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Morgan Rogers is a romance author that is best known for her debut novel “Honey Girl.” She is a queer author hailing from Baltimore that loves to call herself a cat and dog lover. She usually writes stories about queer people living their messiest and best lives.

She published her debut novel “Honey Girl” in 2021 and is not slowing down any time soon. She finds her biggest inspiration from music and can often be found with her headphones on. When she is relaxing, she can often be found on Spotify and thinks she has now earned free premium membership.
Rogers does look up to several authors that have written novels that she likes to read. She thinks that the best author is one whose work you read and immediately feel the urge to write.

Some of the authors she loves to read include Akwaeze Emezi, Leesa Cross Smith, Catherine Adel West, Nekesa Afia and Zakiya Dalila Harris among many others. She believes these are some of the most talented authors out there that she aspires to write like.
When she is not writing or listening to music, she is a huge fan of red wine, pupusas and brunch.

In her biography, Morgan Rogers asserts that she writes to speak to queer girls seeking a place where they can be accepted in the world. Being a queer author, it is not surprising that she would be inclined to make queer creative work, if just to shine a light on her experiences as a member of a minority group.
Nonetheless, she does not write a book that explains the experiences of queer people given that these are widely varied. Still, she tries as much as possible to insert her experiences into her novels, hoping that she will connect with another person’s experiences.

Rogers believes this is critical since most queer stories do not get as much interest in the publishing industry. Most of the time, queer peoplle have to dig deep into huge lists of works to find something that tells of their experience.

Rogers has also asserted that she had people and mentors who opened the door for her and made her publishing journey much easier thus improving the representation of queers.

Given how much help she got, she wants to go back down to help other queer creatives and the best way she knows how to do this is to write novels that queers can connect with. As such, Morgan Rogers not 0nly writes stories for entertainment, but to help other people create, relate, feel and experience if that is what they need.

Like many authors, Morgan Rogers got her start in storytelling, reading and writing fanfiction. As such, she is very familiar with the conventional tropes and has some favorite tropes she loved to look for and read.

Given her background, she kept discarding ideas of the things she wanted to write and at some point had several manuscripts she was working on at the same time. Finally, she got overwhelmed and started thinking would it not be easier to just write what she loved to read.
She had always found the married in Vegas trope exciting. The idea of two complete strangers tying the note, and trying to figure out things afterwards was something she always liked.

At the time, what she had as an idea was the character of a masters or doctoral student who goes on a bender in Vegas and meets with a New York City radio show host. She was never that good of a plotter and hence much of the story was not fleshed out in advance.
Out of the gate, she thought maybe she should make a road trip novel but once she got down to writing it ended up taking the format it was finally published in.

When Morgan Rogers finally pitched her manuscript to her agent and they were thinking about finally submitting to her editors, she told the agent that what she had written was not a romance work.

It did not fit the tropes and beat of the romance genre. It was for the most part a coming of age novel even if the characters in it tended to be older than the usual leads in such novels.

When she published the novel, she was a twenty eight year old and was much younger than her lead. However, she lives at a time when she believed one could learn, grow, figure out and experience rebirth and go where one wanted and be what they wanted to be.
As such, the novel also explores the importance of working on oneself, repairing relationships with loved ones and seeking help when one is at a loss on what to do. The lead’s journey is all about figuring herself out before she can help others.

Morgan Rogers’ novel “Honey Girl” introduces Dr. Grace Porter, a recent doctoral graduate who is navigating life in the astronomy industry. She is in a world where she had been systematically blocked from accessing jobs that she could be more qualified at than any candidate and feels defeated and lonely.
At the opening of the novel, she wakes up to find that she is now married to a woman who is a stranger. The woman she is in bed with is a talk show host in New York and they had met and gotten married in Las Vegas.

Grace is the daughter of a Colonel who was very strict with her growing up. Her relationship with Sharone, her step mother, Melodie her flighty mother, and Kelly, who is engaged to be married to her mother, is also very complicated.

Her father is still very harsh and often exhibits a suck it up mentality when dealing with anyone including family. Grace had always wished that she could be more expressive with him but she couldn’t, given his attitudes.

She also has to deal with instability from her mother who never comes through for her when she needs to get some motherly comfort. But she soon creates a new family composed of Agnes and Ximena who have been her best friends for the longest time and Meera and Raj her coworkers.
Her friends are also dealing with their own issues but support her unconditionally.

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