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Publication Order of Naked Nobility Books

The Naked Duke (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Marquis (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Earl (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Gentleman (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Baron (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Viscount (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked King (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Laird (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Naked Prince (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Naked Nobility” is a series of historical regency romances by award-winning author Sally MacKenzie. Sally knew she wanted to become an author when she was in grade school and the story she wrote got her classmates laughing. From that time she was hooked and knew that writing was what she was destined to do. She went to college for her BA in English and then proceeded to study law at Cornell. But she never got rid of the writing bug as midway through law school she realized that legal work was not for her. She left and moved to Washington DC and few years later she got married to her law school sweetheart. As a stay at home mother with carpooling, birthday parties, track and swimming practice to take care of, she found time to write swim league guidance, class plays, auction programs, and school newsletters but no fiction.

Once the children left home, she knew she had to chase her dream of becoming a fiction author since she had all the time and she was not getting any younger. Throwing all she had into it she submitted a regency manuscript to the Romance Writers of America in 2004. “The Naked Duke” made the last round of the “Golden Heart Contest” and one of the editors on the judging panel loved it so much that she offered her a publishing deal. The novels “Bedding Lord Ned” and “The Naked King” have been top ten romances for the ALA Booklist. “The Duchess of Love” a novella was a finalist for the 2013 RITA award. Many of her novels have been translated into several languages including Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Japanese, Indonesian, French, and Czech. When she is not obsessing or writing her sexy and funny romances set in Regency England, you can find her at swim practice, traveling to England to find material for her novels, or at the gym working hard to ensure that she ages as gracefully as she can. She lives with her husband in Maryland not far from where she grew up.

The Naked Nobility Series by Sally MacKenzie are light-hearted historical regency novels set in Victorian England. They tell the stories of feisty, focused and no-nonsense women who are paired up with men of the nobility who are enamored with their charms. The series combines interesting characters with awkward, and humorous moments to make for situations and circumstances that are neither too light nor too crude to make for some intriguing stories. “The Naked Duke” the first novel of the series introduces Sarah Hamilton, a native Philadelphian who is in England to fulfill the wishes of her dying father. She gets into a mistaken identity situation only to be saved and find herself in the room of the Duke of Alvord, James Runyon. The Duke is taken with her but also mistakes her for something she is not, but the sparks fly only for them to get caught. In “The Naked Baron” Lady Grace Belmont is in London to enjoy the city before she can get married off to some boring countryman. Her Aunt Kate thinks she can find a better man but never expected she would fall for Baron Dawson. He is in London with his uncle and is looking for a suitable wife and is having no luck until he meets Lady Grace. In “The Naked Marquis” the lead character Charles just became a Marquis after the death of his brother. He is also responsible for two children that he left behind and hence he needs a wife fast. Emma the vicar’s daughter has been in love with him since they were children and is the children’s governess. But while she is a caring and loving woman, she wants to be wooed properly.

The first novel of the Naked Nobility series is about Sarah Hamilton, a girl from Philadelphia who has just landed in England. Her dying father had expressed a wish for her to move to the UK to live with her uncle and she is fulfilling his wishes. She arrives in London at a late hour which means she can not get to her uncle’s estate and hence has to go spend the night at an inn. But the attendant at the hotel thinks she is a lady of the night and refuses to get her a room. She is saved the embarrassment when someone pretends to know her and gets her a room. But it turns out that it is the room of the Duke of Alvord, James Runyon who wakes up to find a girl in his bed. He mistakenly thinks she is a prostitute and starts putting the moves on her. But things go wrong when a crowd of curious onlookers learns of the Duke’s presence. She is surely ruined and the only way out of it is to marry the man she barely knows. James is not opposed to marrying her as it means that he now has a chance to marry a girl that he really likes. But Sarah is not receptive to the idea and so he has to postpone the engagement as long as she agrees to let him seduce her the right way.

“The Naked Baron” the second novel of the series is about Lady Grace Belmont, a woman that has come to London to enjoy the season and is staying with her widowed Aunt Kate. She is a tall woman at five foot nine, which has made finding love difficult. However despite her difficulties finding romance she is a curvy beauty who many men would love to have. Her father had organized for her to get married to some boorish neighbor and she thought she needed a break in London before she embarked on boring marriage life. While they are at a function, Grace spies the most handsome man she ever met and he seems to be interested in her too. The man in question is Baron Dawson, who is in town to find a suitable wife and is staying with his uncle David Wilton. He is bored with the sticklike small women he has met so far in London, but Grace takes his breath away. The moment he sees her he knows that she is just the one he wants to take into his bed and marry. David and Grace are enamored with each other and it would seem Alex and Kate have also gotten into some romance of their own. It turns out that Alex and Kate had once shared a passionate kiss a few years past and had never forgotten about each for more than two decades. But David and Grace cannot be together as her father despises the Wiltons while Kate thinks she is too old for romance, moreover, both Alex and Kate are dealing with past heartache.

Charles is the lead of “The Naked Marquis”, the third novel of the Naked Nobility series. He just became a marquis after the sudden death of his brother and his wife who have left him not only a title but two children to be responsible for. He returns to Knightsdale to find that Emma his childhood friend was the temporary caretaker of his two nieces. She is a caring and beautiful women who is living in his home and he thinks that she would be the perfect marriage partner. Moreover, Emma had loved him since childhood and Charles believes his proposal has a very good chance. But he is surprised to gets a ceramic dog thrown at his head as a reply. While she may have loved him all her life, making a proposal a few minutes of their meeting is not what she expected. It reeks of solution-seeking yet what she wanted was passion and love and not a title. He makes it his mission to show her the passion and love she deserves and maybe she may just accept him.

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