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Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mostly Miserable Life Of April Sinclair Books

Can You Say Catastrophe? (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Good to Be True (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Truth and Kisses (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love or Something Like It (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not What I Expected (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Much Drama (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Twist of Fate (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life, Loss, and Lemonade (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair series is a series of children’s books and young adult novels written by one of the popular American authors named Laurie Friedman. It consists of a total of 6 books published between the years 2013 and 2016. All the novels of the series feature the central character in the form of a thirteen year old girl named April Sinclair. The novels show her interaction with her friends named Billy, Brynn, and Matt Parker, and the situations in which all four of them get involved in throughout the series. The first novel of the Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair series was published under the title ‘Can You Say Catastrophe?’ and was released by the Darby Creek publishing house in the year 2013. The plot of this novel introduces the character of April Sinclair and shows that she wants all that a normal 13 year old would want in her life. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is depicted that April Sinclair wants to desperately disown her obnoxious sisters and her parents, and escape to a summer camp along with her best friends named Billy and Brynn, as soon as possible.

She also wishes to make a lasting impression on Matt Parker, who is the new boy who has come to stay at her next door. April Sinclair seems to be having a huge crush on Matt Parker and finds him extremely hot. But for her bad luck, Matt sees her utter humiliation at the birthday in which she had invited him with the hope that he will appreciate her. To add to that, she gets kissed by Billy. With the passage of time, April Sinclair tries to forget all the recent unfortunate events of her life and seems to be trying to figure the things out. But, her plans of going to a summer camp get canceled by her parents, who themselves plan to organize an RV trip for the family. As a teenager, April had not hoped that she will be spending her time babysitting her little sisters and trying to bond again with her parents. She also believes that these activities are definitely not going to help her with getting straight about her feelings for Matt Parker or Billy. Therefore, April desperately hopes of finding a silver lining to a road a trip with her misfit family in The Clunker.

The novel shows how much she hates her life because of the problems she faces being a teenager. The overall themes of the novel are catastrophe and craziness. Both the themes end with April Sinclair feeling that her life is totally miserable. Other than April, the other primary character of the novel is her mother named Flora Sinclair, about whom April says that she has not been the same ever since she became a teenager. The setting of the plot of the novel is mainly done in April’s house. Then, it moves to her school, where she spends most of her time writing about the events of the day in her personal diary. On the whole, this novel shows that April Sinclair faces a lot of obstacles in her life. Author Laurie Friedman has tried to give a message to her readers through this novel that we should always be grateful with whatever life gives because there are some people who seem to have many more problems in their lives.

One of the other initial novels of the Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair series was published in the year 2014 by the Darby Creek publishing house. It was titled ‘Truth and Kisses’ and continues to showcase the miserable happenings in the life of April Sinclair along with Brynn, Billy, and Matt Parker. The plot of this novel shows that April makes a new resolution at the New Year’s eve. April hopes of getting back together with her sweet and funny friend Billy. But, she wonders what is going on between her friend Brynn and Billy. The readers also get to know about the secret behind April’s intention of keeping her friendship with her hot neighbor named Matt Parker. April is aware of the fact that she and Billy have been friends for a very long time and it will be good for them if they moved on from whatever awkward situation had happened in their friendship previously. Billy is also very much liked by her family members because they consider him to be a sincere student as he is the class president of the year. One one hand, April Sinclair seems to be trying to get back together with her long time friend Billy and on the other hand, she appears to be stuck with the question of what he thinks about her. She also seems to be getting tensed with the closeness of Billy and Brynn.

When April Sinclair is thrown with a curve ball by Cupid, she finds herself facing a new problem. She begins to wonder how a girl should follow a heart when her new friendships, old friendships, and the trust of her family are on the line. The novel went on to become a huge success just like the previous novels of the series. It was very much appreciated by the readers and the fans, who praised author Laurie Friedman for her interesting style of writing and unique descriptions of the characters. Even the fellow authors of Laurie Friedman and the critics praised her for the dedication and determination with which she has penned down the novel. This helped author Laurie Friedman to gain a huge encouragement and motivation for writing the further novels of the series. It also allowed her to concentrate on writing another series which also became equally successful as this series. The support that author Laurie Friedman received from the readers and the fans of her novels, enabled her to keep writing a number of interesting novels based on the genres of children’s books and young adult throughout her writing career. Currently, she is working on the latest novels of both her successful novel series, which are expected to be published anytime soon in the coming days of the year 2016. The success of her novels allowed author Laurie Friedman to establish herself as one of the prominent novel writers of her time.

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