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Nancy Bilyeau
Nancy Bilyeau is a historical mystery author and an outstanding magazine editor. Bilyeau has worked with In Style, Rolling Stone, and Good Housekeeping, among other publications. The talented author also has a few outstanding screenplays to her name, and two of these have reached the final stages in prominent competitions. Born in Chicago, Bilyeau did her bachelor’s at the University of Michigan before joining the magazine world. She believes that her mind belongs in past centuries, which explains her chosen genre in writing. Currently, Bilyeau lives in Queens, New York, with her family.

The Crown
The Crown comes first in the Joanna Stafford series. This Tudor story stars Joanna Stafford, a nun who is not just bright, but she cannot keep her mouth shut. Joanna is not the kind of nun who keeps mum in the face of injustice. She takes action, speaks up, and this does land her in trouble. Joanna is in the priory when she hears that Henry VIII had condemned her favorite cousin to be burned to death. Against the enclosure rules, Joanna takes a trip to be by her cousin’s side and does everything to prevent unnecessary killing. However, things do not go as planned as this move leads to her arrest for interfering with a decree made by the king.

Joanna is taken to the Tower as part of her punishment. As if her life cannot get any more complicated, the ruthless Winchester Bishop forces Joanna to be his spy in return for her father’s protection. She is also tasked with finding an ancient crown that was rumored to be so powerful that it could end the reformation. Joanna’s action also created problems for her priory. Cromwell troops want to shutter the priory she loves and would do anything to save. When stuck between a rock and a hard place, the courageous nun has to figure out a way of saving herself, her sacred place, and the only family she has. Is there any way she can get out of this unscathed?

This is a provocative story characterized by murder, crime of passion, and religious peril. Set in Tudor England, the tale brings to life fascinating facts about England’s past. The historical details are accurate, and the author has done an excellent job of merging fact and fiction into a flowing and captivating piece. It is no secret that Henry VIII had an awkward relationship with Rome and the Roman church, and this story hints at this strained relationship. Joanna’s point of view is captivating, and it is admirable how committed she is to her faith despite all that is going on around her. The narration is flawless, and once you pick this book, you will not want to put it down until the end.

The Crown is a well-crafted novel featuring intriguing characters, a lovable heroine, and a storyline that is anything but ordinary. Follow Joanna as she tries to save those she loves, find a holy relic, and still keep her faith. Different scenes are explained in so much detail that you will feel like you are right there with the characters. The ending may leave you with a few questions, but you can bet that you will find all the answers in this series’s second book.

The Blue
The Blue is an intriguing story that takes you back to the eighteenth century. London is going through a war with France during this time, but another different one seems to be brewing. Porcelain has become one of the most seductive products, and many people make and lose fortunes through it. Knights and kings have gone to battle for the most delicate porcelain pieces, and secrets on how these are made are still guarded jealously. Genevieve is among the people who are lucky to experience this period. As a descendant of Huguenot refugees, Genevieve doesn’t understand everyone’s obsession with Porcelain. All this woman wants is to become an artist. She wants her work to go beyond the borders, and she knows she got the skills to make this possible.

When Sir Gabriel Courtenay hears about Genevieve’s dream, he offers to help and ensure that she gets to Venice. In return, Genevieve is to learn porcelain secrets, especially about an alluring blue color used to make outstanding pieces. While this sounds like an easy job for Genevieve, who is already a gifted artist, things do not go as planned. The industrial heartlands in England are just emerging, so Genevieve also gets to learn about industrial espionage. Just like her Huguenot ancestors, the budding artists face all the challenges she encounters head-on. How much does she have to put up with to discover the secret behind the blue color? What about the unforeseen complications that arise just when she is about to make headway in her quest? How does this woman proceed with her plans when her heart is leading her in a different direction?

Follow Genevieve as she embarks on a journey that is going to test her to her limits. After all the trouble she went through to discover the blue color source, it is easy to understand her dilemma when she has to choose between her conscience and her heart. The premise here is intriguing, and the are many surprising revelations along the way. Occasionally, Genevieve will make choices that will not make you happy, but you will love her nonetheless. There are some romantic elements in this story, and you cannot help but admire how well the couple handles the hardships that come their way.

The Blue is a historical fiction story that will take you back to an exciting time in history. It is suspenseful, intriguing, and filled with adventure. The main character is excellent, and the rest of the cast is just as lovable. Aside from the fun, there is a lot to learn about London in the eighteenth century. Want to learn a thing or two about Porcelain and its evolution over the years? This exciting book would be a great place to start.

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