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Murderville Books In Order

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Publication Order of Murderville Books

By: JaQuavis Coleman, Ashley Antoinette

Murderville is a series of urban/fiction books authored by two New York Times bestselling authors Ashley Antoinette and JaQuavis Coleman. Ashley Antoinette is one of the 21st-century successful female authors. Ashley and JaQuavis have co-authored more than 40 books including Cartel series. Several other book titles have made it to the New York Times bestselling list, but Ashley is best known for her continuing race series, The Prada Plan. JaQuavis Coleman is a New Times bestselling novelist of Dopeman’s Trilogy, gained his spot onto the bestsellers list at the age of 18 and quickly became a prominent literary figure.
Ashley Antoinette began Murderville trilogy in 2011 when Murderville the first book in the series was published and concluded the series in 2013 with The Black Dahlia.


Murderville, the first book in Ashley Antoinette’s series Murderville, is a story about two kids as they walk through their mysterious past. A’Shai and Liberty are all grown up but Liberty is dying, and her friend A’Shai walks her through their history reliving it through the streets. Their life story will take them from a planned marriage, drugs cartels in Mexico, hustling in Detroit, child brothels, to escaping Los Angeles underworld. But finally, their story of love and salvation will leave your breathless right from the first page to the unpredictable ending.

It’s revealed that Liberty’s family was murdered when she was a child by a Rebel, lethal gang A’Shai’s dad owned. They, in turn, took Liberty and forced her to work, cook, and clean the house and she was only ten years old she couldn’t do much. But soon she and A’Shai made friendship, she felt more comfortable around him, and A’Shai swore to protect her. Sadly, A’Shai broke his promise he’d made to her because he was only 11 years and wasn’t strong enough as his dad who tried to rape her or the soldiers who tried to push Liberty around once they boarded a ship called Murderville.

Liberty wasn’t strong, she was weak, and all she wanted was to be around A’Shai, but soon they were separated from each other, and that changed everything. Liberty was forced into the sex trade and forced to sell her body for money so that she could make a living. She was sold to a man named Samad who bought her at the age of 18, and that’s the first time when A’Shai had seen Liberty in 18 years. Once Samad purchased her, he controlled her and also forced her to cover up her whole body and watched her every move. Would you want to be managed in such a manner?

Murderville is a sad story in the first few pages but also a romantic one towards the end. We get to see all the bad things that Liberty had to endure as a child. Ashley Antoinette has created a unique storyline with some rich historical info about Sierra Leone, the Mexican drug cartel, the slave trade, your ghetto drug syndicate, and underground sex market. The rich character development alongside the fast-paced story will keep you hooked to this story of love and redemption from the first page to the last. They say that love triumphs and this series debut is a proof that love wins at last.

The Epidemic

The second book in Murderville series kicks off immediately after the first book in the series. We find Liberty lost and alone in a world full people who want to control her and destroy her for no solid reason other than pure evil. Then there is Po a hustler seeking wealth and gamble at nobility, but loses his share of fortune and love.

Liberty wonders aimlessly trying to find her purpose in life, even though she longs for love and peace. Liberty’s innocence and vulnerability are what draws Po to her, and the two soon embark on a relationship that is built on determination, danger, and perseverance. Two characters connected by one person’s heart. Life and death unite, but their past relationships haunt all the decisions that might result in their possibilities as a couple.

Their fate cross and the common denominator unites them in a tornado of money, bullet, trial, and errors.

When greed, revenge, sexual brutality, jealousy, and manipulation attack innocence, destruction is imminent- but whose destruction will it be? Romance fizzles out, friendship wax cold, the family reunited, but the big question remains- which path is safe? Who can you trust, when can you leave and how can you walk away?

The Epidemic continues Liberty’s story filled with usual drama and captures the original vibrancy as depicted in the first book in the series.

The Black Dahlia

Liberty is back in The Black Dahlia the third and final book in Murderville trilogy. She is back in the path of flying bullets, but this time the bullets are meant for another. She is still causing trouble with every single man she mesmerizes with her innocence and beauty. Her cousin Dahlia lures Po into her elaborate web of lies, greed, and deceit and successfully displaces Liberty from her position as the 1st lady.

Dahlia’s manipulative ways have fractured Po and Rocko’s friends and rivaled them against each other because of the lies she has planted like the seeds of poison. Rocko finds himself the friend’s wrath, and he’s forced to choose between his ego or allegiance to his lifelong best friend.

The Black Dahlia reintroduces Antoinette’s enthralling beautifully woven characters from days gone by. Baron’s reappearance scenes in this book are endearing yet bittersweet as they bring back the memories of Ashai- who committed suicide in the first book in the series. This book will have the reader turning pages after page wanting to know what happens next. Dahlia is an exciting character- she’s a trooper who demands respect and for most of the part- she gets it.

Liberty is also another wonderful character in the story thanks to the choices she makes. She doesn’t let herself get out of character regardless of what happens in her life.

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