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House of Apache Fires (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Oasis of Little Birds (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Morgan Jameson
Even though Morgan Jameson grew up on the East coast, he moved West in 1990-91 and has lived in a number of wonderful places. He fell in love with the West and all of the absolutely wonderful people in it. Being an amateur historian, he finds its history very fascinating, and places a bunch of his writing there.

The response to his novel “House of Apache Fires” was so wonderful and rewarding, so much so that Morgan finds it all a tad humbling. He is committed to giving his audience a quality reading experience, as he is a reader himself, and he loves reading a good book. His goal as a writer is just to entertain people, and to pen stories that people are going to enjoy.

Morgan gets inspired to write with tequila. He will stumble upon something on the internet and think that it would make for a great book.

His favorite aspect of being a writer is being able to create something out of thin air.

Morgan was looking for something interesting that was more local to him while his second book takes place in British Columbia and he did not have the wherewithal to actually go up there and finish up the rest of his research. He found this great website and first saw “House of Apache Fires” there. It was such an evocative name that he started researching the Fryes, and everything else came from that.

While he’s not had writer’s block in quite some time, but when he does get writer’s block, he blanks his mind and types out the first thing that comes to mind. Then expounds on it. He once typed out “The apes threw the typewriter into the swimming pool”, which helps get the mind working again. He will also re-read what he has written the previous day in order to get going again. And having multiple projects going at the same time helps quite a bit, too.

“House of Apache Fires” is the first novel in the “Brothers in War” series and was released in 2014. Horribly shot up over Italy by a Messerschmitt nightfighter, P-61 Black Widow pilot by the name of Jake Ellison leaves behind the destruction and the death of WWII Europe to go back home to Arizona, just to be faced with the savage murder of his former fiance’s little sister.

As his heart and legs heal in the Sedona sun, he finds himself attempting to solve the mystery behind Lily’s death, just to get drawn into this fanatical Nazi plot to bring America to its knees. It’s a mission which will strike right at the America’s very heart.

Morgan has described this novel as basically a WWII Western, where it is the Cowboys vs. Nazis.

Morgan’s novel thunders so powerfully that readers’ windows were still rattling even after they had finished the book. Readers are glad that this is a work of fiction, because if it weren’t, Americans would still be seig-heiling our fuhrer to this very day. This is a crisp novel, one that is throbbing with suspense, and a do not miss it type read, it is a decidedly real joy ride for any reader. These characters are both well drawn and believable, and Morgan’s descriptions of the airplane maneuvers, knife fights, and scenery are vivid and well described. This made it easy for readers to picture everything playing out in their minds, as a result. He also explains a lot about the weapons as well.

“Eagle’s Claw” is the second novel in the “Brothers in War” series and was released in 2017. Austria in 1944. Friedrich Moeller, who is a former policeman, never expected he would get released from prison, or even see his family ever again. However the Gestapo needs a manhunter to apprehend the Allied agent that has murdered three men, and even worse, absconded with Top Secret Luftwaffe documents that detail a secret plan which may alter the war’s course.

The Reich can’t allow this information, and the guy that stole it to return to Allied territory. The deal? Catch the killer and the Gestapo is going to free his family from the death camp where they are being jailed. Fail…

Fans of the novel found that they could not put this book down until they had finished it. It was an unusual read because unlike many WWII stories, the German is a “real” and well developed character rather than the cruel Nazi stereotype that is most often encountered. It is tough not to like Friedrich Moeller, a family man that finds himself in a no-win situation, and his memories, thoughts, and communications with his wife are heartbreaking. Also unusual (though still welcome) is the fact that many of the bravest and best fighters are female, something that most other WWII books also ignore.

“Oasis of Little Birds” is the third novel in the “Brothers in War” series and was released in 2022. North Africa in the year 1942. After a plane crash in the desert, pilot Jake Ellison and OSS agent Donny Brooks go their separate ways. Jake, who was injured in the crash goes back to Cairo and, while unable to fly, finds himself working with Jasper Maskelyne, a mad magician, who is hunting down a German spy.

Donny has been tasked with infiltrating a Nazi expedition looking for the lost oasis of Zerzura located deep in the Sahara, it is an expedition which might hold the key to Rommel’s victory in North Africa.

This is a very good storyline with fantastic characters that made it tough to put down for very long. Jameson weaves a story about North Africa during the Second World War which offers action, intrigue, and even a magic show, which might seem out of place, but apparently this magician really existed. Morgan’s technical accuracy and careful research is evident throughout this book, and yet again, however his descriptive language which brings everything to life. His stories are always gripping and creative, and readers can’t wait to read what he comes up with next.

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