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Publication Order of New Multiverse Books

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Multiverse Series

Largely writing science-fiction and fantasy novels, David Weber is an author who has achieved a huge amount of success over the years. Taking the reader on a journey through the universe to beyond the stars, he is known of as a novelist with a big imagination, creating stories with scale and ambition. It is also his characters that manage to really draw the readers in, as they resonate with audiences worldwide, regardless of where they’re from. These stories have spanned out into large franchises and series over the course of his career as well, as they’ve also drawn in a large number of readers too. One series that really reflects this well, is that of his much loved science-fiction series, the ‘Multiverse’ series of well regarded novels. Set across parallel worlds, they are known for their sheer sense of both scale and scope, taking in a huge amount of different characters and stories. Keeping them grounded at the same time though, Weber manages to make them feel intimate too, allowing the audience to really feel a part of the action. With political allegiances and alliances too, there’s a number of factions governing over the gateways between the worlds as well, which brings up numerous situations. The characters themselves are what drives it, as this is what makes it feel real, despite it being set in another time and place, allowing the reader to ultimately escape into this rich fantasy world.

Running for three novels so far, this series was also known of as the ‘Hell’s Gate’ series as well, with more expected to follow. Starting out back in 2006, the latest one was brought out in 2016, as they have all come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Featuring elements of magic and sorcery, they really take into consideration a whole host of different factors over its entire duration. Written alongside some other authors along the way too, the series also features the talents of Linda Evans and Joelle Presby helping out too.

Hell’s Gate

Initially released through the ‘Baen’ publishing outlet, this would be the first in the series of ‘Multiverse’ novels from David Weber. First coming out in 2006 on the 31st of October, it would set the entire series up as a whole, allowing it to establish itself for the first time too. With a lot of the story set around world-building, it also manages to foreshadow a lot of what is to come in the following series as well.

Whilst the story itself is highly fantastical, reaching to proportions that are entirely otherworldly, Weber never forgets to keep it grounded. The story might be set beyond the reaches of the known universe, but the story and characters are entirely real, with motivations and ambitions that are very much rooted in reality. Dealing with war and politics, it takes a look at two entirely different cultures, and how they ultimately deal with the cultural clash between them both. With the world itself though, Weber definitely manages to paint a highly vivid and evocative portrait, one that’s expansive without limitations.

Running a number of the portals between parallel worlds, ‘The Union of Arcana’ has been overseeing them all for just over a century and a half. Looking to expand into other worlds, the Union has gone on to become one of the most powerful entities known the humankind, becoming one of the wealthiest in its history. That’s when they come across a shocking discovery, as they find on the other side of a newly discovered portal another human civilization, Sharona, which has also been exploring the Multiverse as well. Not only that, but it seems the weapons that Sharona have got are based on the seemingly alien concept of ‘science’, as opposed to Arcana’s magic based weaponry. How will they both deal with each and the threat that they pose to one another? Who will emerge victorious? What will they both discover behind Hell’s Gate?

Hell Hath No Fury

Published through the ‘Baen’ label once more, this would continue directly on from the previous novel, with this being the second in the ‘Multiverse’ series of books. Moving the action forwards, it expands on what came before, whilst also simultaneously developing the characters at the same time as well. Originally it came out in 2007 not long after the first, with it being published on the first of March to an already eagerly awaiting audience. This would later be followed up with the third novel in the series titled ‘The Road to Hell’, which would come out in 2016 quite some time later, and it would also be published by Baen.

Meeting in a forest on neutral ground, two men from completely different universes are set to face off against one another. Both coming from entirely different backgrounds, one uses steam-age technology and mental powers, whilst the other uses sorcery. With tensions rising between their two respective universes too, it seems that there are many high-ranking officials of the Arcana and Sharona civilizations looking to fulfil their own agendas. Certain events have been put into play, and it seems that there are dark forces lurking on the horizon, with everyone poised for an all out battle. Will these events transpire soon? Can they quell the tensions, especially as the men from opposing factions meet? What happens when Hell hath no fury?

The Multiverse Series

Managing to encompass a whole wide range of different themes and ideas, this really is a series that has sense of both scope and scale. Drawing the reader in through its rich and extremely vivid imagery, the description definitely manage to convey what the world looks like too. Giving a clear visual, it effortlessly allows the readers to explore this vibrant and inventive universe, taking them on a journey throughout. Keeping the action grounded with its use of character too, it also works at creating a feeling of realism in this otherwise alien universe. With more and more readers discovering this series every day, there’s still plenty of room to continue expanding on it for quite some time yet.

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