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Publication Order of Most Likely To Books

Doing It Over (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Staying For Good (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Making It Right (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Most Likely To Series

Combining contemporary romance with suspense and elements of the paranormal, American novelist Catherine Bybee is an extremely popular author with a lot to say. Reaching the status of bestseller on numerous lists, Bybee has managed to reach a huge audience worldwide, with readers from all backgrounds finding something within her work. This has lead to her becoming a massively influential voice throughout the industry, as she has managed to push the genre and the form forwards. Writing with a high-degree authenticity as well, she has also managed to incorporate historical elements into her work as well, with it being well researched and well informed. Over the course of her career this has lent itself well to her creation of numerous series too, creating a number of influential and well regarded franchises. A perfect example of this is the much loved ‘Most Likely To’ series of novels, which have become extremely popular over the course of her career. Taking place in the small-town of River Bend, this idyllic community seems to have everything, but living within it are an assortment of bright and colorful characters, each with their own dreams and goals. With each title working as a stand-alone contemporary romance story, the overall arc of the series running throughout is what essentially drives it. Not afraid to shy away from more difficult subject matter either, the stories have a high level of emotional depth to them as well, as the character overcome certain difficulties. With scores of fans discovering this series every day, there’s plenty more stories left on the horizon, as this is a franchise that doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon.

With the first novel being published in 2016, the series itself would begin with the title ‘Doing it Over’, which would introduce the world for the first time. It would also provide a stand-alone romance, with its own elements of suspense, as characters overcome difficulties and traumas from the past. Lasting for a total of three novels, this was essentially a trilogy, although it does have room to continue, as fans worldwide continue to explore its world. With the last title coming out in 2017, it was a series that was released in fairly quick succession, and will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Doing It Over

Coming out in 2016 this would originally be released on the 19th of April, with it first being published through the ‘Montlake Romance’ publishing outlet. Setting up the ‘Most Likely To’ series as a whole, it would establish both the world and the characters, allowing them all to come alive in the process. Providing the first romance too, it has its own stand-alone story, thus providing the reader with a clear idea of what’s to come in the following novels.

Providing a gentle start to the series, this is the ideal opener for the ‘Most Likely To’ franchise, as it brings readers into the world in a calm manner. Introducing the concept and the characters, it also has its first straightforward romance, allowing the readers to immerse themselves in the town itself. With a whole host of different characters too, each with their own stories, it’s definitely a diverse novel, with Melanie Bartlett herself being the focus. The town of River Bend is also well drawn here, as it essentially allows it to become a character in of itself over the course of the novel.

Previously voted as ‘most likely to succeed’, it appears that Melanie Bartlett has fallen on some harder times recently. A single mother who’s down-on-her-luck, she is living in a quirky Bed and Breakfast in River Bend, with all of her family having moved on from the town. With her two friends Zoe and Jo by her side though, there’s the chance to turn over a new leaf and embark on a new chapter in her life. That’s when Wyatt Gibson turns up, a ruggedly handsome builder who is looking to make the town of River Bend his home and settle down, when all of a sudden Melanie catches his eye. Will the two of them be able to settle down and start a new life together? Can they overcome the difficulties of the past? What will happen when they find themselves doing it over?

Staying For Good

Released through the ‘Montlake Romance’ publishing label once more, this would come out 2017 on the 24th of January. Providing the next story in the series of ‘Most Likely To’ novels, it picks up from where the last left off, offering another stand-alone romance set in the same world of River Bend. The book itself would later be followed up by the third and final book ‘Making It Right’, which would also be released in 2017 through ‘Montlake Romance’.

Growing up in River Bend, Zoe Brown was voted to most likely never leave the town, having grown up in her family’s small and claustrophobic trailer. Keeping her sane throughout her high-school though, were her best friends Jo and Melanie, along with her boyfriend Luke, who would remain by her side throughout. Now with her own life outside of River Bend, she has become a successful, as she returns to the town once more, where Luke is now a mechanic in his father’s shop. Wanting to leave with her, she must confront her old life and the difficult trauma of her past, including that of her own family. Will she turn around and leave once more? Can she overcome the difficulty of her past? Is she going to end up staying for good?

The Most Likely To Series

With the loose premise of each title featuring a character that’s been voted ‘most likely’ to fulfill a particular path, this is a series which really achieves what it sets out to do. Giving the reader a clear insight into the world of River Bend, it really feels as if the community comes to life over the course of the novels. The characters are all well drawn too, letting them stay with the reader long with the reader long after they have finished the book and the series. Whilst the tone is gentle and casual too, it’s definitely a series that manages to put its message forwards clearly as well, with it hitting on some harder themes too. This has given it an enduring appeal, with both the critics and general public singing its many praises, as it continues to be appreciated to this very day.

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