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Publication Order of Mystic Creek Books

Catherine Anderson is an American author of fiction.

Catherine Anderson was born in 1948. This romance writer was raised in Oregon in a town called Grants Pass. Her mother was a writer and she always wanted to grow up to do the same thing.

She ended up selling her first novel in 1988 by way of Harlequin Intrigue. From then on, she would go on and write a few more books for them until she tried writing historical romance. Several historical romance novels later, the author attempted to take on a contemporary romance in single title form.

She would go on to marry Sidney Anderson, who worked as an entrepreneur and an electrician. They would end up having two sons together. They decided to purchase their home in central Oregon in 2001. The house was situated on the most incredible ridge that offered them views of the mountains as well as the forest around them. The home was perfect as it was beautiful in the winter, the summer, and year round. The author calls their home Cinnamon Ridge, inspired by the large pines located on their property that have cinnamon colored bark.

Catherine Anderson spent a large part of her life happily married living with her dogs and her husband. She finds that the chalet on the top of the mountain where they live is the best place for someone with a line of work like hers to be. The view there continues to be an endless inspirational source for this writer. When she does have free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends as well as her children and their partners.

Now her husband has passed on. He sadly lost his life in 2014 to a long term illness. She has still held on to their beautiful home and lives there as her primary place of residence. However, she also spends some time living there as well as her son’s farm. There she can rely on her family’s love and support and can also spend time with the many animals there, including the cows, horses, and chickens.

This author has a deep love of animals that include domestic animals and those that live in the wild. She is the proud caretaker of a canary, a few cats, and her two dogs. She loves spending time with her children and they have ended up traveling the world just like their mother. Her eldest son currently calls New Zealand his home.

Catherine Anderson is the creator and author of the Mystic Creek series. This fun romance series kicked off in 2015 with the publication of the very first book in the series, Silver Thaw. It was followed the next year by the engaging sequel, titled New Leaf. There are several more books in the series and the fifth novel, Strawberry Hill, came out for readers to enjoy in 2018.

Silver Thaw is the first novel in the fun Mystic Creek series. If you are into dramatic series that suck you in until you have to read to the very last page to find out what happens, this might be the series for you!

Amanda Banning is a young woman that has lived in fear for years. She has always been scared of her husband, but now she has finally found the courage to leave him behind. Amanda had hoped that she would be able to find the new start she needs in Mystic Creek.

This Oregon town is the perfect place to just begin her life over. She needs to transition into a new way of living for herself as well as her daughter. Her child is just six years old and needs security and a structure that she can rely on now more than ever.

She has been hoping so desperately that things will change, but it seems that it is up to her to make the difference in all of it. She has taken to writing down her hopes and desires on little pieces of paper, sending the pieces out to the wind. It’s kind of like a message in the bottle. For her part, Amanda is just hoping that her life will eventually improve.

She wants more than anything to be able to cultivate happiness in her life again, but is that even possible? This young mother is not looking for love, but it may be coming her way even if she does not know it yet.

Jeb Sterling ends up being the one that discovers the pieces of paper that she scatters into the wind. They are all over his land and he has no concept of what these messages mean. His life may end up changing drastically, and he is not going to see it coming.

When Jeb meets Amanda, he finds that he likes her more than he thought he would. When she and her child are left homeless by a cold weather spell, he feels that he should be the one to help them. Maybe it’s the admiration that he has for her courage, or maybe he’s just falling for those big brown eyes. He always said that he wouldn’t be the type of guy that looks for love.

Now he is finding that this woman in his life might be the one to change his mind. Jeb will do whatever it takes for the two of them, and Amanda might just find that this man has the ability to make all of her dreams come true. Will they fall for each other and end up together? Read this book to find out!

New Leaf is the second book in the Mystic Creek series. Taffeta lost all that she had when her husband betrayed her.

Her rich husband ended up getting their daughter in custody, and now she is starting over in Mystic Creek. She came here to begin again, and might just find the person that can help her gain custody of her daughter again.

Can Barney Sterling be the one to help her get her daughter back? He soon finds that Taffy has a pull on him he never expected. All of a sudden, he considers helping her. Will they come out on top in this town? Read this book to find out!

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