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Publication Order of Morgans Of Nashville Books

Cover Your Eyes (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Be Afraid (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
I'll Never Let You Go (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vulnerable (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Writing thriller, suspense and romance novels, Mary Burton is an American writer of contemporary tension fueled fiction. Acclaimed and talented, she combines elements of romance and suspense, creating gripping novels that are almost impossible to put down. Not just that, she has also produced a number of highly popular and successful franchises and series, that are enjoyed both nationally and internationally. The series ‘Morgans of Nashville’ is an excellent example of this, as it manages to really capture a sense of urgency, with its dark and moody tone. Following members of the Morgan family, they each undertake an investigation, both in and around the area of Nashville, Tennessee. Each title focuses on one family member and the mystery that they must solve, as they deal with increasingly dark and horrific crimes.

With four titles in the series so far this series has made a considerable amount of impact over the years, with the first title ‘Cover Your Eyes’ being released in 2014. Following that, the sequels ‘Be Afraid’, ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ and ‘Vulnerable’ would come out too, each with their own self-contained investigation. Maintain a gritty tone throughout, they handle difficult subject matter, whilst keeping their readers constantly hooked, right till the very last page.

Cover Your Eyes

First brought out through the ‘Zebra’ publishing label in 2014 on the 28th of October, this would be the first book in the ‘Morgans of Nashville’ series. Setting the series up, it manages to convey the dark and foreboding tone that’s to come in the following books after this one. Introducing the characters for the first time too, it manages to fully establish who they are and what they’re really all about.

Wanting to witness their victim’s final moments in full, there’s a brutal serial killer on the loose, as they’re known for showing absolutely no remorse. Looking into the past, the public defender Rachel Wainwright is hoping to open an old case that’s decades old, as there’s a similar killer on the loose. Believing that the wrong man went down for the killing of Annie Dawson thirty years ago, she seeks to prove her case. Deke Morgan, the homicide detective, wants to believe that she’s wrong, but it also appears that Rachel is now the target of the killer’s rage. Will she be able to reveal the truth? Is the original suspect really innocent? What happens when she’s told to ‘cover your eyes’?

Be Afraid

The second book in the ‘Morgans of Nashville’ collection of books, this continues directly on from the first, taking it in a new and exciting direction. Upping the stakes essentially, she manages to not only develop the characters, but the overall feeling of the world that they inhabit, whilst simultaneously keeping it grounded still. Coming out through the Zebra imprint once more, this was first published in 2015 on the 28th of April to an already eager audience.

At the young age of just five, Jenna Thompson was subjected to days being held captive in a closet, with the killer of her family dying of an overdose, an event which still haunts her twenty-five years later. Returning to Nashville after being given leave from her position as a forensic artist, Jenna meets Detective Rick Morgan and, instead of finding closure on her own trauma, she’s asked for help from Rick following the discovery of young child’s skeletal remains. With other women dying in a similar fashion, Jenna must confront her own past in the most horrific way possible in order to prevent history from repeating itself. Will she find the killer and stop them in their tracks? Can she ever hope to put the past behind her? Is she going to be afraid?

I’ll Never Let You Go

Going through the Zebra publishing house again, this first came out in 2015 on the 27th of October to much acclaim. Continuing on in a similar vein to before, it manages to capture the dark energy of the previous titles, building upon it in a creative and innovative fashion. Marking the third title of the ‘Morgans of Nashville’ series, it manages to develop the series even more than before.

After stabbing his wife, Leah Carson, twenty-three times, Philip has disappeared for four years now, with police believing him to have passed away not long after. With her own veterinary practise now, Leah has moved on from the trauma, but then mysterious events start happening, such as flat tires and dead flowers arriving, leading to suspecting he might be back, a suspicion which Alex Morgan, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent shares. Watching over Alex and Leah’s investigation, the killer vows to keep his promise of killing her which he made that one fateful night. Will he keep it? Can Leah and Alex find him before it’s too late? What happens after the killer states ‘I’ll never let you go’?


Published through ‘Pinnacle Books’ this time, this was first brought out in 2016 on the 29th of March, it being the fourth title in the ‘Morgans of Nashville’ series. This time concerning itself with the disappearance of two high-school friends in the Nashville woodland, it follows Georgia Morgan as she attempts to help one of the teens who made it out Amber Ryder. Found at the bottom of a ravine with amnesia and a broken arm, Georgia needs to put the pieces together years later with Amber, as another woman’s body has been discovered in the woods. Will they be able to find out what happened that night? Can they find the killer on the loose before they strike again? Who is vulnerable?

The Morgans of Nashville Series

A suspense fuelled series of thriller novels, this really works at building a level of tension, gripping the reader, and holding them there on the edge of their seat. Burton’s use of character is also something to really be admired too, as she gives them a fully three-dimensional feel, grounding them for the reader. Fully fleshing them all out over the course of the series, they definitely feel alive, staying with the audience long after they’ve put the books down. The use of the detective thriller novel is also extremely well realized too, as it takes the template and molds something entirely new out of it. Mary Burton is obviously a gifted writer and this particular series really is no exception, providing something for both fans of her and the genre as well, ensuring it will stand the test of time for a long time to come.

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