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The Gin & Chowder Club (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas on Cape Cod (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Under a Summer Sky (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Savannah Skies Books

Promises of the Heart (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promises to Keep (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Good Measure (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Words Get in the Way (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than You Know (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Firefly Summer (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Making Spirits Bright(2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nan Rossiter is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author from Pelham New York. She still remembers her childhood in Pelham where she spent a lot of time riding her bike complete with a sissy bar and banana seat. Even as a child, she loved reading and would ride her Stingray bike to the Pelham Library. It was a tiny space built as an extension to the Hutchinson Elementary school though she would not have cared if she had to read under a tree. It was in that very same library that she first got hooked into books and reading. Some of her favorite characters included the likes of Harriet the Spy, Laura Ingalls, and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. Later on, her family moved to Barkhamsted in Connecticut and she went to Northwestern Regional 7 High School before she graduated with a degree in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. After several years as a freelancer, she began writing and illustrating children’s books publishing her first work that won the Nebraska Golden Sower Award with “Rugby & Rosie.” She published her first novel “The Gin & Chowder Club” in 2011.

In recent years, Nan has been writing contemporary fiction on the themes of family and faith. Her novels have received star reviews and been acclaimed by the likes of Booklist to Publisher’s Weekly. USA Today praised her novels for their sweet plots. Genius level EQ, funny dialogue, whippet fast and delicious edges. She has also won several awards for her novels including the Nancy Pearl Book Award in 2018 for the novel “Summer Dance.” She still lives in Connecticut on a quiet country road alongside her husband and Finn her black Labrador that is always watching her every move. When she is not writing her novels, she spends her evenings walking her dog. Once upon a time, Nan Rossiter and her husband lived with their two sons in the house. Since their sons left the coop to pursue careers in the aviation industry, the two have become more active in their hobbies and activities. Nan is currently a member of the Philanthropic Educational Organization an organization that is focused on offering educational opportunities for female students across the globe. Her membership in the P.E.O. is part of why she writes novels on themes of faith and family.

Nan Parson Rossiter’s “The Gin & Chowder Club” is a novel set in Cape Cod. It is a tender and eloquent story of longing, friendship, and the enduring power of love. Set in the beautiful background of Cape Cod is the friendship between the Shepherd and Coleman families. It has been a comfortable and old friendship that has been reinforced by the vacations the families take together, occupying neighboring houses while vacationing. Sarah and Samuel Coleman always look forward to the summer months by the sea, the homemade clam chowder, evenings enjoying the sunsets, tonics and gin, and good conversations. Here they have watched Asa and Isaac their two sons become young men. But they have also had to watch Nate Shepherd grieve for the love of his wife and then marry Noelle, a younger woman who helped him find himself again. But underneath the idyllic vacations is the growing attraction between Asa the handsome college-bound Coleman and Noelle Shepherd’s wife. Despite her misgivings and guilt, Noelle gets into a secret affair with Asa that may just upend everything. Over the course of one unforgettable bittersweet vacation, Asa will get a lesson in love he will never forget. He is about to learn about the heartache, and joys it awakens in people, the countless ways it changes lives and the lengths people go to keep it.

Nan Rossiter’s “Words Get in the Way” is set in an ordinary-looking ranch house where the lead grew up. Callie Wyeth remembers the ranch house and it looks the same as it always has right down to the linen closets and well-worn sheets. But in the intervening period, almost everything else is different from what she knew. Her father who was once a strong man with an invincible spirit is now sickly and old. Callie is now a single mother to Henry, a beautiful boy who just got an autism diagnosis. She thinks that the best thing for her son is to go back to New Hampshire community as her father would also not mind having someone around to take care of him. But going back home means that she has to face the man she had once loved and had to leave behind. She believes Linden Finch would never forgive her for leaving him with no explanation. He is stunned to learn that she is back in town with a son and in the funny and warm relationship they soon get Callie finds hope for a better life. She also hopes that her son might also find a way to break the walls that separate him from the world.

Nan Rossiter’s “Promises of the Heart” is the story of Ben and Macey Samuelson who have a beautiful house, great friends, a rock-solid marriage and are living the idyllic life on Tybee Island. The only thing they do not have is a child as Macey just had her fifth miscarriage in as many years and she worries that she may never get a child. Her sister believes that she should go for adoption but Ben and Macey are not interested in that until Keeper, a Golden Retriever finds its way into their hearts and home. Meanwhile, Harper Wheaton has been expelled from another foster home and with her temper, it seems that she would not be her last. She cannot explain why she has such a terrible temper; maybe it is because no foster home is willing to take in a nine-year-old with cardiac problems. She loves Cora her social worker but she cannot stay with her forever as she wants to find a family that will love her. Macey has met a lot of people since she is a physician’s assistant but she has not met anyone like Wheaton. However, she knows that Harper has been more unlucky than most and this gets her and her husband to start thinking of the children that need a family to call their own. But then the child goes missing and the Samuelsons come to the realization that life is complicated.

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