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Morgan Greene
Morgan Greene is a UK native that maintains a strong connection with Scandinavia. With an undying love of gritty Scandi-noir powering her Jamie Johansson series, he hopes to produce crime thrillers that blend unforgiving and dark Scandinavian settings and crimes with deep characterization, tightly wound narratives, and sweeping, intense scenes.

Morgan has written across a wide variety of genres, and brings this experience to crime thriller, bringing his readers a unique experience and instantly recognizable style. The Jamie Johansson series is just as much a tribute to Morgan’s love of Scandinavian crime and thriller as it is an effort to forge a genre all its own.

Morgan deals with writer’s block by pushing on through. He finds that bulleting what he’ll write next helps get the juices flowing. And often these bullets turn into sentences, then into paragraphs, and suddenly he’ll get writing again.

“Angel Maker” is the first novel in the “DI Jamie Johansson” series and was released in the year 2021. Every angel deserves to get their wings. When a teen girl is discovered dead in the woods, her body having been posed like an angel, Stockholm holds its breath. This kill bears an eerie resemblance to those of the Angel Maker, a serial killer that was caught two decades prior. One that just died in prison.

Detective Inspector takes some much needed time away from the London Met once the call comes in. Her dad, one of the most notorious detectives in Stockholm, caught the Angel Maker during her childhood, and she has long since shut the door to that part of her life. However with the original case files gone missing, the threat of another murder looming, and her dad’s reputation on the line, she’s drawn back to the frozen streets in her hometown to finish what he began.

Is this a copycat emerging? Or did he in fact catch the wrong man all those years prior? Jamie’s going to have to confront her own dark childhood, along with the evil that stalks the city if she hopes to crack this case open to learn the truth. However with so many secrets having been buried under the snow-laden earth, is she going to be able to catch this murderer before he can claim his next victim? The Angel Maker’s returned, and a plan twenty years in the making has already been set in motion.

Angel Maker is DI Jamie Johansson’s stunning first outing and is going to have readers on the edge of their seats. With a host of likely suspects, a ruthless murderer, gritty characters, tight plotting, and a twist that’s going to feel like a punch straight to the gut, this is a Scandi crime thriller you’ve been waiting for.

“Rising Tide” is the second novel in the “DI Jamie Johansson” series and was released in the year 2021.The tide’s rising, and there is blood in the water. DI Jamie Johansson is currently on loan to the Stockholm Polis when this chilling call for help comes in. the Bolstad B oil platform out in the unforgiving Norwegian Sea is on total lockdown. The corpse of a crew member was found savagely attacked before being hanged from a crane. And another has gone missing. However the operation can’t stop. The drilling company’s fate is hanging by a thread, with an imminent crew change, and tensions are reaching a breaking point.

Jamie and Anders Wilk, her new partner, get flown out to the platform with just five days to solve this crime, and a list of suspects unlike any other they’ve dealt with. These people are angry, dangerous, and scared, not to mention they will do anything in order to survive. Everybody only wants to go home, however while the switchover draws near, more of the crew start vanishing, one by one, by one. The killer’s playing a twisted game of their own, and Wilk and Jamie are out of their element.

The platform is like a labyrinth, time is running out, and no one’s safe. The badge doesn’t mean anything when you’re this far from home. There’s no police out here, there’s no law. There is just blood and oil. And a lot of it.

Nail-biting, claustrophobic, and balanced on a hair trigger, this is a novel that won’t let you out of its grip. Much like the victims between its pages, once you arrive, there is no escape.

“Old Blood” is the third novel in the “DI Jamie Johansson” series and was released in the year 2021. They took everything away from her, and now she’s got nothing to lose.

With the scars of her previous case still fresh on her skin, DI Jamie Johansson pieces together a puzzle which has been buried for twenty years now. It killed her dad, and now she is determined to complete what he started and expose all the corruption threaded through each and every street of Stockholm.

When the series of violent incidents leave Jamie’s fragile existence in Sweden rocked, she is faced with a decision: either drop this case, or have her loan to the Stockholm Police terminated.

Jamie has to let go of everything that she formerly believed in, and call in every single favor she can to find any chink in the impenetrable armor of the shadowy Imperium Holdings. They’re not above extortion, murder, bribery, or anything else for that matter. And they do not like it when people ask them questions. Jamie would not be the first determined detective that they have had to silence. She might be the last, though.

From the blood soaked and gritty city streets to desolate and lethal frozen tundras, this case is going to take her all over Scandinavia to find the men responsible for shattering her life. They believed they had weakened her by prising her from the protection of the Stockholm Police, however really, they only cut the chain from around her neck. And she is out for blood. Old Blood. And she isn’t going to stop until she gets it.

This is a tightly wound Scandinavian thriller that’s going to sweep you off of your feet and take you on a breathless thrill ride on Jamie’s toughest outing to date.

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  1. Avid reader: 5 months ago

    I want to start reading these series in order. So if the DI Jamie Johansson series is the prequel, where does the Jamie Johansson Files series fit in chronologically?

    • Graeme: 5 months ago

      I believe you should read those after the primary series

  2. Patricia Ann James: 8 months ago

    Just ordered all of your books after receiving a recommendation from Simon McCleave.

    My grandparents were Oscar Llewellyn James and Mabel Morgan, my other grandparents were from Ireland, so I feel like a real Celt.


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