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Publication Order of Mystic Caravan Mysteries Books

Mystic Caravan is a series of paranormal suspense novels written by Amanda M. Lee. The books, which cross into the Young Adult genre, tell the story of a young psychic who also fights monsters.

+The Story
Poet Parker is a member of the Mystic Caravan Circus. As the resident psychic, Parker has her own tent from where she hosts visitors whose destinies she reads.

The Mystic Caravan is a strange place, even from the outside, boasting all the hijinks and the insanity that you would expect to manifest in the average circus. However, those people that have had the pleasure of peeking beneath the surface of Mystic Caravan’s veneer know that there is so much more to the circus than meets the eye.

Poet Parker was quite young when she was first introduced to the Mystic Caravan. The circus’ founder, Max, found her on the streets. Recognizing her talents, he took her in and gave her a job.

But if Parker thought that her psychic abilities made her extraordinarily special, her introduction to the Mystic Caravan Circus immediately banished those thoughts. The young girl quickly realized that Max’s employees were all denizens of the supernatural, ranging from werewolves to weretigers, lamias and everything in between.

And while the Mystic Caravan was more than happy to keep its visitors and guests entertained with the antics of its patrons during the day, once night came, the circus became a monster fighting squad.

They took it upon themselves to clean the streets of the places they visited, taking on the local bad guys, both human and supernatural, and using their unique gifts to deliver justice.

However, the Mystic Caravan series isn’t the story of the Mystic Caravan Circus. Rather, these books focus primarily on Poet Parker’s life and her adventures within the circus.

Parker is a strong, sassy, independent girl. She is funny and self-assured. But Parker is also vulnerable. Like her colleagues in the circus, she spends her days telling the fortunes of the circus’ visitors.

It isn’t until night comes that she marches out to fight evil. When the heroine is first introduced to readers, her life has a routine to it, and she likes it that way. Parker has no complaints, not about her day job, and certainly not about the monster fighting.

If anything, she relishes the satisfaction that both roles inject into her life. Things change when Kade Denton enters the equation. Max, Parker’s boss, hires Kade to head the circus’ security.

In the beginning, Kade and Parker do not get along. Kade is loud and obnoxious. He thinks he knows more than he actually does and the fact that he is so dismissive of magic pushes all the heroine’s buttons.

When Kade is exposed to the circus’ true face, he is forced to come to terms with the idea that the world might be far more bizarre than he could have imagined. The development also forces Kade to rely on Parker to show him the ropes of the Circus’ monster hunting activities.

Over time, Kade and Parker develop a respect and a love for one another.

Each installment in the Mystic Caravan series finds the circus moving to a new location. There, the circus must adapt to the sensibilities of the locals even as they face off against whatever nefarious human or supernatural entity might be prowling the area.

Parker and Kade always play a central role in the battles that eventually unfold. However, the circus’ supernatural conflicts are rarely the central focus of these books. Even as Parker deals with her duties as the circus’ psychic in the day and her nightly responsibilities as a monster hunter, she must also juggle the complexities that her burgeoning romance with Kade injects into the situation.

Some light is also thrown onto Parker’s relationship with her best friend, Luke, and the goings on of the other quirky members of the circus.

There are readers who love Parker’s romance with Kade. They think it is sweet, clean and appealing. But there are also readers who believe that the author spends so much time focusing on the romance aspects that the mysteries and the supernatural elements suffer.

You also have readers who hate the Parker/Kade love story, not because of the time it consumes but simply because they believe that the romance isn’t compelling enough.

Parker has been criticized for being such a whiny, indecisive, insecure, immature, poorly written heroine.

+The Author
Amanda M. Lee is an American author with a wild imagination. As a child, she loved everything from comics, and novels, to movies and television. She grew up wanting to become a Jedi Knight from Star Wars.

It wasn’t until she got to her teens that the idea of writing came into the picture. As an adult, Lee has written for fiction, fanfiction, and journalism.

+Freaky Friday
Poet Parker is a Romani psychic that works for the Mystic Caravan Circus. The people who visit her in the daytime to have their fortunes read have no idea that she also fights monsters at night.

The Mystic Caravan might look like just another circus but they are actually a force for good, one that helps mortals sleep more soundly at night by taking on the monsters that haunt the shadows.

Parker’s life was perfectly fine. Then Kade came into the picture and everything changed. Parker’s boss hired Kade to improve security around the circus but Parker never expected the alpha male to antagonize her so much.

Kade thought he understood the world. But then the monsters came calling and he realized that he would need Parker’s help to adjust.

+Freaky lies
Parker is a psychic with the Mystic Caravan Circus, and she has a problem on her hands. Her boss, Max, is the father of Kade, her boyfriend. But Kade doesn’t know. Parker wants Max to tell Kade the truth but he keeps dragging his feet.

Parker would like nothing better than to focus her attention on her growing list of personal problems. But the circus has moved to Nebraska and it looks like there’s a killer on the loose.

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