily ever after, like their parents. But for him, one date is all it takes to decide that he isn’t interested in matchmaking but instead wants the matchmaker herself. It’s his responsibility to convince her to give him a shot without scaring her away. But he hits countless obstacles in the name of strict and tight rules she’s created to protect herself. Will Luke overcome these obstacles and make her see that he’s the perfect match for her?

The Distraction is the first book in The Springbrook Hills series by Morgan Elizabeth. For Hunter Hutchins, success is due to one thing, his flawless focus on Beaten Path, an outdoor recreation brand he built from scratch after his first business failed. When his father falls sick, he is forced to return to his hometown, and his father’s belief in him isn’t for nothing. With his father’s sickness, distractions are unwelcome. Residing in his sister’s home, Hunter meets Hannah, a beautiful nanny who has his heart pumping fast and his head in a frenzy since their first encounter.

Ever since he watched Hannah dance, he finds himself drifting from his set objectives and purpose- or could he be drifting closer to them?

But Hannah refuses to make the same mistakes as her mother. Hannah spent her childhood watching what precisely happens when a family is torn apart and has lived with those consequences ever since. When the perfect time came, she swore never to make the same mistakes again by settling for anyone.

But when the uncle of the children she nannies comes into the picture, she can’t help but find herself falling in love with the handsome man who’s not for her. Will she get through the summer protecting her heart, or will her feelings overwhelm her, and she gives in? The Distraction is a perfect romance book which can be read as a standalone.

In the second book in the Ocean View book series, we meet Gabi, who has spent her life with her head in the clouds with only random thoughts interrupting her worst moments. It is why even at 28, she hasn’t experienced what it feels like to love and be loved. When she attends her best friend’s baby shower, she gets some advice that almost works until she hurts herself in the shower ending up in the ER.

Meet Doctor Vic, the ER doctor who attends to Gabi. He is tired of his mother constantly setting up blind dates for him. His entire life has been a balance between work and pleasing his mother. Vic and Gabi create a symbiotic relationship in which Vic helps her learn about her own body while Gabi helps keep Vic’s mother off his back. But what happens when Vic realizes he’s slowly falling in love with her?

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