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Publication Order of Mountain Mercenaries Books

Defending Allye (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Chloe (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Morgan (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Harlow (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Everly (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Zara (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defending Raven (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Mountain Mercenaries” is a series of contemporary suspense novels by Susan Stoker, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times, bestselling author. Her debut novel was “Outback Hearts,” the first of the “Beyond Reality” series which she wrote because she wanted a story that had normal people. Stoker wrote her first novel in the Mountain Mercenary series in 2014 and would soon follow that with the SEAL of Protection series. Writing the two series enhanced her love for writing and creating stories that draw in the reader. She would go on to write the “Delta Force Heroes,” “Badge of Honor,” and the “Mountain Mercenaries” series. She draws much of her novels from her experience as the wife of a non commissioned retired officer. Stoker got married to her military husband that spent twenty-two years on special missions. During that time she had to live all over the US from Colorado to Indiana to California to Missouri. Together they have three fur kids and have lived with dogs that they either rescue or adopt from shelter for as long as she can remember. Her series of novels are all about military men committed to serving their country and along the way meeting women that they come to love and cherish deeply. Most of the women are not military types but rather ordinary women that you would meet in everyday life. When she is not writing you can find her geocaching, and watching TV shows such as “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” “NCIS,” “Alaska State Trooper,” “CSI,” reality and cooking shows.

The Mountain Mercenaries series by Susan Stoker is a romantic suspense about her favorite characters – military men. The men are seen by society as broken men unfit for any other work once they retired from special operations. However, their special skills make them invaluable for missions beyond and outside the law such as hunting down criminals. They were brought together by a mysterious handler named Rex that had invited them to Colorado Springs for an interview. None of the mercenaries has ever seen their recruiter as he is only a voice they hear on the phone. On the day of the interview, Rex never showed up to the meeting place and left the men to get to know each other though he called in later in the evening to offer each of them a job in his organization. All the mercenaries are retired special forces with exceptional skills that combined make them a lethal team that works women in distress. Lowell Lockard and Grayson Rogers are former Navy SEALs, Hunter Snow is former Delta Force, Ronan Cross is former British SAS soldier, anon Black is ex Coast Guard, and Archer Kane is former Marine. Their boss Rex is in charge of getting the job and doing the research, before he briefs them and sends them out on their missions. While their missions may not necessarily be classified as top secret, there is a degree of discretion required given the type of enemies they make on these missions. Throughout the novels, Rex remains a mystery to the men except for the fact that he had let slip that his wife had disappeared years ago. This perhaps explains why he helps out in cases involving women and children.

“Defending Allye” introduces a life and death situation for the Mountain Mercenaries. Gray Rogers has never been able to forget Allye Martin ever since he had done that dangerous rescue operation on the Pacific Coast. Allye had kept her cool after she was kidnapped by an elusive human trafficker and had impressed Gray. He could not have been happier when the wily dancer decided to come home with him to Colorado Springs. For Martin, finding sanctuary in the bed and arms of a former Navy SEAL is a temporary measure. People have been going missing from the streets of San Francisco targeted by underground traffickers who had taken her. She just could be the key to dismantling the entire organization. She is ready to do anything to ensure that she takes down the organization though Gray is not convinced. However, he cannot say no in the face of the courage of such a tough girl. He is taking a risk he has never taken before though his Mountain Mercenaries brothers will back him up. But is it enough to keep him and the woman he loves safe?

“Defending Chloe” the second novel of the Mountain Mercenary series is the story of Ronan Cross. He is part of a team that is charged with rescuing victimized and bastardized women. A few weeks past, a woman had stumbled into his property and said that she had been dumped in the countryside near Colorado. She tells a chilling story of her callous brother that leaves Ronan so concerned that he decided to investigate. She had been living a very good life until the death of her father and the loss of her job. Her brother Leon had then taken over the family unit and virtually kept her a prisoner. It had been quite the nightmare for her which ended with her brother tossing her out of his car in Colorado. It was at this time that she had wandered onto Ronan’s property traumatized. Things only get worse when her brother thinks he has found use for her, and when she is back in his clutches demands that she become a prostitute at his strip club. With no hope of escape, Ronan and his mercenary brothers arrive giving her a sliver of hope. Ronan will do anything to protect the woman he loves while Leon is determined to get her back, given that she has control over the vast inheritance left to her by her mother. Ronan and his brothers have Chloe’s life to gain but a lot to lose since Leon has the local police in his pocket and mob connections willing to do his bidding.

In the third novel of the series “Defending Morgan,” the mercenaries head to the Dominican Republic where they are on a mission to rescue a child. Once they get into the room where the child is being held they realize that the other occupant of the room is Morgan Byrd, a woman that had been missing for a year. She is now standing in front of the child determined to ensure that they do not harm it. Archer is immediately attracted to her resilience and strength. The team splits up and Morgan and Archer go their different ways to confuse the guards. But the guards are not easily fooled and are tracking them rather than the girl. Morgan is a tough cookie and keeps up with Archer but it takes more than a day before they are back with the mercenary team ready to take them back home. It takes a little bit more time before they are back in the States where the press and Morgan’s parents cannot wait to get their hands on her. But she wants to keep a low profile and spends her time with Archer to regain her bearing. In the meantime, the team is working on the mystery of who would kidnap and hold her hostage for more than one year and not ask for a ransom.

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