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Myron Bolitar Biography:

The character of Myron Bolitar was created by Harlan Coben and was born in 1964 within the timeline of the books. He grew up in New Jersey and went to school at the Livingston Institute. He comes from a Jewish family, his father is the owner of an underwear factory in Newark and his mother works as a lawyer. He attended Duke University and played on the school’s basketball team for 3 years.

When he got out, he was drafted by the Boston Celtics but a terrible knee injury ended his career in sports before it began. After his rehabilitation he went to Harvard Law School and worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a while. Myron Bolitar is first introduced within the books in 1995, when he’s been working for over two years as a sports agent for second-tier players.

His agency is called MB SportsRep and his offices-littered with posters of clients, musicals and movies-are located at Park Avenue, between streets 46 and 52. He is different from other agents in the sense that he tries to plan the careers of his clients in the long term and he’s always there to help them out when they get in trouble. Through his particular method of following clues and making silly jokes whenever he feels threatened, he manages to solve a slew of complicated cases.

Despite the fact he hates the name he was christened with, he remains living with his parents at 31 years old in Livingston, New Jersey. He is described as 6 feet and 3″ tall, weighs 209 pounds, with a broad back, blue eyes, and innocent eyes. Myron Bolitar holds a second-degree black-belt in Taekwondo.

He enjoys musicals as evidenced by the decor in his office and enjoys old episodes of Bonanza, Batman and Hawaii 5-0. He also drives a Ford Taurus, although he doesn’t care much about cars in general. At the time of the books, he’s in a relationship with Jessica and although they’re described as having survived several ups-and-downs, he’s in love with her character.

His secretary is called Big Cindy, an old wrestler who was then known as “Big Chief Mama”. She’s 6 feet and 5″ tall, weighs 286 pounds and her biceps are said to be “the size of basketballs”. She wears her hair short and dyed green, and uses make-up that could be described as “too exotic by the members of Kiss”. Myron Bolitar’s work partner is Windsor Horne Lockwood III, or Win, originally from Philadelphia.

He’s referred to as a strange combination of scoundrel and psychopath. He’s blond, with a blushing complexion and perfect aristocratic features. He handles the office’s finances, accounting and Myron’s dirty work as well as running the stock exchange Lock-Horne Securities in whose building MB SportsRep is located. He lives in the Dakota building.

His connections often serve as a boon to Myron and often described as ruthless and unforgiving. Occasionally, Jake Courter, the Sheriff of Reston works together with Myron Bolitar and Win. He’s dark-skinned and burly and helps them contact officials during their investigations.

The Myron Bolitar character has appeared in the following books: Deal Breaker, 1995 Drop Shot, 1996 Fade Away, 1996 Back Spin, 1997 One False Move, 1998 The Final Detail, 1999 Darkest Fear, 2000 Promise Me, 2006 Long Lost, 2009 Live Wire, 2011 The novels boast a humor that can be characterized as easily accessible and in each, the author approaches a different sport: football, tennis, basketball, and golf.

He portrays each field pessimistically as a cruel career in which most never achieve fame and all are destined to lose it. In each novel he also tries to show what is referred to as the “seedy-underbelly” of agents and representative agencies for sport players. Some examples of plots from the Myron Bolitar are as follows: In “Deal Breaker”, an American football player represented by Bolitar, receives a pornographic magazine in which a picture of his missing girlfriend appears.

Myron Bolitar tries to find hear while defending the interests of two other clients in the face of teams and agents of dubious professionalism. In “Drop Shot”, Valerie Simpson, a retired tennis player that wants to return to the courts, is murdered. Myron researches her turbulent past in order to try and decipher the motive of her death and how it’s related to one of the other clients he represents: an African-American tennis player who grew up in the streets.

In “Fade Away”, a peculiar basketball player-who works as a cab driver in his time off-has disappeared and the owners of his team ask Myron Bolitar to join the team in order to investigate from the inside, which gives him the chance to return to the court. In “Back Spin”, the son of two golf superstars has disappeared and Myron must find out if it was a kidnapping. In “One False Move”, Bolitar must protect and represent an African-American basketball player, who is also the daughter of his former coach.

Her mother left her when she was 5 years old and now someone is threatening her. The series has generally been well received and the books are characterized by solid plots with twists at the end. Harlan Coben, the author of this series, was born in 1962 in Newark, New Jersey and his life has many parallels with that of Bolitar.

He grew up in Livingston and graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Political Science, where he also played basketball on the school’s team. He worked at his family’s business in the traveling sector and lived in his parents’ basement-like Myron Bolitar-while he wrote his first novels. In 1990 the first of them, “Play Dead”, was published and five years later came the first in the Myron Bolitar saga.

He alternates books from the Bolitar series with various other thrillers, such as: Play Dead, 1990 Miracle Cure, 1991 Tell No One, 2001 Gone For Good, 2002 No Second Chance, 2003 Just One Look, 2004 The Innocent, 2005 The Woods, 2007 Hold Tight, 2008 Caught, 2010 Stay close, 2012 Six Years, 2013 The author has also penned another series of books based on Mickey Bolitar, Myron’s nephew, which are aimed at young-adult readers: Shelter, 2011 Seconds Away, 2012 Columbia Pictures retains the rights to the Myron Bolitar novels and currently a movie adaptation is under development, though as of this moment, no details about it have been released.

More About Myron Bolitar:

Myron Bolitar is a protagonist that pops off the page, created in the works of Harlan Coben. He has become a well known star of the literary world. Much like he was a former basketball star. He was a renowned player and was able to hold his own with the best of them on the court. He now is the owner of MB Sportsreps, which was changed to MB Reps as time went on in the sequels that followed.

There he and his assistant , Esperanza Diaz, represent many different celebrities and sports stars. Myron Bolitar is of a height one would expect from any basketball star, standing at 6’4″ and he is considered quite the catch by any woman he comes across. The later facts get him into trouble every now and then, as he seems to go through significant others quite quickly.

His basketball talents blossomed during the sixth grade. From then on he was out shooting, outscoring and out playing most of his friends. He was recruited by every major school, they all wanted him to join their basketball team, knowing he was a star in the making. Myron Bolitar chose Duke University and he played with them for four years, leading his team to two NCAA titles.

He was later drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 1st round, he was the eighth-pick overall in the draft. But sadly his career came to an abrupt end during a preseason game against the Washington-Bullets. He suffered a shattered knee from the game, essentially ending any hope he had of being an NBA star.

Myron Bolitar was determined not to let that stop him from having a life that he wanted though. He returned to college studying at the prestigious Harvard Law school. He worked night and day to become what he wanted to make his dreams come true. He finally became a sports agent and as said, he now currently owns his own agency.

What gets Myron Bolitar into trouble many times, besides women, is his need to be the best agent for his clients. He makes sure to take care of everything that they ask for while not exploiting them like some of his competitor agencies.

What gets him in trouble as he helps out his clients in time of personal-need, which tends to end up giving him a new role, that of accidental detective, which leads him on a journey sometimes he never would have expected. His best friend Windsor Home Lockwood III, called Win for short, leases Myron his office. The two also share a love for Batman, many times calling their ride the Batmobile.

Myron Bolitar also recommends Win to his clients, if they are in need of financial backing. Myron Bolitar hates his first name and is of Jewish heritage. He also still lives in the basement of his parents home. Not because he has to but because he wants to be around them more.

His parents are very successful, his mother a former lawyer and his father a factory owner. He also had one sibling, a younger-brother, who died tragically in a car-crash. He sees much during the course of his day, conversing with clients, getting crushed by women and cracking jokes with his friend Win. All while trying to keep all of his clients needs and wants met. Myron Bolitar is the agent all celebrities and sports stars wish they could have.

Myron Bolitar – Stories Unfold

Myron Bolitar is already on the road to success in his very first outing, Deal Breaker. He is about to land a huge client who is also going to be a big name in sports. But his client soon gets a phone call that could make everything unravel pretty quickly.

It is a phone call from a former girlfriend, who everyone from the police to Myron’s client himself, thought was dead. If he wants to keep his client Myron Bolitar is going to have to put his detective skills to work. He begins to delve into the dark side of the business, trying to unravel the truth about the woman’s secret and help his client find some type of peace.

Eventually Myron Bolitar cuts all ties with his former life, finding it does nothing but cause him and those he loves grief. But in Promise Me he tries to help some young girls, making them promise to never drive drunk or get into a car with a drunk driver. If they do not want to call their parents, he said they should call him and he would take them home.

A few days later one actually calls in the middle of the night. Myron Bolitar goes to pick her up and he drops her off at her supposed friends house. The girl then goes missing and Myron Bolitar was the last person to see her. Now he must use every trick and lesson he learned throughout the years and track down the girl before is too late, saving her from an awful fate and digging up his past which he wishes would just stay buried.

Myron Bolitar has many adventures, some of which he would have rather not undertaken. But he does so in the hope that it will help those in need, as well as keep himself afloat. He never shies away from a challenge, always there to keep you entertained in his own unique way through every story.

Myron Bolitar – A Rep On Your Screen

Right now Myron Bolitar has no rights in place to appear on any television networks or in the movies. His author likes to keep Hollywood at arms length. But he thinks there could be a time and a place for everything. Myron Bolitar could very well soon be ready to appear on the big screen and help his clients in a whole new light.

Myron Bolitar – A Man of Worth

Myron Bolitar always keeps his promises, even when they turn out to cause more harm than good. He is a man of his word and tries to make his part of it a better place. Even when things turn out wrong, he strives to find a way to make them right again. Through his adventures you met a man who will stop at nothing to try and do the right thing.

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  1. Skylar: 1 month ago

    What’s the age group for this and is it sold in/at Barnes & Nobles?

    • Graeme: 1 month ago

      They are sold in B&N yep. I’d say the Myron Bolitar series is 16+. The Mickey Bolitar series is geared towards young adults though.

  2. Nona Capace: 5 months ago

    i just read Missing You. what a twister, i loved it. in the story it said that Kat and Stacey went to Wins office but stated that he was no longer there. the office was no being used. what happened to win. i love his character and Myron.

  3. Rean Snyman: 9 months ago

    I recently read Long lost. It was totally absorbing, the intensity that Myron brings together with Wins wit is fabulous. But please enlighten me as to what happened next…Myron and Terese clearly have an affinity and love, even Esperanza picked that up. Are they living in Angola together. Maybe I’ve missed a few novels in between…?
    Keep writing

  4. David Elliott: 2 years ago

    Writing from Cape Town, South Africa.
    Thank you for writing some excellent books; truly most enjoyable.

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    How has a dead Brad returned !!!!! I’m very confused !!!!!

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Read the Mickey Bolitar books for the explanation on that 🙂

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    Have read and love all the Bolitar books. Would love to know who Harlan would have in mind to cast Myron, but especially the Wonderful Win!

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    My question exactly. In what book did brother Brad return from the dead? Somewhere between Live Wire and Home, but I’ll be darned if I can find it. Thanks.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      It all occurs during the Mickey Bolitar series. Well worth reading them 🙂

  8. J Harmon: 3 years ago

    Love the Bolivar books;Myron, Mickey, & Win! Will there be more after “Home”? Also,in which book did Brad come back after he was suppose to have died? Please keep these books coming!


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