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Publication Order of Out of Time Books

A Time to Die (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Time to Speak (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Time to Rise (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Nadine Brandes is an award winning novelist from the United States, who is famous for writing young adult, science fiction, and fantasy novels. She is particularly well known for her book series called The Out of time. In her writing career, author Nadine has gained a lot of success. She hopes to continue doing her good work and become much more successful in the years to come. Author Nadine’s books have succeeded in reaching out to a vast number of readers all across the globe. In a very less amount of time, author Nadine has helped herself form large fan base. The readers in a number of places, both nationally and internationally, are waiting eagerly for the publication of her next book. Before attempting to write any book, she likes to carry out a thorough research about the subject. And if everything seems perfect to her, then only she proceeds to develop the story and get it published. On one occasion, Nadine decided to go for book research and ended up taking the role of a sea cook for a period of four days. She says that the experience was quite amazing for her as it helped her learn many things. Author Nadine wishes that her fans keep supporting her and keep loving all her future works. For this purpose, she keeps trying with all her capabilities and knowledge, and shows full determination and dedication towards her work. Other than her successful novel series, author Nadine has penned a standalone fantasy novel also. She is expected to add a few more titles to this genre very soon. So far, author Nadine is satisfied with whatever she has been able to achieve in her literary career, and hopes to keep reaching new heights in her professional career.

Besides writing novels, Nadine has interests in the soul talk, Quidditch. She is also a big fan of Oreos and bookstagram. Whenever she is not involved in any writing work, she loves to go on adventurous tours, especially to the Middle East. She also likes to experiment with new cuisines and hot beverages like chai. As of today, author Nadine is happily married and stays with her Auror husband. She has planned to build a house on wheels along with her husband and has named the project as Tiny House. Nadine likes to keep the fans informed about the recent developments in her career and also keep them updated with her future plans. She has said that she has plans for a fantasy series, and one each of an apocalyptic and a fantasy standalone book. However, she is not sure in what order these projects are going to get published. Whatever be the outcome, Nadine is excited to present her work to her fans and to the rest of the world. As for giving important advices to the aspiring writers, author Nadine says that all the upcoming authors must attend writers’ conferences. The conferences help to learn many things and also provide the chances of meeting the established authors and taking inspiration from them. The professionals at the conferences give out important tips about creative writing, thereby teaching the aspiring authors a great many things about this field. Just like any other first time writer, Nadine too had attended a conference and had become astonished with the exposure. The more a write pushes through, the better his writing becomes. Author Nadine has seen this thing to be true in her own case. Nadine maintains a private blog and keeps trying different interesting things to keep herself entertained and busy in search of new ideas for developing into stories.

The Out of Time series written by author Nadine Brandes consists of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Each and every novel of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of Parvin Blackwater. As the series progresses further, many other important characters get added to the stories. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘A Time to Die’. It was released by the Enclave Publishing in the year 2014. Author Nadine has done the setting of this book’s story in a fictional country called the United States of East, USE. The time period depicted is that of the year 2149. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Parvin Blackwater thinks she has wasted all her life so far. She has reached the age of 17 and learns that she has just a year left to her life, which is indicated by a bedside Clock. In order to make a last ditch effort with the time she is left with, Parvin Blackwater decides to rescue the Radicals from the corrupt justice system. However, her activities get noticed by the authorities, who catch her doing the illegal thing and as a punishment send her beyond the Wall. This is considered to be a death sentence by her people. The punishment makes Parvin Blackwater learn a lot of things on the Wall’s other side about her world. She gets to know about eternity and numerous things about herself. All these things change her completely and gives her a chance of saving her people. But, she still fears that if she does not save them soon, then her time might run out.

Another mind blowing book penned in the series is called ‘A Time to Rise’. This book was also published by the enclave publishers in 2016. Once again, the story takes place in USE and features the lead characters as Solomon Hawke, Parvin Blackwater, Elm Willow, Skelley Chase, and several others. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the world and its Council think that Parvin Blackwater has died due to her time on Clock running out. Her sacrifice causes the breakdown of a part of Wall and this results in the stirring up of rebellion and hope in people. Soon, it is learned that Parvin Blackwater has risen again with a new strength, fearlessness, and sense of freedom. She teams up with Solomon Hawke and the two get involved in uncovering the mysteries related to the clues left behind by Jude. If they succeed in solving the mysteries, they will be able to destroy the Wall forever. Therefore, Solomon and Parvin try everything in their capacity to unravel the mysteries and bring down the Wall. On the other hand, the Council tries to look for new technologies for keeping contained the people and their rising rebellion. Both Parvin Blackwater and Solomon show full determination in their attempt of bringing the world Shalom. The other characters on Parvin’s side also assist them in the process.

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