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Publication Order of The Morrisons Books

Kiss Me Like This (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempt Me Like This (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Me Like This (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Morrisons series is a wonderful series of new adult, contemporary, romance, and emotional young adult books. It is comprised of a total of three books released between 2014 and 2018. The series is penned by a bestselling United States writer named Bella Andre. In each of the books of this contemporary romance series, Bella Andre has mentioned interesting characters, who indulge in romantic relationships and go through various ups and downs while trying to have their lovers forever. Some of the most compelling characters created by Bella for the series include Sean Morrison, Seren Britten, Drew Morrison, Ashley Emmit, Justin Morrison, Maddie, Olivia, Taylor, Grant, etc. The stories mostly revolve around the Morrison siblings and their love lives. After a successful run with her popular The Sullivans novel series, Bella Andre attempted to write a spinoff series and eventually came up with the Morrions stories. And just like the former, this series too has found many takers and is being followed by a large crowd of readers in many parts of the world. Bella’s success as a writer of sensuous romance stories increased even more with this series. Even the critics have given excellent reviews to each of the three novels in a number of literary journals, magazines, and other platforms. Numerous prominent authors have also spoken highly of the writing style of Bella Andre. She has received praise from all around. Bella is now busy with writing another mind blowing story to add to this series and is believed to publish in the first quarter of the next year.

Bella Andre is a NY Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling novelist. She is well known for writing romance and contemporary books. Some of the most popular novel series written by her include The Sullivans, Bad Boys of Football, Take Me, Morrisons, Seattle Sullivans, Hot Shots Men of Fire, and several others as well. So far, Bella Andre has sold over seven million copies of her books. She has stayed on the number one bestseller spot all over the world. Her books have been included in the USA Today and NY Times bestseller lists for a total of 65 times. Bella has been ranked one in Amazon’s top ten authors’ list that included JK Rowling, Steven King, Nora Roberts, and James Patterson. Bella has founded a publishing company for publishing her books, called Oak Press, which is named by Publishers Weekly as the United States’ Fastest Growing Independent Publisher. She has signed a 7-figure deal with the Harlequin MIRA for the release of her The Sullivans series in paperback in Canada, Australia, and US. Many consider it as the highest point of her writing career. Bella is renowned for writing empowered, sensual tales enveloped in strong romances. Her novels have been translated into as many as ten languages.

Being the winner of Excellence Award, Bella has been featured by Forbes, NPR, Entertainment Weekly, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TIME Magazine, etc. She is a Stanford University graduate and has given speeches as a keynote speaker at many publishing conferences. In addition to writing under her original name, Bella writes the bestselling Four Weddings & a Fiasco series under the pen name of Lucy Kevin. She has also penned several sweet contemporary romances under this pseudonym. When Bella is not busy with her writing projects, she can be found reading the books of her favorite writers. She also likes to indulge in adventurous sports activities like hiking, cycling, swimming, etc. Bella wishes to spread laughs all around in order to see no sad person around her. She is married and settled with her husband and two children. Bella divides her time between her homes in Northern California and London.

The debut book of the Morrison series written by author Bella Andre is entitled ‘Kiss Me Like This’. It features Serena Britten and Sean Morrison in the lead roles and was released in 2014. At the book’s beginning, Sean Morrison is introduced as one of the 6 siblings. He is a top baseball player in his college. He is trying to overcome a painful heartbreak and loses interest in everything around. Things begin to change for good for Sean when Serena Britten comes in his arms unexpectedly. Serena is depicted as a world-famous model. She wants to live a normal life, but her mother keeps pushing her towards stardom. Serena knows it is not easy for her to leave everything and everyone behind, but she still wishes to enroll herself in college. She loves books and wants to make a career that she really loves. Serena Britten never expected to come across someone like Sean Morrison on the campus and get consumed by incredible connection and chemistry between them. With the pressures of her glamorous modeling career getting more demanding and bigger, Serena wonders how she is going to live the normal college student life and move on with her relationship with the campus’ hottest boy?

Another exciting romance story written by Bella for this series is called ‘Tempt Me Like This’. It was published by Oak Press in 2015. This book contains the central characters as Ashley Emmit and Drew Morrison. At the story’s start, Drew Morrison is shown as a popular musician. His high rock star status and popularity can get him anyone and anything he wants. The only person Drew finds off-limits is Ashley Emmit. She joins his tour in relation to her research project for college. Ashley’s father was hesitant to send her on Drew’s tour, citing her safety, but Drew promises him that once the tour gets over, he will bring her home untouched and pure. Drew promised Ashley’s safety from others, but he never realized that he would get tempted by her. He wonders how is he going to complete the tour without ending up dragging Ashley towards him and kissing her breathlessly?

Ashley has always lived her life on her own terms. But, as soon as she comes across Drew, she feels her rules don’t have significance anymore. Ashley feels deeply affected by Drew’s music and she also feels the urge to kiss him badly. But, she thinks that a man like Drew will never show any interest in a girl like her. Even if he get close to her by any chance, Ashley knows they are so different that they are not going to stay together for long. Without the knowledge of any of them, their attraction towards one another turns hotter than ever and none of them think the temptation can be handled by them. Finally, they decide to give in to the rising temptation and cherish the romance than sitting back and missing out on a golden opportunity of finding a true lover.

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