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Publication Order of Mr. Terupt Books

Because of Mr. Terupt (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mr. Terupt Falls Again (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saving Mr. Terupt (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goodbye, Mr. Terupt (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Mr Terupt” series is a set of popular children’s fiction novels by Rob Buyea. Unlike her contemporaries, she was never excited about writing or reading as a child.

Still, her mother would usually suggest all manner of books to her every time she said that she was bored. She still wishes she had taken that advice as she believes she could have been better at it had she listened.

During her high school and college years, she was more passionate in sports and particularly wrestling which she did since she was four. Nonetheless, she thinks there are a ton of things she learned in wrestling that have stood her in good stead as an author.

It is from participating in wrestling that she learned about perseverance, failure and working on something until it got completed. Once she graduated from college, she decided to leave wrestling behind as she went on to become a wrestling coach at high school and elementary school teacher.
Buyea would then spend more than six years teaching fourth and third graders until her students encouraged gher to write fiction.

After more than six years as an elementary teacher, the family moved to Northfield where she had a job at an independent boarding school. She decided to become a high school teacher of wrestling and biology. Rob Buyea taught for a little more than seven years and it was during this time that she would get her debut work published.

Buyea now feels very grateful and fortunate to work as a full time author. Her novels have won several awards over the years and she has had an opportunity to reach learners all over the world.

“Because of Mr. Terupt” the debut novel of the “Mr. Terupt” series of novels was first published in 2010.

The “Mr. Terupt” series of novels tells the story of seven students whose lives are changed by a most unexpected character.
The first novel of the series opens to fifth graders Anna, Peter, Danielle, Jessica, Luke, Alexia and Jeffrey having been sent to Mr. Terupt’s class. The children do not have much in common and have been at odds with each other for a long time until a new teacher comes onto the scene to set things right.
In the second novel of the “Mr. Terupt” series, the children are in second grade which is not without its challenges. But they are sure that their teacher will help them through it all. However, he drops a bombshell that will change their entire lives.

In the third novel of the series, the children are finally proceeding to the first year of junior high school. They are excited about the milestone but there are challenges too. When the tight knight group comes under the danger of being broken up forever following a fight, they turn to their teacher for help only to learn that he is the one who needs saving.

“Because of Mr. Terupt,” the first novel of the “Mr. Terupt” series opens to seven kids starting the fifth grade at the Snow Hill School.
Jeffrey is a boy that hates school; Anna’S home situation makes her an outcast, Jessica is a perceptive and smart girl that is yet to fit in, Alexia is a sometimes bully and sometimes friend, Danieller never stands up for herself; Luke is the brainiac while Peter is the class troublemaker and prankster.
Despite their varied personalities, Mr. Terupt, the energetic new teacher seems quite capable of dealing with them all. He knows how to make a fun classroom even though he is never one that lets any of the children get away with much. But an accident that happens on a frigid winter day changes everyone and everything.

The diverse class is glad to have the more creative, funnier and more aware teacher rather than the mean old teachers who knew all about the childrens tricks. As dramas unfold in the classroom, Alexis the mean girl stirs up a girl war, the class reads a set book and several of the students deal with family issues.
Things were going swimmingly well when an accident happened to change everything. The students have to learn how to deal with the tragedy and push on despite the challenges it presents.

The second novel of the “Mr Terupt” series “Mr. Terupt Falls Again” by Rob Buyea opens to the children proceeding to the sixth grade following a very eventful fifth grade. Seven students had been especially affected by the new teacher Mr. Terupt and these kids make a comeback in this novel.

They now have an opportunity to spend at least one more year with Mr. Terupt before they proceed to junior high school. Peter’s parents had planned to pull him out of the school and take him to a private school for the seventh grade but he is having none of it.

Meanwhile, Alexis is eager to grow up and this results in some confrontation with some other kids at the school. Danielle thinks her family has been keeping secrets from her and sets out to find out what the family is hiding.

On the other hand, Jeffrey just made a life changing discovery even as Jessica learns some disturbing things about their new beloved teacher. Anna who has been having issues with her family now believes that she is ready for the truth about her father who has never been around.

For Luke, his keen observations have resulted in a lot of questions that have unexpected answers. It is a year full of ups and downs as Mr. Terupt helps the kids to become better even as he asks for their help to complete what is a special project for him.

“Saving Mr Terupt,” the third novel of the “Mr Terupt” series of novels, opens to kids now entering their first year of junior high. There is a lot of excitement and challenges as Jeffrey and Peter have to deal with some tough knuckle competition in wrestling, while for Alexia her first day at school could not have been worse.

Anna cannot wait for Charlie, her boyfriend’s mother, to propose and does not understand what the holdup is. Danielle is feeling under the weather but is trying to be tough like her grandmother. On the other hand, Luke is afraid of going to school as a known bully that had targeted him goes to the same school.
On her part, Jessica is anxious about whether she is going to get into a theater retreat organized by some heavyweights in New York. All the kids miss Mr. Terupt and go to him to help when a huge fight threatens to make them all enemies of each other. But they soon learn that maybe it is their teacher who needs help.

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