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Murders by Design Books In Order

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Publication Order of Murders by Design Books

Designed for Death (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Monet Murders (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Kitchens (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rooms to Die for (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Design Is Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Murders by Design are a set of novels written by American and New York bestselling author, Jean Harrington. The series premiered in 2012, when the first book in the series, Designed for Death was published, The Monet Murders was later published the same year. All the events detailed in the books take place in Florida, featuring interior designer, Deva Dunne, the main character who has a nose for trouble and an eye for detail.

Designed for Death

The first novel in murders by design series introduces the protagonist, Deva Dunne working as an interior designer. She is described as a person with an eye for detail and nose for trouble.

After a year since her husband perished, the interior designer is trying to cope up with the situation. She is trying up and down to get back on the track. Unfortunately, the adjustment is difficult, and thus she decides to relocate from Boston to Florida. Her husband, died in a car crash thank the icy road, and now Deva wants nothing to do with winter, and she chooses Florida as her perfect spot to escape the ice.

While in Florida, she rents an apartment which is about to be furnished into condos, being an interior designer, she is contracted to renovate the building. For her neighbor, Treasure, she wants her place to look like a movie studio. As the interior designer becomes involved in the project, she is drawn into a scene out of a horror film.

Her project comes to a halt when she spots blood on the carpet that leads her to the body of her client strangled to death in her bathtub.

At first, the investigating officers consider Deva the prime suspect. She cannot understand why the police suspect her since she even hardly knew her client leave alone having any substantial reason to kill her.

With the intent of clearing her name from the police records, Deva tosses herself deep into in the investigation much to the surprise of the investigative officer, Rossi. She is determined to find the killer before any other person is hurt.

The first novel in Murders by design series by Jean Harrington is a fascinating one. From the beginning of the book, you will fall in love with several characters. For instance, Deva is one of the characters you will find cool to be associated. She moves from Boston to Florida and uses her career to helping her forget her past. Most are the time that we try to get over our painful past, and guess what? You will always keep yourself engaged with a hobby/work to avoid the past from haunting you just like Deva.

There are characters in Deva’s life that make are comforting and help her catch a fresh breath of air. Treasure, although the author does not allow her to the end of the novel, she is a flicker of transvestite hope together with her former lover. Overall the characters are well crafted from the primary to the secondary ones.

The mystery, twists, and turns presented in this debut novel will keep you turning the pages, guessing what happens next as the author has crafted it in a manner that will keep you engaged to the last page.

Also, the novel was filled with emotions. For example, while reading through pages, one can clearly see the pain that Deva underwent after the loss of her beloved husband. Any woman in love or any married woman can clearly relate what it would feel in such a scenario. Some questions that would ring in a woman’s mind in case of such a situation would be, Where would I go? Will I be able to live again alone? Would I be able to work and provide for my family? Despite having to deal with her past, she is now a prime suspect in a murder case.

Deva is a smart and vigorous woman capable of overcoming her painful past and capable of dealing with her now complicated present. Even though the novel itself is presented as a murder mystery, with suspense and drama, it is also thought to provoke. Some nuggets of fun indicated a sign of hope and brought out a part of Deva that everyone thought she would lose in all her sadness.

Kitchens Killer

The third installment of Murders by Design by Jean Harrington is another perplexing mystery featuring the Interior designer Deva Dunne. This time, Deva is drawn into an investigation when a visitor of one of her client dies from poisoning.

For Deva Dunne, everything looks quite in order; she is hoping that her very first commercial design will be a contributing factor for her business. She is now dating Lieutenant Victor Rossi, and she seems quite happy with her new found relationship.

However, Deva’s life soon takes a sudden turn after an explosion at Chip’s restaurant and some unexpected worrying news hit her personal life. Her new client Francesco has an unexpected connection to Chip, and this raises some alarming questions about the explosion that happened at Chip’s Restaurant.

Deva Dunne has few doubts regarding Francesco who manages to win her over with his pristine taste of real estates and antiques. Despite the lieutenant warning to stay away from Francesco, Deva cannot turn away from a job offer that could see the success of her design business.

Deva efforts not to investigate the death of her new client, Francesco chauffeur fails as she stumbles upon more clues while working for him. An unexpected discovery in her life not only obstructs her flourishing relationship with Victor but also distracts her from the investigation.

Just like the previous novels, Killer Kitchens offer electric and a well-crafted cast of characters. The main character, Deva is quite engaging and has come along from the grief-stricken woman in Designed for Death. Now she is witty, confident, and cannot resist the urge of the investigation.

On the other hand, Victor Rossi, a detective who has a heart of gold, while Francesco is somehow insensitive but the love for his wife and the knowledge for finer things smoothes his rough edges.

Jean Harrington is an excellent author and has a few mystery surprises wrapped up her sleeves to quench the thirst of thirsty mystery lovers.

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