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Publication Order of Mystere Parish Books

Publication Order of Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance Books

Mystere Parish is an interesting book series written by Jana DeLeon who is a female USA Today and New York Times bestseller. It contains three book titles which were all published in the year 2012. This is a book series complete with well-developed characters that happen to have really complicated histories. The settings in this story are quite vivid and real easily creating imagery in the reader’s mind.

Mystere Parish is a well-crafted story about a weird town that is filled with extraordinary happenings, voodoo magic, and superstitions. The readers are introduced to new characters that are determined to face the unknown in order to solve various mysterious happenings that are bound to face them as they cross paths with powerful villain forces.

Description section on some of the book characters found in Mystere Paris

Sheriff Holt Chamberlain

Holt Chamberlain is a stand-in deputy who gets to assist his uncle the sheriff with his civic duties when he breaks his leg. He is Alexandria’s ex-lover who ran away from her over a decade ago. After ten years of serving his country as a member of the elite army, Holt returns from Afghanistan to his hometown. Although Sheriff Holt is depicted as a pathetic, weak, cowardly, insensitive and stubborn character at first, he later gets to redeem his tainted image by showing his best character traits later as the story progresses.

Alexandria Bastin

Alexandria, who is Sarah’s cousin, works as a psychiatrist in New Orleans. She is depicted as a strong, capable heroine who can prove to be quite seductive when she wishes. Alexandria shares a romantic history with Sheriff Holt that had left her totally heartbroken.

P.I. Max Duhon

Although portrayed as a hero with notable mommy issues, Max Duhon turns out to be a talented investigator who is quite capable of solving various mysteries surrounding his town. Duhon, who later gets romantically involved with Colette, is Holt’s half brother. He also happens to be quite protective, especially of those he loves.

Colette Guidry

Colette, who also happens to be Alexandria and Holt’s friend, works as a trauma nurse. She is sexy, charming and quite adorable throughout the series. Her love for others knows no bounds as she is determined to face the supernatural world just to ensure her friend’s safety.

Novels in Mystere Paris

“The Reckoning”

The Reckoning is categorized under the Mystery/ Romance literally section. It is the introductory novel to the Mystere Parish book series, which takes the readers to a town in which supernatural occurrences are the norm. In the year 2012, the novel won the “Romantic Times Book Review Harlequin Readers Choice Awards.” The Reckoning is a creepy story about Vodoun Louisiana which is a tiny town in the bayou known for its many wicked secrets, supernatural forces, and high voodoo magic practice.

This is a story about how the disappearance of Erika, Sarah’s daughter manages to bring together Sheriff Holt and Alexandria so as to challenge an evil villain residing in the town. Alexandria travels to Louisiana after she receives the disturbing news about the kidnapping of her cousin’s daughter and how the sheriff is reluctant to take on the case as he suspects that it is her cousin’s husband who took her.

On her search for the missing girl, Alexandria comes face to face with Sheriff Holt, who is the man responsible for breaking her heart over a decade ago. They both set on a journey to the eerie island which is said to hold a lot of magical power. They venture into this dangerous mission as they suspect the voodoo woman who resides in the Doll Island as the one behind the kidnapping incident. Their hidden feelings for each other are rekindled with time as the story deepens making them fall in love all over again.

Ashamed of his past mistakes Holt wishes to make their relationship work this time even if it means facing the evil witch and all her supernatural powers. His main mission becomes protecting them both and finding the missing girl and taking her back to her mother. Will he really succeed with all the powerful evil forces working against them?

“The Vanishing”

In the Vanishing, certain death is said to await any outsider who dares enter Cache which is a mythical city said to disappear when intruders threaten its existence. This alone makes it the most dreaded place in the bayou and only individuals with an underlying death wish happen to visit the place. Private investigator Max is determined not to let mere superstitions prevent him from going there and carrying out his duties as promised to the client. This is a fast paced, action packed, well thought story with some truly scary moments that may not be for the faint-hearted.

Anna, who is Colette’s co-worker, goes missing, but surprisingly no one is eager to file a missing report due to her questionable morals and unfavorable reputation. Colette is determined that something bad must have happened to Anna making her visit the private investigation agency owned by Alexandria and Holt in order to hire someone to look for her. Due to the fact that Max, who is Sheriff Holt’s half brother, is a reliable and efficient investigator just like Holt and Alex, he is assigned the case and together with Colette they set out on a dangerous search to locate Anna.

The dangerous expedition takes them to the dreaded city of Cache where they have to fight great unseen and tangible forces for their survival. They soon realize that there is more than meets the eye as they are made aware of the cursed pirate treasure phenomenon, men dressed in overalls patrolling the city fully armed with shotguns, man-eating alligators among other potential dangers and obstacles which they must first overcome in order to find their friend.

The time spent together leads to the two forming a notable romantic attraction making Max to feel a great deal of responsibility for Colette’s safety. He gets a motivating reason that now makes him even more determined to protect Colette, who he soon gets to adore and love. Will the two survive the infamous curse and find their lost friend?

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