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Murray McDonald is a British writer of action-thriller novels. His novels are fast-paced and filled with action, created to keep the readers mesmerized and fascinated prior to the shocking conclusion. He writes books for grownups and teenagers. M.K. McDonald is a pen name of Murray that will allow a best-selling thriller writer to express a more erotic story with readers. Voyeur is the very first installment of a structured series.

Murray McDonald is among those authors that selected a pen later in life and began writing stories. He started out writing when he sensed his son couldn’t find almost anything to read when he was 14 and thus Murray had a thought for a story and he began to write it .Kidnap is the 1st in the series he published for his son, and is befitting that age. The others are rated R as action or espionage thrillers.

About his creations

The God Complex

This is a thriller packed with action and suspense engrossed in scientific research questions and illusion. It hooks the reader from the beginning and continues us to rapidly turning pages in a competition to the end. The answers are rarely what the reader thinks they’ll be.

When Cash Harris goes to his father the first time following a 15 year estrangement, everything doesn’t go anywhere close to planned. Towards the end of the night, he discovers himself mixed up in a story to destabilize government entities, his father have been assassinated and he finds out a outrageous truth that could have essentially changed his life 15 years earlier.

However, all this pales into an insignificance when, together with his closest friend and ex-fiancée, he combats for his purity and the opportunity to save a world they did not have any idea needed protecting. They discover the truth that may be alluding humanity from its very creation. Life, the galaxy, everything, there is nothing as it truly seems.

Critical Error

It was full of action which was non-stop, through the entire book. The characters were well toned and fascinating. The storyline kept us speculating the whole time A political and suspense novel, the character types vary from higher level politicians to secret agent masters all joined up with together in a key plot to change the clear way of the world.

When leading CIA operative named Sam Baker rescues a cameraman and a kidnapped CNN reporter from the possession of Palestinian terrorists, he reveals an agenda to mess up Israel. Struggling to stop the attack with time, Israel is rocked to the central as more than 4,000 of its most youthful and most prone individuals are slaughtered.

Four years later on, retired and savoring a new life, his very own loved ones are slaughtered in a bungled effort on his life. Coping with his would-be murderers, Sam delivers a reminder to his sibling, Senator Charles Baker who is a presidential front runner that he as well is going to be assassinated. Sam’s hint is right and because of the fast actions of a spy agent, the Senator is rescued. Sam remains with no option but to leave his completely new life and visit again a life he had quit far behind.

After the disastrous attack on its kids, Israel’s leaders release a classic and top secret strategy in retaliation named Project Ararat. A mother of one of the slaughtered 6yr old and an ex-Mossad assassin, named Rebecca Cohen suggests to be permitted to assist in whichever way she will. With vengeance generating her on, Rebecca finds a much better risk to her nation and to America. The terrorists have been able to protected 5 nuclear weapons and intend to hit America and Israel.

As Rebecca and Sam finds the truth, their routes incorporate perilously with each other and they turn out to be unsuspecting pawns as their government authorities are more seriously involved in events than anybody would have believed feasible. As the nuclear deadline day looms, we discover out precisely what happens when we push a nation too far.

The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle world

Murray McDonald is a very long time buddy in the great scheme of Steven konkoly’s writing profession. They both equally rose through the Indie status with hidden operations or political thrillers, discussing tactics, contrasting story ideas and having some really good laughs on the way. Murray continues to be unflaggingly encouraging of Steve’s creating, and didn’t be reluctant to provide a storyline for a series named The Perseid Collapse Series Kindle World.

As a native of Scot, and also a denizen of the United Kingdom, Steve didn’t anticipate Murray to publish a story regarding End of the world Preppers enduring the Perseid Collapse occasion. Preparing hasn’t ignited in the U.K., as it has while in the U.S., and it’s not really for a insufficient post-apocalyptic creativity or a nature of tough personal image. Murray provides a bit of entertaining understanding of WHY, slightly later. Steven had another thing planned for his story, and thus did Murray. Ought to be fact, Murray far surpassed Steven’s expectations and targets with the story he went after, helping answering one of many primary queries readers asked about the series.

This story consequently centers across the ultimate 24 hours prior to a event and the enormous operation to make sure that Red Dragon is successful. For people who don’t know, Red Dragon is a multi-dimensional operation led through the Chinese that’s accountable for The Perseid Collapse. This Series certainly is categorized under the post-apocalyptic kind; it also goes into the techno-thriller sphere. One of Murray’s talents as an author is character development skill. There are some, the Police Chief, the goodie who is a large potent guy and a Special Agent , baddie named Eva Young, is a quiet, beautiful cold-hearted killer. Both people make a serious dash in this novella. Lovers of Murray’s books will unquestionably love Rockland. This is typical of Murray McDonald’s creations.

Murray attempts to write books he’d like to read himself. Loads of action are present with a twist and turn every now and then that when we see it, we end ourselves as the hints were there. He also has a view on story lines that virtually anything is achievable, with regards to fiction he occasionally consider the stuff that have took place in the past.

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