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N.E. Henderson
N. E. Henderson is the author of contemporary and sexy romance. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found reading some form of romance or playing in the dirt in her Maverick.

She was born and raised in Mississippi where she lives with her husband, son, and Xena (their Bull Terrier).

While Nancy was far too young to watch shows like Knot’s Landing, she watched this mini series called Lucky Chances and fell hard for a heroine from Jackie Collins Santangelo series. Years later, but too much later (while in eighth grade) she found a book called “Chances” in a tiny vintage bookstore in her hometown. The rest is history, and her love of reading was born.

“More Than Lies” is the first novel in the “More Than” series and was released in 2015. Happy ever after seems so very easy for some. Just not for these two. They are locked somewhere in between hate and love.

Taralynn Evans has loved Shawn Braden nearly her entire life now. However college has almost ended, and it kills her that he has been with every single girl in town but her. It is time she let go of her old dreams, and this pain. Taralynn is unsure she is strong enough. The guy’s like a tattoo: permanently inked onto her heart. However when the foundation of her life crumbles all around her, who’ll be there to put the broken pieces back together?

Sex, ink, and lies. That’s Shawn Braden. He’s the guy that screws a girl against the wall and then leaves. Shawn’s been pushing Tara away for years now, knowing that she is too good for him, although it burns him to see her with any other guy. Now she is the one walking away and he is unsure that he can handle the thought of losing her. Then tragedy rips their lives apart, and he realizes when it’s too late that he wasted his chance. Love is stronger than lies. Or is it?

“Silent No More” is the first novel in the “Silent” series and was released in 2016. She believed silence was her best option. Until the past started threatening to ruin her future. Shannon Taylor has got it all: her dream career, great friends, a loving fiance, and a best friend that is like the sister that she never had. Life could not get any better. Or so she thought.

Right when you believe you have it all, toss in a little betrayal and just a few lies and you have the perfect mixture for a storm, strong enough to send you spiraling into a life filled with unknowns, or could that have been the point the whole time? When traveling on down the wrong path sometimes we need to get blown into another direction.

Shannon, now unsure of everything that she had planned out for herself, is on a mission to just forget, however what she is not expecting is to run right into the womanizing, arrogant, control freak who clearly thinks he is a gift to all of women. The might be for most women, just not for this one.

Nicholas Lockhart is domineering, sexy, and has a temper which is so easily triggered, yet those things are a must when in the business environment that he’s in. To be successful means being the best, the alpha, the one controlling all of the others. Meeting a woman able to turn his world on end is not in his cards, not part of the plan. Why just have one woman when there’s so many appetizing ones out there to taste? A renowned eligible bachelor is the person that he likes to be, until the defiant redhead turns his head and puts him in his place.

Their intense and quick passion takes each of them by surprise, eliciting a relationship that neither one of them ever expected. Her past collides with her present, and she is forced to face it head on, tangling her up in a web of twisted truths and lies which soon leave both vulnerable and bare. Sometimes the only option is just to be silent no more.

“Dirty Blue” is the first novel in the “Dirty Justice” series and was released in 2018. A badge, an oath. A promise to walk the thin blue line clean. Nowhere in the academy was Bri ready for the consequences of falling for the enemy.

Drago Acerbi. She’s known his name for a long time. You would have to live under a rock not to know about the cruel and heartless reputation the Acerbi family has established for themselves. They’re monsters cloaked in ties and suits, or so Bri’s colleagues in blue have told her. Being on the job, you rapidly learn to watch your own back, trust nobody, and sometimes that even includes a fellow badge, much as she hates to admit that.

However to want to kill your own child just for being born? Now that is unjust. Monstrous. And something Bri will not stand for. She will take the guy down before she allows an innocent to be harmed. Even if this means not just taking on the most dangerous family in all of Southern California but bringing down the drug lord that they are in bed with as well.

“Dirty War” is the second novel in the “Dirty Justice” series and was released in 2018. Sebastian Diaz’s name brings a piercing pain to Bri’s chest and a fire to her belly. He stole something from Bri that she never even knew she wanted. He attempted taking her away from Drago by ending her life. Bri was supposed to be a message: payback for not taking an offer, a partnership. And even though she might still be alive, Diaz may have succeeded in ripping Drago from her arms.

For now, she must put that behind her and just focus on locating the young boy that needs rescuing from the most lethal drug lord that Southern California has ever seen.

Bri never imagined that there would be anything that’d make her cross the thin blue line. Yet sorrow, despair, and hate can blur ones vision so much that the line doesn’t even exist anymore. Bri never asked for this war, yet she plans on being the one who ends it. And him.

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