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Publication Order of Moses Lake Books

Larkspur Cove is the first book and also one of the best performing books in the Moses Lake book series. In Larkspur Cove, the author introduces the readers to Andrea Henderson, who has recently been divorced relocates to a vacation home that belonged to her parents in the small town of Larkspur Cove, Texas. Andrea Henderson relocates to the new town, with the hope of starting over, with her new son. Professionally, Andrea has to start over and begins by taking a job as a counsellor in a town that is located on the other side of the lake; a side that her family had chosen to avoid at all costs. She eventually discovers how difficult her life was going to be, when on the first day, her car gets a flat tire as she was heading for her first appointment as a counsellor.

As she was trying to figure out what to do next, since the area that she was stuck in had very little phone reception, Andrea Henderson sees a man who drove past her with a small girl who was seated in the passenger’s seat. Uncertain as to whether she could be able to trust this man, she signals him to continue driving with the hope that he could not stop. As the man drove by, Andrea could not help but stare at the little girl. Apart from Andrea, we are also introduced to Martin McClendon who just like Andrea has found a home in Moses Lake after his brother and nephew passed away in an exceedingly tragic accident, in which Martin McClendon blames himself. Racked with nothing but guilt over the death of his brother and nephew, Martin McClendon decides to take a job in Moses Lake as a game warden with the hopes of distancing himself from his family.

On the very day that Andrea’s car broke down, Mart eventually catches Andrea’s son getting into trouble on the lake with some of the town’s rich kids. When he eventually meets with Andrea, Mart thinks that Andrea is just one of the many rich parents who was not willing to see what their children had done wrong. Just like Mart, Andrea also gets the wrong impression of him as well. It does not take long before Mart and Andrea find themselves working together while trying to establish the identity of Bertie, a young child who is staying with a man who is known as Len. Len is a man who has his own fair shares of issues. Residing on the other side of the lake and suffering from TBI at the same time, Len is not only slow but also has an exceedingly difficult time understanding a majority of the things.

Len resides in a rundown house, which is surrounded by junk such as old busses and some strange looking dogs. There are several questions, which are raised such as; does Len has the ability to take care of the child or is Len related to the child? With that said, Larkspur Cove is a well-written story that revolved around Bertie a majority of the time. Blue Moon is also another great addition to the Moses Lake book series. In this book, the author introduces the readers to Heather Hampton, an architect by profession. Heather is an architect who is working for an exceedingly large firm that is located in Seattle. It does not take long before Heather finds herself reluctantly going back to Moses Lake, which is her hometown to establish exactly why her family had decided all of a sudden to sell the family land.

Everyone is busy keeping secrets from Heather, her mother, her brother, Blain Underhill, her high school crush and her uncles. From the look of things something is clearly going on and Heather is more than determined to establish what happened. Once she has established what everyone is keeping away from her, she eventually hopes to go back to her high-powered job and continue earning a living as expected. Heather is not only frustrated, but is hurting and angry because her family is keeping something hidden from her. With that said, Blue Moon is a highly entertaining book from the first page to the last. As a character, Heather gets to grow and she eventually begins to appreciate memories from her past. With that said, Wingate is a talented writer who has the ability of revealing her characters exceedingly slowly. The picture of these characters is like a jigsaw puzzle, which slowly comes to life, thus the reader needs to be exceedingly patient.

Firefly Island is the third book in the Moses Lake book series. In this book we are introduced to Malory Hale’s grandmother. An exceedingly smart woman who does not settle for any man. According to Malory, settling for a man, just to have a man is like buying shoes just because they are affordable. Malory Hale gives this advice to Malory. Malory must be able to follow through this piece of advice, despite the several unsuccessful romances that she has had with different men. However, when Malory encounters an exceedingly handsome man who had green eyes, she wishes she could ask for his number so that she could see him again. Kaylyn, Malory Hale’s best friend believes in several romance stories and in fate. She believes that Malory will once again meet with the mystery man. It does not take long before the man asks Malory out in less than a month.

Mallory believes that the two were meant to be together. Within a month, they begin dating and eventually falls in love with him and his three-year-old son as well. Just when the two begin their relationship, Daniel receives a call that is going to have a great impact on their relationship. He receives a job offer in Texas. Mallory and Daniel Webster reside in Washington D.C. Just as Mallory was seeing as if that Romance was going to fade, Daniel asks if she would accompany him to Texas if he accepted the job offer. He also asks for Malory’s hand in marriage. Daniel’s new job is working for a man by the name of Jack West, who happens to be the owner of an exceedingly tiny but well-funded Research.

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