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Nadia Dalbuono
Nadia Dalbuono attended Queen’s College, Oxford where she read German and history. She has worked as a consultant and documentary director for National Geographic, Channel, ITV, and Discovery.

Since Nadia was a teen, she has been an avid reader of crime novels and has always gravitated toward crime drama on television.

Since she has had kids, she has done more writing than making documentaries. She enjoys the freedom that it allows her and she relishes in creating her own dialogue after she spent so long working with other people’s thoughts.

Nadia was inspired to write “The Few” after her work took her to Rome in the year 2008. She is interested in the dark ambiguities of Italian society and thinks the eternal city is one of the most intriguing cities that she has ever visited.

She writes the “Leone Scamarcio” series of mystery novels, the first of which, called “The Few”, was released in the year 2014.

“The Few” is the first novel in the “Leone Scamarcio” series and was released in the year 2014. Detective Leone Scamarcio, who is the son of a former leading mafioso, has joined the Rome police force and turns his back on the family business. Scamarcio gets handed a file filled with very compromising pictures of a prominent Italian politician and told to deal with it, he realizes he is in for some trouble. A young man is discovered stabbed to death in Rome, and little girl goes missing on a beach in Elba, which makes his job that much tougher.

Worst of all, all of the leads he gets appears to implicate the prime minister, who is the most powerful man in Italy and a multimedia baron.

Readers found the novel gripping and were unable to set the unsettling story down for too long. A confident and professional dive into crime fiction. Nadia drives this complicated plot like an Alfa Romeo Spider. Nadia has got a strong nose for the gritty and topical undercurrents of Italian society.

“The American” is the second novel in the “Leone Scamarcio” series and was released in the year 2015. While autumn starts to settle in, the lines outside of the soup kitchens of Rome are getting longer, and the folks take to the piazzas, getting more and more frustrated by the worsening economic crisis.

Leone gets called in to what seems to be a suicide on the Ponte Sant’Angelo, just a stone’s toss from Vatican City. A man hangs from the bridge, with his expensive suit suggesting he is yet another businessman that has fallen on hard times. However, Leone gets immediately troubled by similarities with the murder of Roberto Calvi (who was dubbed “God’s Banker” due to his work for the Vatican Bank), which happened in 1982.

Leone’s instincts are quickly proven correct as a cardinal with ties to the bank gets killed. US Intelligence warn Leone to stop investigating, and he knows that the stakes are much higher than he realized at first.

Ignoring all of their threats, Leone trudges on, but his progress gets monitored by some of the most powerful men in the world, that will stop at nothing at all to ensure their dirty work is kept under wraps. In some shocking developments that connect to 9/11, Vatican corruption, Italy’s violence against its own citizens, America’s dirty wars, and the Mafia. It all makes Leone deal with some responsibilities that are way above his pay grade.

This is a complex and intricate novel of international intrigue and espionage that moves through the walls of the Vatican, Italy, and America. Nadia delivers a brilliantly written, intensely laid out, and fabulously researched thriller novel. Readers enjoy seeing Scamarcio develop as a character over the course of two novels.

“The Hit” is the third novel in the “Leone Scamarcio” series and was released in the year 2016. Leone gets called to investigate what looks like a hit-and-run, and it looks like something for a traffic officer, not one of the top detectives in Rome.

Victims get kidnapped while en route to the hospital, and Leone finds out they are family members of a top television executive, an infamous man named Micky Proietti. Here, things begin getting interesting. Everybody, it appears has got an axe to grind with Proietti. From the Calabrian Mafia to Premier League footballers to the jilted starlets.

While Leone starts digging into Italian show business’ underbelly, he finds a potential link between this case and his Mafia dad’s right-hand man. In order to solve this case he will have to travel back home to Calabria, but will he be able to finally banish the ghosts from the past?

“The Extremist” is the fourth novel in the “Leone Scamarcio” series and was released in the year 2018. During a hot summer’s morning in Rome, three different public places: a preschool, a McDonald’s, and a cafe come under siege from a group of terrorists that seem to be Islamic extremists. Word comes through that these terrorists are only willing to negotiate with Detective Scamarcio, nobody is more surprised than Leone himself.

The young guy with scared eyes that talks with Leone appears to be anything but in control of things. He tells Leone that he is the one person he is able to trust about the truth. He gives Leone an odd list of demands, including that everything has to be done without intelligence or police involvement, and inside of twenty-four hours. Or all of the hostages are going to die.

With all of Italy on high alert, and his face on all the tv screens. Leone has to race against time and elude capture by the increasingly unhinged Colonel Scalisi (chief of intelligence). All in order to meet the demands of the terrorists, and to find the truth behind all of the attacks. While Leone follows the clues the young guy gave him, he discovers that each question appears to turn up five more, and nothing is like it appears to be, which is becoming par for the course for Leone at this point.

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