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Publication Order of Nicole Graves Mysteries Books

Nancy Boyarsky is an award-winning and bestselling American writer of mystery, suspense, and fiction novels. She is particularly popular for writing the immensely successful Nicole Graves Mysteries book series. Boyarsky is just three books old and is hopeful of adding a lot more novels to her name in the future. The reviewers have compared her mystery stories to the likes of Maggie Higgins Clark. Boyarsky has been praised for writing women-driven stories. The Kirkus Reviews has given special praise to her weightless complications that expertly combine bling with menace. Boyarsky’s depiction of Nicole Graves is widely appreciated. Prior to shifting her focus to writing mysteries, Boyarsky worked on a NY Times notable book called Backroom Politics in collaboration with her loving husband named Bill Boyarsky. Besides, she has penned a few textbooks based on the justice system and articles for several publications like Forbes, McCall’s, Los Angeles Times, etc.

Boyarsky has also contributed to several political anthologies related to women’s political campaigns. Before taking up writing as a career, Boyarsky served as the communications director for ARCO’s political affairs. Author Boyarsky was born in Oakland, California, United States. She grew up with her sisters and parents in East Oakland. From the age of eight onwards, she was permitted to roam around in her neighborhood alone. She remembers that visiting the small Alandale Public Library used to be the week’s highlight for her. Boyarsky studied at several public schools in her city. Her father was of the opinion that girls should not go to college and tried to force this opinion on her too. He believed that girls should take up waitress job and prepare themselves for their future as housewives instead of wasting time by going to college. However, Boyarsky ignored her father’s opinion and joined UC Berkeley against his wish.

As she used to not get any financial help from her help, Boyarsky used to support herself by working in the library on the campus after college hours. She says that the work allowed her the pleasure of being around books all the time. There was also an added benefit in that being a student clerk Boyarsky used to disappear into the books’ stacks and indulge in reading her favorite books when used to be slow. Boyarsky went on to complete her graduation with honors in English literature. Following her graduation, she landed her first job as an associate editor in a small publishing house based in San Francisco. In the years that followed later, Boyarsky got married and became the mother of two beautiful daughters. As she was required to stay at home and look after her daughters when they were small, she started writing articles on a freelance basis for local papers. Sometimes, she used to team up with her husband to work on magazine articles.

Boyarsky lived with her family in Sacramento for 10 years when her husband was involved in covering the political and state capital campaigns for Associated Press. When Bill started working for the LA Times as a staff member, Boyarsky shifted to Los Angeles. It was only after her daughters entered teenage that Boyarsky gave up freelance work and began working full time. Following the birth of her first granddaughter, Boyarsky quit ARCO and limited herself to editing and writing. The thing that excites her the most besides writing is painting images and portraits of her family members from old photos. Boyarsky also has an interest in reading fiction, traveling, watching film and theater shows, etc. As of today, Boyarsky is working on her next novel featuring Nicole Graves. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, who continues to work as a journalist.

The Nicole Graves Mysteries series written by author Nancy Boyarsky is comprised of a total of three books released between 2017 and 2018. Each and every novel of this series revolves around the life of a young woman named Nicol Lewis, who later becomes Nicole Graves. She lives in Los Angeles and maintains a long distance relationship with her lover based in London. She works for a prestigious LA-based law firm. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘The Swap’. It was released by the Light Messages Publishing in 2017. This novel features the main characters in the roles of Nicole Lewis, Muriel Lowry, Brad Lewis, Freddie Lowry, Brenda, etc. This book starts by showing that Nicole Lewis and her husband Brad plan a long vacation in the UK. They swap their condo in LA for the house of a London couple in Cheswick.

Nicole thinks it’s a perfect arrangement for their summer adventure. She always wanted to explore London inside out. The vacation will also allow Nicole to accompany Brad on his out-of-town business trips and provide a helping hand to him. However, the real reason why she wants to travel with Brad is to keep an eye on his assistant named Brenda, who has started to get too close to her husband. Shortly after, some unexpected things happen that make Nicole realize that she has landed in serious trouble. The London couple, Muriel and Freddie Lowry, did not arrive at her condo in LA and seem to be missing. Nicole feels people are following her on the streets of London. Some even make threats to her and demand information that she does not have. She tries to explain the situation to Brad and the London police, but they don’t believe her. So, she decides to take it upon herself to find out what’s really going on and put an end to all the mess.

The second story of this series is called ‘The Bequest’. It was also published in 2017. The novel opens by mentioning that Nicole Graves feels haunted by the memories of her near-death experience in London and finds it difficult to focus on her work. Maintaining a relationship with her lover living in London also seems too much to ask for. While all this is going on in her life, Nicole succeeds in tracking down a colleague, who had disappeared all of a sudden. The discovery of the firm’s investigator’s body, his questionable wealth, and Nicole’s inexplicable bequest with him makes her a target for the killer, the paparazzi, and the police. Nicole goes on to uncover corruption and evil among the most powerful people of the city. This fast-paced mystery set in LA unravels the corrupt power model of the city hidden beneath wealth & glamor and the celebrity-crazy media.

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