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About Nadine Matheson

A British author, Nadine Matheson has fast become well known for writing engaging and exciting mystery thriller novels. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she really pushes the genre to its full potential, really making the most out of it. Keeping her readers continually guessing every single step of the way, she definitely understands the genre as well, knowing exactly where to take it. Always writing with a strong message at the heart of each of her stories too, she definitely doesn’t hold back on saying exactly what it is that she wants to say either.

Her characters are strong and well written, making sure that a strong impact is made upon the reader long after they’ve put the book down. Setting many of her stories in and around London too, a lot of them make great use of their location, as they bring the area to life. This use of location is something that she does extremely well, as she knows the area well, with it almost becoming a character in of itself. Reflecting her characters, the environments play off them, as they each come alive off of the page for her scores of readers.

Not holding back when it comes to describing the more grittier aspects of the criminal underworld either, she establishes a real sense of atmosphere and ambiance. This envelops the reader, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the rich and immersive worlds that truly feel alive. Her stories are also intricate and richly interwoven, whilst also being accessible to the reader, making her books easy to pick up. Still though, they’re equally difficult to put down, and she seems set to continue this trend for many years to come yet.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in South-East London where she continues to live to this day, Nadine Matheson would grow up with a keen affinity for the written word. Hugely inspired by the world around her, she would use it for the backdrop for much of her work, allowing it to set the tone for a lot of her writing. Working as a criminal solicitor, she would gain a unique insight into the legal world, something which would lend her books a real sense of authenticity.

Balancing her legal work with her writing, she would develop her talent, creating a style and tone that was very much her own. Studying History and American Studies at Middlesex University, she would find herself continually returning to her love of fiction. Currently living in London, she continues to put out work on a regular and consistent basis, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Writing Career

Prior to writing her first novels, Nadine Matheson would write women’s fiction, as well as contribute to a science-fiction anthology. Following this she would go on to publish her debut novel ‘The Jigsaw Man’ in 2020, which would also be the first in the series of ‘Inspector Anjelica Henley’ thriller novels. After this she would follow it up in 2022 with the second book in the series titled ‘The Binding Room,’ and her debut has also been optioned for television, so there’s a lot more to come still.

The Jigsaw Man

Published through the Hanover Square Press publishing label, this would originally arrive back in 2020 on the 28th of August. It would also be the first in the ‘Inspector Angelica Henley’ series of mystery thrillers, as this would go about setting it up. Introducing all the characters for the first time, it also works at creating a sense of ambiance and foreboding with its self-contained mystery.

Body parts are discovered across the banks of the River Thames in Deptford, London, meaning DI Angelica Henley must investigate. Looking to find the killer, Henley questions the serial killer Peter Olivier, aka The Jigsaw Man, who is now serving life, as it appears to be copycat killings. Then a severed head arrives at the home of Henley, meaning she must deal with the fact that the killer has taken a personal interest in her. Will she be able to find them in time, can she stop them from killing again, and what will become of The Jigsaw Man?

Not holding back, this book definitely has a gritty tone to it, as the story is both tense and taut, offering everything expected from such a thriller novel. With plenty of twists and turns along the way, the story itself is extremely well told, really making the most of its compelling premise. Featuring strong well written characters too, the locations are also well utilized, making it a definite must for fans of the genre.

The Binding Room

Once again coming out through the ‘Hanover Square Press’ publishing imprint, this marked the second title in the ‘Inspector Anjelica Henley’ mystery series. Providing another self-contained story, it does feature plenty of ongoing arcs, especially regarding that of the eponymous protagonist. Released on the 12th of July in 2022, it can be read by itself, although it’s probably best to read the series in order.

Looking to investigate a murder involving a popular preacher taking place in his own church, Detective Anjelica Henley finds another victim tied up and tortured in the upstairs room. Barely alive, it appears that this may be a ritualistic torture, as Henley must not only find the link between the two crimes, but also deal with the media spotlight upon her. Then another body appears and now Henley must solve the case before it’s too late, and she ends up as the next tragic victim. Will she be able to solve the case in time, can she keep herself safe in the process, and what will she find in the Binding Room?

Following on from the first Inspector Anjelica Henley book, this manages to recapture what made the original work so well. It also feature plenty of interesting twists and turns all of its own, taking it in a whole new and interesting direction that works on every level. Creating a real sense of foreboding throughout, the suspense keeps the reader on the edge of their seat every step of the way.

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