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A publishing sensation upon his initial debut release, the British author Muhammad Khan has been making massive waves within the literary industry with the arrival of his first book, creating a voice that is unrivaled in how it is like nothing else that has come before it, allowing him to speak to legions of writers worldwide on a global scale. Achieving bestseller status he has managed to strike a chord with many readers from many different backgrounds, both nationally and internationally. Largely focusing upon the Young Adult genre, he speaks to a primarily teenage audience of readers. Communicating with them in a manner and style that is immediately accessible to them, he gets his message across instantly, bringing both his characters and his inner worlds to life for his audience. Teaching math in the day, this is partly how he has come to this, finding a way of reaching his younger readers that is entirely true to him as a writer and as a novelist of Young Adult fiction. Set firmly within the real world, he keeps his characters grounded and down to earth, as they speak in a manner that is entirely realistic, making his stories completely approachable and accessible. Gaining an academic background in engineering, he has turned to writing full-time, making it something all of his own, as he writes in a style that is entirely unique to him and him alone. A British-born Pakistani, he draws a lot of inspiration from his own upbringing and culture, using it to determine the trajectory of much of his work, something his fans have now quickly come to appreciate. Whilst he doesn’t create series as such, opting instead to turn stand-alone novels, he manages to impart his message and ideals with brevity and intelligence over the course of his work. Whether this be through his characters or his story-lines, he manages to write in a manner that really is true to him and who he is as a novelist. With wit and humor, he writes from an intelligent and down-to-earth perspective that has long been overdue within the area of Young Adult fiction, whilst also allowing his work to be accessible to all. Setting a tone of empowerment, he really draws his readers in, ultimately allowing them to become a part of the action, whilst also relating to the characters themselves. This is something that is expected to continue for quite some time to come, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength for a long time to come.

Early and Personal Life

Born in the United Kingdom, Muhammad Khan would harness a lifelong love of literature and academia from a very early age, but initially he would turn to engineering. Later he would graduate from King’s College in London with a degree in engineering, as he would then go on to teach math in secondary school, and it was here that he would find his love of story-telling to a younger audience. Taking his background as a British-Pakistani, along with what he would see as a teacher, he would go on to use his experiences, putting them back into his work.

Over the course of his career he would then start to pursue his love of story-telling and literature, turning to it at night, whilst continuing to teach during the day. Studying for a creative writing MA at Roehampton, he will continue to progress his craft as an author, building upon it whilst continuing to teach. Living in Tooting in London, this is something that will continue in the years to come, as there’s plenty more planned on the horizon yet.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2018, he would make his initial debut with the novel ‘I Am Thunder’, which would be a novel that would set him apart from that of his contemporaries as a much needed voice within the industry. Showing a lot of promise in the years to follow, his contribution to the Young Adult genre would quickly be recognized by numerous critics too, as he would go on to win a number of awards. With the critics and the general public both singing his praises, he would go on to become one of the most prominent voices working within the industry, marking him as definitely someone to watch in the years to follow.

I Am Thunder

Originally brought out through the ‘Macmillan Children’s Books’ publishing label, this would initially be released on the 25th of January in 2018 to much acclaim. Not being a part of any series as such, it would set itself apart from the rest within its genre, allowing it put its message across in a straightforwards and direct manner. It would also come to establish much of the style and tone for the career that was to follow from Muhammad Khan as an author.

Taking issues that are close to Khan as an author, this really is a strong effort from him as a first time author, taking serious issues and making them accessible to his young audience. It is also his leading character of Muzna Saleem that is brilliantly realized too, as she comes to life off of the page. Not only that, but the location is also vividly brought to life too, as Khan definitely makes the most of it over the course of the book.

Starting out with Muzna Saleem, it sees the young fifteen year old girl wanting to become a writer, despite her parents protestations, as they hope for her to become a doctor. Moving her to a new school in South London, they also aim to ensure that she starts a new life after her previous best friend became embroiled and supposedly shamed in a large scandal. That’s when she meets the handsome and ever confident Arif, as he encourages her to follow her passions and remain true to herself. Soon enough though, Muzna and his brother Jameel start to influence Muzna negatively as they apparently have a secret to hide, along with an extreme view of the world. Will Muzna use her freedom and break free from their influence? Can she find her own identity? What will happen when she claims ‘I am thunder’?

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