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Moth Saga Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Moth Saga Books

Moth Saga is a book series that tells us the story of a world that has fallen still. The world no longer turns and night doesn’t follow day. Dawn no longer rises and people no longer worship the sun and the stars. We float through the heavens, one half always in light, and one half always in shadow. And just like the moth in our forests, people are torn because one wing is white while the other one is black. Some people are living in daylight while others are in darkness.

The Moth Saga starts off with the story of a man who is fortunate enough to have been born in that part of the word that is in daylight. However, his story takes a different twist when he is sent into the darkness and he has to deal with the new change in his circumstances. Just as the moth is drawn towards the light, this book will also draw you in because of the amazing writing, fantastic characterization and intricate plots. We also have ruthless villains, power struggles and impossible odds. Potential game changers are lingering and there are epic battles that will keep you enthralled.

If you love fantasy stories, the Moth Saga is just what the doctor ordered. This is a story that will keep you turning the pages and you will find yourself falling in love with the characters. The author has done a good job of developing the characters and they stay true to form throughout the story. The characters have also been given enough growth and so they do not appear one-dimensional. The setting of the story is also very interesting because we have a world divided in half, with one half living in daylight while the other half lives in total darkness.

The main characters in the book are Torin and Koyee, and they are very likeable people. We also have Baily, who is someone with no self control. She is the mayor’s daughter and she soon finds herself in the role of a military genius, shouting orders while directing soldiers in a bid to defend her city. People have been divided into two groups and they don’t trust each other. We have a group of monks that wants to make waves and their plans overlap with another group. We also have different cultures, which makes the book all the more interesting to read.

The relationship between Torin and Bailey is also very interesting to follow. There are countless times when you just want to slap Bailey because she starts becoming unbearable. The author has also provided vivid details in the story, which makes it an outstanding read. This is a story of an epic journey that will take you to places that you’ve never been before. This fantasy novel is well written and although it starts slowly, the story soon gathers momentum and you soon find yourself in a world that has been vividly painted by the author.

The second book in the Moth Saga is called “Empire of Moth”, and it is the story of people who came from the land of light in order to destroy the darkness. Timandra is the part of the world with eternal sunshine while Eloria is in continuous darkness. Ferius is a monk who is half Elorian He continues with his murderous rampage in a bid to eliminate Eloria. His childhood was a hellish one and this explains why he acts the way that he does. His half brother and sister are Okado and Koyee respectively and so it seems like the urge to murder them is great.

Koyee bands up with Bailey, Cam, Hem and Torin, who are Timandarans, in order to have any chance of standing up against Ferius who is leading a brainwashed group of monks. Relationships are formed and they are also tested many times. Blood is continuously being spilled and in the midst of war, we have dragons joining in the action. In this second book of the Moth Saga series, the author introduces us to more characters. The insight of these additional characters helps to give the reader a wider view of the two worlds.

The characters are becoming increasingly complex and the battles are increasingly huge. When Koyee meets Okada, this is perhaps the most outstanding moment in the book. This brings out something very different in Koyee, and his development as a character is quite memorable. Empire of Moth is a fast-paced book and nothing remains still. The stakes are bigger and the intense action will leave you on edge. Twists and turns are everywhere in this story, and the quality content in the book is a feather in the cap of the author.

Empire of Moth is an even better read compared to the first novel. One of the things that can bother you while reading the first novel is the slow pace of the story. However, there are no dull moments in the second book and there are numerous points of view that allow the reader to learn more about each character. Ferius the monk is the bad guy and he is just a horrible person. As a reader, you just can’t wait for him to get what’s coming to him. Koyee is a character that keeps on evolving, and you just can’t wait for his next transformation as the story unfolds.

The good thing about the Moth Saga is that it is filled with many strong female warriors. Most of the bad ass warriors are female, which is a refreshing change. Bailey still continues to be awesome but sometimes her actions make her appear childish. Her current attitude is not pleasing and you would hope that she drops it. Unlike in the first novel, Empire of Moth has some romance in it. The description of the battles is just magnificent and the author has done a good job in this regard. The book also has some hidden wisdom and it’s not just fun and games. If the second book is anything to go by, I just can’t wait to read saga number three.

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