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Publication Order of Mystery Man Books

Mystery Man (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Day of the Jack Russell (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dr. Yes (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prisoner of Brenda (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colin Bateman is a screenwriter, novelist and a former journalist who hails from Bangor, Northern Ireland. Born in the year 1962, Collin Bateman attended Bangor Grammar School, where he left at 16 years old so that he could join County Down Spectator as a junior reporter. Bateman was later on promoted to the role of a reporter, columnist and eventually the role of a deputy editor. In the year 1989, a majority of Bateman’s collection of columns were published as Bar Stool Boy. Ever since his debut novel, Divorcing Jack was published in the year 1994, Collin Bateman has continued to publish more and more books. Within the same year that it was published, Divorcing Jack was adapted into a feature film and won an award, A Betty Trask Award. Between the year 2001 and 2007, BBC adapted Bateman’s book series Murphy’s Law into a television series.

Mystery Man Series

Mystery Man

Mystery Man is the first installment in the Mystery Man book series by renowned author, Colin Bateman. The protagonist is the proprietor of the No Alibis, mystery fiction bookshop, which is located in Belfast. In an exceedingly clever twist, the PI next door goes missing and his clients tart streaming into the No Alibis bookshop to look for him. The exceedingly fearless bookshop owner decides to take up these cases. The protagonist also known as the mystery man is the epitome of the paranoid hypochondriac and eventually ends up with all type of personality disorder and diseases that end up in his brain cells. The mystery man approaches the girl next door, whose work is to create graphic novels. Without the girl, the mystery man manages to solve several safe cases, which include locating missing trousers as well as locating the perpetrators who placed derogatory graffiti on flyovers.

With that said, Mystery Man is a brilliantly written black comedy. The author, Colin Bateman has done an excellent job of creating brilliant and well-developed characters. Despite the fact that the mystery man struggles with different types of disorders, Colin Bateman has still managed to make him as realistic as possible. Throughout the noel, we do not get to learn the name of the mystery man, which in turn makes this installment, one of a kind. Apart from being full of crime, the mystery man is also filled with humor, an exceedingly awkward love story, and a slightly quirky main character. The mystery man is a light, fluffy and excellent summer read and a book that will lift the reader’s mood in a bad day.

The Day of the Jack Russell

In this installment, we meet once again with the owner of the No Alibis shop, widely known as the Mystery Man. As expected, the author, Colin Bateman does not disappoint at all. The reader is undeniably going to get much more entertainment, than what they came looking. The protagonist, the Mystery Man, is a wonderful cross between, an autistic 15-year narrator in the Curious Incident of the Dead Dog by Mark Haddson and Sherlock Holmes. Supported by Allison, his over an enthusiastic girlfriend and Geoff, his long serving assistant, the book loving hypochondriac can solve the mysteries of a double murder as well as the disappearance of a dog, Jack Russell. The mystery man can outsmart a drug dealer, MI6 and an Ulster Constabulary, while at the same time neatly sidestepping all the elements of possible infection and personal danger.

The reputation of the Mystery Man has spread out like wild fire in the exceedingly small town of Belfast. One Bill Randal comes enters the No Alibi’s bookshop. Billy is the proprietor of a low coast airline. Several young men have made fun of Billy on YouTube by doctoring his features on one of the advertising billboards. Billy Randall, wants the mystery man to look into the issue and find out who was responsible for making fun of him. Together with Alison, his estranged and pregnant wife, the Mystery Man sets out to discover who was responsible for making fun of Billy. However, the success of finding out the identity of the two men responsible for trolling Billy is short lived as the two men are found dead. Both Randall and the mystery man become the leading suspects of the police investigations. The mystery man and his two assistants must be able to do all they can to find out, who was responsible for the killings.

The Chief Constable’s stuffed dog, local drug dealers, Starbucks and MI5, all play a major role in the mystery. Apart from Billy, the author Collin Bateman also introduces the readers to the mystery man’s mother, who is wheelchair bound after experiencing a stroke also gets into the act. As the second installment in the Mystery Man series, The Day of the Jack Russell is not only comic but is also full of humor and literary references. The author, Colin Bateman is popularly known for the Dan Starkey book series. With that said, Colin Bateman is a brilliant comic author, who is highly gifted, when it comes to penning down, crime fiction. The Mystery Man is developing into an excellent book series that is exceedingly different from all the other crime novels; it is not unique but also funny and well written.

Dr. Yes

Once again, we meet with the crime-solving bookseller, who does not have a name, in the fourth installment in the series, Dr. Yes. In Dr. Yes, the crime-solving bookseller is pitted against an exceedingly charismatic plastic surgeon, Dr. Yeschenkov. It is more than six months after The Case of the Cockheaded Man had been solved, and life had finally retreated to normal. Allison, his on and off girlfriend is three months pregnant. One fine day, the mystery man spots a paranoid crime writer walking past his bookshop. This, in turn, becomes the catalyst for one of his most dangerous cases, The Case of the Pearl Necklace. A few moments after entering the clinic of the charismatic plastic surgeon, Dr. Yeschenkov, Wogan’s wife disappeared without a trace. Wogan is more than convinced that his wife is dead, thus wants the mystery man to look into the case. However, it does not take long before Wogan turns up dead and the case, in turn, becomes exceedingly dangerous for the mystery man and his girlfriend.

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