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Publication Order of Lawyers in Love Books

The Law of Attraction (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Home Court Advantage (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legal Briefs (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winning Appeal (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nightmare in Night Court (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

N.M. Silber is a bestselling author and former attorney from Philadephia that is best known for her mystery, chick lit, humor, and comedy fiction works.

Over the years, she has become known for writing raunchy romantic comedy that is character and dialogue driven. Her works are also filled with spicy sexy love and witty banter.

She has often joked that she survived the Philadelphia criminal court system which prepared her for the rigors of becoming a fiction author.

During her time working as an attorney, she had many interesting experiences that she used as a springboard.

She now makes use of these to build her cast of humorous characters, knowledge of legal practice, sex storylines, how layers think, and courtroom procedure in the penning of her blockbuster works of fiction.
Over the years, she has been an Amazon and USA Today bestselling author. She has also been a Best New Author on the Amazon Readers Choice award which is usually voted on by readers.

Silber has said that her goal is to pen works of fiction that make her readers swoon, blush, laugh, and genuinely feel good.
She currently makes her home in suburban Philadelphia where she lives with her husband.

Like many authors, N.M. Silber began writing when she was still a child. In fact, she penned her very first play when she was in the 5th grade, and by the time she was 19 she had produced her first professional play.
In her twenties and thirties, she had several of her articles published but it was not until she was in her forties that she had her first novel published.

While she was working as an attorney, she always told friends that she would one day come to tell of her crazy experiences working as a public defender in Philadelphia.

At some point, Silber quit practicing the law so that she could take care of her sons that are autistic. She would then begin writing at home for fun during the nights and one of her friends told her that she was good enough to publish.
She took a chance and published “The Law of Attraction” her debut novel in 2013. While her debut novel was a self-published work, she has now become a hybrid author.

She now works with audiobook publishers and a range of international publishers in addition to self-publishing her work.

Even though N.M. Silber does not have a mentor, she would have loved to have had Agatha Christie as a mentor. She grew up loving the “Nancy Drew” books and as she grew older, she came to obsess over the works of Agatha Christie.
Other authors whose works she loves and finds inspiration for her own work include the likes of Woody Allen, Neil Simon the playwright, Dorothy Parke the novelist, Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mocking Bird,” and the entire catalog of Nancy Drew books.
Had she not been taking care of her kids and writing fiction, she believes she would still have loved to practice law as she found it a lot of fun.

“The Law of Attraction” by N.M. Silber is a thrilling work filled with love, laughter, and lusty lawyers.

The lead in the novel is a public defender named Gabrielle Ginsberg alongside assistant district attorney Braden Pierce who has a lot of swagger.

Together, Braden and Gabrielle discover the path to true love is often not so smooth.

Sometimes it is trodden by some crazy characters such as kinky politicians, crazy exes, the insanity of the criminal court system, interference by jealous rivals, and a gentleman that has been known to throw some wild cheese and wine parties.
N.M.Silber pens some interesting characters that would rival some of the best from movie and television ensembles over the years.

If you thought Ethel and Lucy were capable of getting into some precarious predicaments, Jess and Gabrielle are even worse. These are characters that would make even the iconic “Friends” ensemble seem a little off-color.

N.M. Silber’s novel “The Home Court Advantage” picks right from where the debut of the “Lawyers in Love” series ended.

In the previous outing, Braden had made a marriage proposal to Gabrielle and they are still trying to find the man that has been stalking her and sending threatening messages.

In the meantime, the sexy times between them have been off the charts while the cases they are handling have been getting wackier.

This work also introduces a friend of Gabrielle as a new character. Lily is a romance novelist by night and lawyer by day and makes a living working at the Court’s library.

She is always bickering with Adam who is Braden’s friend and the two have known each other ever since they were little children.

The three get into all manner of trouble but in the end friendship and love make their struggles seem like nothing bigger than a wild ride.

It makes for a funny and sexy read with some smart and amazing writing and some interesting characterization.

“Legal Briefs” by N.M. Silber is the story of Lily Adler, a sassy and smart lawyer that has been at loggerheads with Adam Roth the cocky Assitant District Attorney.

They had grown up as enemies in childhood only to end up as lovers when they became adults.

While they have recently been at loggerheads a federal trial, a mysterious neighbor, a friend’s marriage and some bossy sibling will ensure that they spend a lot of time together.

What is surprising about their relationship is that the more they try to play nice the more volatile they seem to get. Will they ever have a relationship without hurting each other deeply?

This is a sexy and hot romance that will make for laugh-out-loud laughs. Legal Briefs makes for a story that is equal parts funny and sexy which is perhaps why N.M. Silber has become one of the most popular romance authors out there.

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