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Publication Order of Mrs Pargeter Books

A Nice Class of Corpse (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs., Presumed Dead (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Pargeter's Package (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Pargeter's Pound of Flesh (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Pargeter's Plot (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs. Pargeter's Point of Honour (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs Pargeter's Principle (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs Pargeter's Public Relations (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs Pargeter's Patio (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mrs. Pargeter is the main character in a series of mystery novels written by a bestselling English author of children’s books, humor, mystery and thrillers novels. Mrs. Pargeter is a widow with a dark past who with some help from her dead husband’s friends is able to solve some complex mysteries. Simon Brett began publication of Mrs. Pargeter series in 1986 when A Nice Class of Corpse the first in the series was published. After the publication of Mrs. Pargeter’s Point of Honor in 1999, the author took a break and resumed publishing in 2015.

The son of a chartered surveyor, Simon Brett was educated at Wadham College, Oxford and Dulwich College where he graduated with a first class honors degree in English. After graduating from Oxford University, Brett joined BBC as a trainee and worked for London Weekend Television and BBC Radio. While working with the BBC, he produced the first episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and many other episodes of the comedy series Just a minute, The Burkiss Way and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.
In the Mid 90’s Simon Brett wrote and also hosted a radio panel game, Foul Play in which famous writers of detective fiction were challenged to solve a dramatized mystery. Moving on to television, the author was responsible for the production of End of Part One and the TV revival of The Glims for LWT. Simon has also written sitcoms including BBC Radio 4’s No Commitments, After Henry, and Smelling of Roses. The author has also written four series of detective books, and most of them are in the Golden Age of detective fiction, entertaining the reader through eccentric characters, humor, and intricate plot twists.

A Nice Class of Corpse

A Nice Class of Corpse is the debut novel in Mrs. Pargeter series by Simon Brett. The Devereux is a beautiful residential hotel that caters to an excellent class of guest. However, the arrival of Mrs. Pargeter a charming widow appears to speed up a disaster for everyone with connections to the hotel. On the morning after Mrs. Pargeter arrival, a corpse of one of the feeble resident is found at the foot of the staircase, and shortly another death strike shakes the hotel. Deciding to investigate what appears to be two related murders, Mrs. Pargeter discovers that more than one person in the gentility of the hotel has a motive for killing.

Mrs., Presumed Dead

Smithy’s Loam, the beautifully designed housing estate the perfect for the rising mobile business executives and the model families and perfect scene for murder. Into this personification of middle-class respectability moves our amateur sleuth fresh from her stay at the Devereux Hotel and ready to settle down to her new flashy home.
With all the material trappings beloved of her new neighbors and a priceless legacy from her late husband, life should have been more than comfortable for her. But when the central heating breaks down, Pargeter decides to call, the Cottons the former occupants for some advice. But the address to which the Cottons moved doesn’t exist and Mr. Cotton employers seem to have no clues about his whereabouts. Then she finds an unposted letter one addressed to the local Church of Utter Simplicity- and she begins to wonder- where the cotton are?

Mrs. Pargeter starts to investigate and delves behind the veneers of the beautifully designed estate’s net curtains into the fascinating lives of the inhabitants of Smith Loam and discovers some peoples behaviors leave behind a lot to be desired. With fine attention to the peculiarity of the suburban life, Simon Brett has once more woven a marvelously intriguing and deceptive tale of suspense.

Mrs. Pargeter Package

In the third book in Mrs. Pargeter series we meet Mrs. Pargeter and her friend Joyce taking a package holiday to Corfu. Pargeter carries a package for her friend and one night the two are out enjoying themselves but the next morning is found dead. The cops are quick to dismiss it as suicide, but Mrs. Pargeter is certain that Joyce was murdered.

Once more, Mrs. Pargeter package is a brilliant addition to Mrs. Pargeter series by Simon Brett. Melitta Pargeter, the main character is a refreshing and brilliant amateur sleuth. Her real character is evident in her exploits, and thanks to the beautifully woven secondary characters we get to know more about Mrs. P.

Mrs. Pargeter’s Principle

For Mrs. P, it is a requirement to accomplish any of her deceased husband unfinished business and unsettled scores. Amongst his many mission, and perhaps the most precious possessions is the little black in which Mr. Pargeter listed all the people who worked for him, and with their particular skill sets and this means that whenever Mrs. P has a mystery to solve, she can readily contact someone with the relevant skill set.

Attending the funeral of the prominent Sir Normington, because his name is listed in Mr. P little black book, Mrs. P sets out to discover the connection that existed between Sir Normington and her deceased husband. Her amateur sleuthing will draw her into the shady world of shifty politicians, gun runners, and a kidnapped vicar.
Mrs. Pargeter’s Principle is a beautifully woven installment featuring Mrs. Pargeter a delightful character whose intentional insensibility always gets tested at every turn, but she manages to ignore all the realities of her late husband’s past. The wide array of folks that surround her are interesting, and the light humor of the narrative is quite engaging- the villains are sufficiently “evil” as the threaten Mrs. P orderly and the calm world.

Mrs. Pargeter’s Point of Honor

The “missions and activities” of Mrs. P departed husband often took place beyond the reach of the law, and so the genteel Mrs. P wears the diamonds and spoils of her late husband nefarious career with impeccable grace. And even though her dead husband may have gone to his great reward, Mrs. P considers it as a point of honor to resolve her husband’s unfinished business.
This is a beautifully conceived story with some fascinating characters whose nicknames reflect their talents and play a great deal in helping Mrs. Pargeter solve mysteries.

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    More Mrs Pargeter please.

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    I think the story lines are brilliant, everyone has a place, the reader (I believe is simon himself, is amazing with his voices for each character) wish there were more.
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    love Simon Bretts books especially Mrs Pargetter ones


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