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The My Blood Approves series is a popular book series of paranormal, fantasy, young adult, romance, and vampire novels. This series is written by a renowned author from the United States named Amanda Hocking. There are 5 novels and 1 novella is this series in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2016. All the books of the series feature the chief characters in the form of Alice Bonham and Jack. In addition to these lead characters, author Hocking has also described a few other important characters that keep making appearances on numerous occasions throughout the series. They include Peter, Milo, Mae, Jane, Ezra, etc. The stories of the novels are depicted to have taken place in American and Australia. The opening sequence of the series introduces Alice Bonham as a 17 year old girl, who dreams to do many interesting things in life. She falls for Jack from the moment she sets her eyes on him and starts feeling like her life is going out of her control. Jack makes her feel that she has not anyone like him ever before. In her fondness for Jack, Alice even gives up her liking for New Wave and Chuck Taylors. She appears to have gone mad in Jack’s love. However, one thing she does not seem to know about Jack is that he is a vampire. Just like Jack, Alice feels attracted to his brother, Peter, as well. And he is also a vampire like Jack. No matter how much she fondly Alice Bonham approaches Peter, he doesn’t behave politely with her because he seems to get irritated just by seeing the sight of her. Alice wonders the falling for two men at the same time could make things difficult for her, and the 2 men being brothers makes her sure that she is up for a big mess up in the future. However, this problem doesn’t look so big in front of the fact that Alice in love with vampires. Being around them is not safe for her as they could feel like tasting her blood at any time, but Alice does not realize this. As the series progresses further, Alice Bonham turns into an undead. Then, different kinds of problems come into her life that make her deal with them differently. The books went on to become extremely successful in all the places that they were published. They also succeeded in reaching out to a vast number of readers, who could not help but become fans of the stories and author Hocking. As of now, the series is still going on as Amanda is working towards developing a few more stories as parts of the novel series and is expected to publish them very soon.

Author Amanda Hocking is a very reputed author from America, who is fond of writing young adult, fiction, and paranormal romance books. She is particularly very famous for writing the Trylle Trilogy and Waterson series. Author Hocking was born on July 12, 1984, and currently resides in Rochester, Minnesota, United States. Prior to the start of her literary career, Hocking used to work as a home worker. She continued to work for a small home working group until the year 2010. During this time, Hocking penned around 17 novels. From the month of April 2010 onwards, author Hocking began publishing her novels on her own in the form of e-books. And in only at the time interval of one year, author Hocking successfully sold more than a million printed copies of her first nine novels. She also earned 2 million dollars in total from the sales. This was a great achievement and became the talk of the town in the literary world because no other self-published writer had achieved such a height of success before Hocking. In the first quarter of 2011, the average sales of author Hocking’s books each day was around 9,000 copies. Most of the work of Amanda Hocking is published by herself. Among her popular self published works, there is the Trylle Trilogy, Hollows series, Watersong, My Blood Approves, Valkyrie, and The Kanin Chronicles series. The Trylle Trilogy books are urban fantasy stories that describe the life journey of self discovery of a teenage girl. The books of Hollows series are zombie stories. Author Hocking’s books are described by the NY Times as partly quirky, partly action flick of Hollywood style, partly fast-paced, and partly bodice ripping romance. The magazine also praised her books as the mash up of commerce and creativity. In 2011, Amanda Hocking signed a couple million dollar contract with the St Martin’s Press for writing 4 books. After successfully completing her contract, Hocking also sold her already published 3 books of Trylle trilogy to the publishing company. Later, Amanda Hocking entered into another deal with them for writing a duology series and a single novel. She has fulfilled this deal too with Freeks and Valyries novels. Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy novels have been optioned for developing into a Hollywood movie. Terri Tatchell has been roped in to write the screenplay of the film. Hocking took back the rights in 2015 and declared that she will proceed with the project under her own production, keeping the same cast and crew. However, the project has now been put to a temporary halt and is expected to commence again soon. Author Hocking feels quite satisfied with whatever she has achieved in her career and life. She credits much of her success to her fans, who kept hope in her stories and supported her throughout.

An initial book of My Blood Approves series written by author Amanda Hocking is entitled ‘Fate’. It was released by the Createspace publishing in the year 2010. The central characters in this novel are shown as Jack Townsend, Alice Bonham, Ezra Townsend, Milo Bonham, Mae Townsend, and Peter Townsend. Amanda Hocking has done the setting of the book’s plot in Minnesota. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Alice thinks her life has finally achieved balance. She feels she has overcome her struggle in the real and supernatural lives. Jack, whom she considers her boyfriend and has the nature of a vampire, always keeps her at a distance from himself for her own safety. Jack’s younger brother named Peter doesn’t let Alice come close to him either. As for him, Alice is not even sure what he wants. After some time, a tragedy happens in Alice’s life, after which she struggles to make a difficult choice. Alice knows that her decision is going to cause worse consequences that she is not at all ready to face. Another very interesting novel of this series is entitled ‘Flutter’. It was also published by Createspace in 2010. The characters and setting of this volume are the same as the previous one. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Alice Bonham’s life does not get any easier even after becoming undead. She learns that the love life of her brother Milo is getting heated up. And she wonders about her own love life and prays that it gets changed from completed to easy soon. Alice’s friend Mae tells her that her close friend Jane has become addicted to the bites of vampires. She fears that if the blood lust of Jane is not brought under control, an innocent life might get lost. Alice promises Mae that she will do all that she can to save Jane. She is joined by Ezra Townsend in this rescue mission. However, facing the rabid vampires would be too much even for Alice and she knows it very well.

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