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Publication Order of Morningstar Strain Books

The “Morningstar Strain” series written by Z. A. Recht. The series started in the year 2006, with the release of the first novel in the series “Plague of the Dead”. The first two novels in this series (“Plague of the Dead” and “Thunder and Ashes”) were entirely written by Zach Recht before he died in the year 2009 (at the age of 26 years old). He had written much of the third one, which would be released and published in 2012; it was finished by author Thom Brannan. Brannan used notes that Zach had put together for the novel. Installments in the series after “Survivors” (which is the third book of the series) were written by author Brad Munson.

Morningstar is an infection and a plague. Those who are infected are subject to symptoms like violent behavior, delirium, and fever; not to mention a one hundred percent death rate. Then they return from death’s door and walk the earth.

“Plague of the Dead” is the first novel in the “Morningstar Strain” series and was released in the year 2006. This is the end, and it started with a major viral outbreak that was not like anything humans have ever seen before.

There is a massive military operation is unable to keep the plague contained and it becomes a global pandemic. It removes the basic problems from everyday life, but creates some more pressing and important ones. There are no more luxuries in everyday life. Now, the law is simple. Kill or get killed; live or die.

A general takes a look at what he has left for a command. A young medic, a pushy private, an experienced photographer, and many refugees are his responsibility. They are thousands of miles away from their homes. In the states, a Colonel in the Army finds out about the dark side of Morningstar and works with a well journalist so that they can leak the information to the general public.

Fans of the novel like the way that more time is spent on the world collapsing, rather than what comes after. There is more tracking of the virus and an explanation is given. There are some well drawn characters that feel real, as they will make some mistakes and are not just perfect robots who do everything right or just stupid. This author is able to move through the different arcs without any seams showing.

“Thunder and Ashes” is the second novel in the “Morningstar Strain” series and was released in the year 2008. This novel takes place three months after “Plague of the Dead”. A lot is able to change in just three months. Billions have been infected by Morningstar Virus.

Different groups, all over the world have been able to survive. Surviving is the biggest achievement they can get. Other groups hoard things like weapons and food. There are some who are trying to get power over others by some kind of cure for this disease. Two people, Francis Sherman and Anna Demilio are only after a vaccine, but they have to go across country. They will have to get past those infected, but also the living who live without law.

The search for a cure is just beginning, and the peril for the survivors is still there.

Fans of the novel like the way that the infected are less horrifying than living humans. There is a fast pace and action packed to keep readers turning the pages until they have finished the book. Readers like the way the book grabs them and is a fun read with some black and white characters. There are some great twists here that the author throws into the mix that really put a neat spin on the zombie genre.

“Survivors” is the third novel in the “Morningstar Strain” series and was released in the year 2012. Two groups of survivors try to go across America in search of a cure for this plague. They must survive this any way they can.

One group travels with a intelligent virologist, and the other group has an immune soldier. Both prove invaluable. They battle both the undead and the living. They uncover the devious plans of Sawyer (Chairman of the Reunited States of America). He thinks that Dr. Anna Demilio has the cure, and is going to stop at absolutely nothing to get his hands on her.

There is salvation of the world and humankind’s souls on the line, so how far are the survivors going to go so that they can win?

Fans of the novel found this to be full of action and superbly paced to the point that you want to keep turning the pages. Some find that the book even holds up even when they go back and re-read it. This novel was a great way to wrap up this part of the series, as it gives closure to the fans that have been reading since book one. Some felt that Brannan was able to stay true to Recht’s style in the parts that he wrote in this book.

“Healers” is the fourth novel in the “Morningstar Strain” series and was released in the year 2012. There is an industrial accident and some of the Morningstar Strain is released. Both the doctor who found the strain and the assistant that works for her have to get through the Shamblers and Sprinters to make sure the vaccine, the base, and themselves are safe.

It is found that the whole thing was no accident, and it was done by someone in the facility. The war between the RSA and the infected is not even close to over.

Fans of the novel like the way that this novel is able to do what the other books that Recht wrote, and they capture a similar vibe that those books did. Some like that the series is being continued and felt that it was a worthy addition to the series. Fans really enjoyed the battle sequences in the book, finding that they really helped keep the pages turning. This author does a great job of writing in this world, and some feel that he does not even drag things out to try and get more books out.

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