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MP-5 CIA Books In Order

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Publication Order of MP-5 CIA Series Books

Seven Days From Sunday (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shot To Die For (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Operation Spider Web (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Yemen Connection (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alliance of Evil (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Birdwatchers (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Containable Incident (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost Gathering (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rapier (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Seven Days from Sunday is a fast-paced whodunit, the top terrorist in Iraq makes two promises; the first one is that the abducted American Contractor is going to be executed on a specified date and the body is going to be dumped in the Green Zone in Baghdad. The second promise is that a major attack was going to be executed in exactly four days. An elite CIA team, the MP-5 is working tirelessly to locate the American and also thwart the impending attack. One of the key members of the elite team is an attractive doctor. Their inquiries prove pointless as, it does not take long before they watch aimlessly, as a group of masked men beheads the American on a live video feed, which was aired through the internet. Unknown to the masked men and the CIA team, one of the extremists is completely innocent and had managed to penetrate the team without raising any alarm.

The man is a pharmacist who works in Iraq and managed to infiltrate the highly closed group. His main objective was to locate his missing fiancée, who the terrorists have already kidnapped. After the beheading had been completed, he was free to go. However, unknown to him is that his fiancée was the one to carry the head of American to the green zone. Inside the mouth of deceased was a piece of evidence, which was linking him to the group of terrorists. With that said, this is the very first novel to be written by M.H Sargent in the exceedingly popular MP-5 CIA book series. Some of the other novels in this series include Operation Spider Web, The Yemen Connection, and the Shot to Die For. The Shot to Die For, is the subsequent book in the MP-5 CIA. The book of one Corporal Jason Briggs, who has been missing for more than eight days.

Eventually, he is found in one of the fields in Baghdad. An elite 4-Man squad is tasked with the responsibility of looking into the death of the Marine Corporal. The elite squad is still the one that was introduced in the first book, Seven Days from Sunday. Despite the fact that the team has seen their fair share of bodies, however this time around, this is in every way different. They discover that there was a flash drive that has been embedded in the dead body. As this happens, a photographer who works for the Iraqi National Journal Newspaper has been abducted. He had unknowingly taken a photograph of a person who was in a compromising situation. The kidnappers were more than determined to retrieve the memory card. The man’s family and the owner of the newspaper had worked in collaboration with the CIA a few months ago while trying to stop a major terrorist attack, are now appealing to the CIA operatives to try and find the abducted journalist.

After the careful retrieval and analysis of the data on the flash drive, the team eventually learns the Corporal’s death, together with the missing photographer are all tied to the insurgent group; a group of Palestinians who are more than desperate to recover the memory card from the photographer. What exactly is on the memory card, that the group of insurgents do not want anyone to see? Could the photograph have anything to do with the sudden collapse of some of the major banks in Iraq. Operation Spider Web is the third book in the MP-5 CIA Thriller, which continues the story of the CIA team, which features the exceedingly beautiful female doctor. The group of CIA experts is known for performing Clandestine Operations especially when it comes to the war on terror.

In Operation Spider Web, the group is in Afghanistan. They had received intel that a high-ranking Taliban leader was going to have a meeting in one of the local houses in Kabul. The premise of this story revolves around the team trying to establish whether the information that they had gathered was more than accurate or was it rather a plan to not only capture them but to also kill them in the process. One of the people who was used as a source is an exceedingly young teenager who had been captured when he was trying to place IED on one of the roads that the American military troops were going to use. The other source of information is a female waitress and also the cousin to the boy. This installment portrays how difficult it is for the CIA officers to obtain accurate human intelligence especially in a culture where they are not only hated but also despised.

With that said, Operation Spider Web is a page turner, and the meeting turns in the book, eventually turn out to be of great significance in the overall story and the avoidance of a nuclear exchange. The Yemen Connection is the fourth book in the MP-5 CIA, which begins as some of the top terrorists in Yemen, are planning an exceedingly devastating attack against the US. However, the terrorist has only one main challenge; the counterterrorism unit has just arrested the person responsible for laundering the money for the terrorist. As this happens, an exceedingly wealthy man of Yemen origin is overwhelmed by the fact that his son has recently been arrested and is going to spend so many years in prison. However, he soon finds assistance from a source that he never expected.

The man is approached by one of the members of the elite teams and is promised that his only son was going to come home but under certain conditions. The rich man has to pose as the moneyman for the wanted terrorist and also find out what exactly the terrorist is planning. The team of CIA is made of an exceedingly attractive woman, who has recently joined a Catholic mission, which houses a medical clinic so that she would have a cover while working for the CIA in Yemen. While working at the mission hospital, the lady comes across children suffering from autism at one of the orphanages. She also gets to learn that the children have never had any form of vaccination.

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