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Dustin Stevens is a published American author of fiction and screenwriter. He also writes using the pen name of T.R. Kohler.

The author is from the Midwest. Along with the western region of Tennessee, he considers that area his home. He enjoys football, thinks that sweet tea is appropriate as a beverage no matter what occasion it is, that you can wear boots or gym shorts to any event on the planet, and that when it comes to places to eat, Dairy Queen is superior to all the rest. Dustin also believes that English bulldogs are a top animal, that a southern accent is likable on anyone, and going fishing for catfish on the lake on a Saturday night is perfectly acceptable.

He would leave the Midwest area to attend college. Dustin studied in New England before going to the Rockies to attend graduate school. The author has lived in a variety of places and over a dozen cities, including Honolulu and Washington, D.C. He says that all of the experiences that he has had have helped to shape the person that he has become and hopes that it comes through in his writing and is grateful for all of the people that he has met along the way. Dustin still loves to live in a variety of places, to travel, to sample new types of food, meet people, and continue to be curious. He continues to write and calls Honolulu, Hawaii his home.

Stevens is a prolific writer who has by now written well over a dozen novels, many of which have reached the number one spot on Amazon. His book The Boat Man was the debut of his Reed & Billie series and won the Indie Award in 2016 in the category of e-book fiction. It also came in as the third Grand Prize Winner in the category of all books (e-book, paperback, and hard cover). His novel The Debt was also picked as an action and adventure novel of the year by the Independent Author Network for 2017. In 2018, his story The Exchange was awarded a selection as a top pick in independent e-book fiction.

The author is also a screenwriter. He was won awards in competitions such as Emerging Screenwriters and Harvardwood, in addition to the Honolulu Film Awards and the Nashville International Film Festival. He also has participated in the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, where he was a finalist multiple times. He belongs to Thriller Writers International as well as the Mystery Writers of America.

Dustin Stevens is the creator and author of the My Mira saga. This series of fictional novels first began in 2018 with the release of the debut novel, Spare Change. It was followed by the exciting second installment, Office Visit. If you are a big fan of stories that have plenty of drama, thrills, and mystery, check out this series!

Spare Change is the first novel in the My Mira series by Dustin Stevens. In this story, readers get to meet the main character of Kyle Clady for the first time.

Kyle served his country and his identity as a Navy SEAL came to define much of how he saw himself. For a decade, he put up with things that some people never would have been able to handle. He was on the receiving end of personal injuries, going all night without being able to sleep, horrible environments, and plenty of military action. On different continents, he was part of teams working to fight domestic and foreign enemies.

It was rewarding work, but Kyle can’t deny that it took a toll on him. However, the long journey that he has had in the Navy has finally ended. He is free to go back home and be with family. He can kiss the wife that stuck with him and supported him through all of this. He can get a clean start and they can start finally living the plans that they crafted together so long ago that detailed what their future would look like.

Kyle is looking forward to starting this new chapter in his life and to getting to spend time with his wife. He thought a celebration with friends would be fairly fun, marking the end of his service and recognizing it for what it was and then focusing on the future. But when tragedy strikes, will Kyle be prepared for what awaits him? Read this debut novel in the series to find out!

Office Visit is the second novel in the My Mira series written by author Dustin Stevens. In the debut story, readers met Kyle Clady and became familiar with who he was and his past. Now they fast forward to the present, where things are worse than Kyle could have ever anticipated.

Kyle Clady’s wife is dead, and he is ruined by grief. He can’t get the last sentence of the murderer out of his mind. The man asked him if he thought this thing was about him. Implying that it’s about something else. Did this killer know his wife? Was it about Kyle’s service? The man’s own personal need to kill?

One thing is for certain. Kyle is back to no longer being able to sleep well at night. He thought coming home would be the start of something good with his wife. The last thing that he ever anticipated was having to get back to civilian life without her. The entire thing is like one big nightmare that just doesn’t stop.

Now everything he does, everything that he thinks focuses on the killer and that sentence. Kyle thinks that he’s the only person that has been affected by this person, but he’s wrong. When two hits go down, Kyle may finally have leads as to the true motivation behind that singular violent act that took the life of his partner.

Kyle knows that he can’t get his wife back. But he can find the killer and bring them to justice. Can this former military man get to the bottom of a deadly mystery and avenge his wife? Read this intriguing thriller to find out!

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