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Tee L. Swan is Australian born, originally from Sydney, the mother to a growing family of kids and pets. She and her hunky husband are living the beautiful life in Sydney, Australia.

She’s a psychology major and works with the Australian Schizophrenia Fellowship. Because of her background in mental health she strives to write her characters with good qualities, the ones who could be your fun, witty best friend. The men are just as desirable, strong, alpha, and safe.

She loves bringing sweet, sexy, romantic stories to her readers. Writing is her first love and she enjoys doing as much of it as she can in her spare time. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, enjoying sexy, strong storylines, while drinking coffee and chowing down a piece of cake.

The MR series of stories is a collection of men with some common but desirable qualities. They are older and gorgeous and are usually powerful men. They can have guarded feelings and sometimes they are a bit of a bad boy.

The first book in the MR series is Mr. Masters. We are introduced to Julian Masters and Miss Brielle when she flees from Australia and takes a nanny position in London.

Brielle has been hurt- some guy turned her life upside down and now she needs time out and away from Australia. Taking a year-long nanny position in London seems the best strategy.

At the airport Brielle was expecting Mrs. Masters to collect her from the airport. However it is Mr. Julian Masters who is there to collect her. He’s a widower with two young children looking for a women who can care properly for his children. Truth be told, he wasn’t expecting such an attractive young woman.

Brielle is highly capable of handling the children but when she and Mr. Masters meet, the fireworks between them start launching. The first few days are a disaster but as long as the kids are ok with her, she’ll get on ok.

Things are getting on well with the children but Mr. Masters is an ongoing disturbance to her feelings. He is devastated from his past and now he has feelings for Brielle but it’s obvious he can’t and shouldn’t act upon them.

He decides his best action will be to arrange a friend with benefits relationship. Amazingly, Brielle goes along with this, albeit reluctantly but when Masters decides to reach out to one of his prostitutes, she is angry.

Throughout the writing of the story between Mr. Julian Masters and Miss Brielle we enjoy the type of storytelling that demonstrates a more stable, more mature, more civilized adult relationship.

They have their differences but we get to observe them talking and working them out in more appropriate ways as a good relationship does. This is due to the educational background of Ms. Swan and her decision to give us stories of people who are well balanced and caring of each other.

In the second of her MR series of stories, Ms. Swan gives us the dubious Mr. Spencer. He’s a very handsome man, a bit older, but he has the reputation of being the biggest cad in all of England.

Charlotte is at a gorgeous wedding reception and is bored. Absolutely bored to death. All the tall, dark, handsome men at the wedding are the same. Perfect lineage, perfect education, perfect teeth. Perfect cookie-cutter men.

She’s twenty-four and has an embarrassing lack of experience with men. But as she looks around the room at the many couples and the single men and women, she’s not terribly inspired to advance her education.

Until she gazes up the staircase and sees the handsome, older man. He caught her eye, she caught his and shivers went down her spine. Her best friend, Lara, quickly tries to warn her off him but Mr. Spencer has set his sights on Charlotte.

Mr. Spencer is swift, moving in on her with clear intentions. He follows her through the reception hall and with his first chance, her kissed her.

They have a second meeting that doesn’t go as well. They have a huge blowup and she kicks him out.

Charlotte goes on a double, blind date. Unbelievably, she looks across the table and she’s staring into those deep blue eyes, feeling the familiar spinning effect again.

He’s so sure of himself. He’s sure she finds him attractive. She would walk away from his cockiness, if only he wasn’t the sexiest jerk she’d ever laid her eyes on.

He is campaigning to have her go on a true date with him. His campaign includes sending her an email with thirty reasons why she should date him. Obviously he’s pretty sure of himself.

He has white teeth
He loves his grandma
He has shoe size 13; “do the math”
Oh, brother…

It was seriously the most absurd, ridiculous, funniest list. He’s the most absurd, ridiculous, funniest man she’s ever met.

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