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Publication Order of Naked Books

The American author Kelly Favor has been reaching the top of numerous bestseller lists on a number of different occasions, such as that of USA Today, with her highly distinctive style of erotica for a while now. This, along with her place at the top of the New York best-seller list, has managed to see her become an extremely successful writer of her genre. All this after debuting in 2012, seeing her reach the top very quickly, as well as extremely successfully too. One such series was the Naked franchise, which Kelly Favor released in just 2013 and has over seven titles in the series so far and counting. Finishing on cliffhangers, they’re relatively short, allowing readers to dip in, thus ensuring their immediate accessibility to an even wider audience. With over-arcing narrative running throughout as well, they manage to draw their readers in, keeping them hooked from the first page.

Featuring an ongoing relationship the series hits a number of beats in all the right places, as the saga of this couple continues on. Creating a bond with the audience, Favor manages to draw her readers over to her side, building a firmly established world in the process. With the environment being laid out early on, Favor retains a firm grip on the world within, allowing her free reign of both her story and characters, something her readers have come to understand and respect.


Initially published in 2013 on the 2nd of July by Kelly Favor herself, this book managed to start up a new franchise from the already famous author. Providing her now trademarked cliffhangers at the end of each novel, she manages to do what she does best and entertain her readers. Creating new and suspense filled situations, she works her craft in building the atmosphere that her readers have come to know and love her for.

Featuring a character straight out of Ivy League college, it would appear that Favor is on familiar ground for those that know her. Taking it in a different direction though, she this time heads to Florida following a traumatic event, thus bringing the state alive in the process. Knowing her territory, Favor manages to build her world masterfully, establishing a new set of rules as she goes. Featuring Caelyn Murphy as its main character, it manages to create a leading protagonist who is strong yet vulnerable in equal measure. Running away from past trauma in an attempt to move on, she is a survivor who really is both resourceful and pragmatic. Painting a vivid picture of her as a three-dimensional being, Kelly Favor definitely crafts an intricate portrait of a living being.

Following a traumatic event, Caelyn Murphy is on the run from her old life at an Ivy League college, as she looks to escape it all. Heading down to Florida she doesn’t have any plans as such, she just hopes to get away from it all and start afresh, not having to worry about the past. That’s when she comes into contact with Elijah, the one man who might be able to turn her life around and make her forget it all. The other issue is Elijah’s past as well, something which leaves a lot to be desired, as he might be dangerous himself. What happened to her? Can they ever work together as a couple? Will Elijah’s love leave her feeling naked?


Originally published on the 6th of August, 2013, through Kelly Favor herself again, this sequel follows directly on from the last. Picking up from the previous cliffhanger, it continues the story, capturing both the style and tone of the first one, clearly understanding what made it work as a novel. Now in her element here, she has a firm grasp of both the characters and the narrative, knowing exactly where she wants to take it for her loyal readers.

Set in a similar territory as to before, Favor works at expanding the text, building upon the narrative as a whole. Introducing new characters, such as the sister of the protagonist, it creates a more in-depth and fully established world. With the environment already firmly grounded as well, it manages to build upon the themes and ideas that came before as well. With more characters being introduced as well, it manages to build upon what came before, as Favor takes her characters forwards. Bringing in new characters too, she this introduces the sister of of Murphy as well, someone who becomes a major force as the book progresses. Not only that, but her parents turn up as well, something which might be more than unwelcome for Caelyn Murphy.

With Elijah now in jail, Caelyn must now answer to her family something which she’s unwilling and unable to do. All she wants is Elijah, and it is to him she must run if she ever hopes to escape her family’s overbearing judgement. They soon find themselves living together at his apartment, but can they ever hope to escape their pasts and move on? Can they ever become a lasting item? What are their past secrets that they want to move on from? Just who between the whole lot of them is really bad?

The Naked Series

Using evocative prose and colorful descriptions, Kelly Favor usually doesn’t convey outright sex scenes, opting more for a sense of the erotica. This allows for a more seductive style of writing that enables the reader to be slowly drawn in, whilst using their imagination. It also provides the foundations for a series of rich and vibrant allusions within her writing, leading to a more ambient style. Carrying on for seven novels so far, this series is fairly straightforward in both its style and tone, largely due to Favor being extremely direct as a writer. Knowing exactly what she wants as an author, she has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get there, which makes for a highly compelling read. With more books set to be released in the series it looks like this is a trend that is set to continue for some time yet.

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