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Publication Order of Sarah Agnes Prine Books

These is My Words (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sarah's Quilt (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Star Garden (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Water and the Blood (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Name is Resolute (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Light Changes Everything (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nancy E Turner is a historical writer whose first work of fiction was a class assignment at Pima Community College. The Dallas born author spent a good portion of her youth in Arizona and Southern California before settling in Tucson. Turner is a Fine Arts Graduate with a triple major in Music, creative writing, and studio art. The author is also a mother of two and a grandmother of four. Turner currently lives with her husband and her dog, Snickers. When she is not writing, Turner enjoys going to the outdoors, watching movies, and all things theatre.

These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901

These Is My Words tells the story of Sarah Agnes Prine, a lady who can be described as the perfect definition of the frontier woman. Sarah runs a ranch, takes good care of the cattle, and is quite good with her gun. In addition to these, she owns a soap making business and is also a great mother. In Sarah’s words, a nice girl takes a loaded gun and a big knife wherever she goes. Despite all the challenges she has to endure, there is one person who makes her world spin- Jack Elliot. Jack is a handsome Calvary Captain, and while he and Sarah have little in common, they are perfect for each other.

This book covered her life from 1881 when she was just 17 to 1901. Sarah is witty, humble and filled with resilience. As a fiercely determined young lady, Sarah overcomes many hardships in life, and her desire to learn sets her apart. Thanks to her diary entries, we get a feel of how life was in the late 1800s. Sarah also welcomes the reader on her daily adventures as she tries to make a home for herself and her family in Arizona. It is good that Jack is not portrayed as perfect and unrealistic. Just like in any relationship, Jack and Sarah push each other to the wall, but they somehow manage to work out their differences. Jack understands Sarah, but he doesn’t force her to change as he finds these imperfections endearing.

This story will move you to tears as the tragedies in Sarah’s life unfold. Get to read about authentic everyday details and unforgettable characters who bring the 1800s to life. Sadly, Sarah had to endure robbers, Indians, the elements, and wild animals to survive. Also, she struggles with the same issues we deal with daily. From love and heartache to the joys and challenges of motherhood, Sarah handles it all and such grace. The book will also make you see how fragile life is. Anything from nature to childbirth could end it in a second, which shows how little we can control in nature.

These is My Words is a heartfelt saga inspired by Nancy E Turner’s family memoirs. Join the author on this classic adventure documenting a courageous woman’s life in Arizona territories. The author shares the joyous, turbulent, and tragic events that moulded Sarah into a determined adult and a loving mother. While it is clear that Sarah did not need a man to take care of her, she recalls the love she shared with Jack and the difference he made in her life. Get to follow Sarah as she grows, learns, and works to raise a family. The journey, at times painful, but it all makes sense in the end.

My Name Is Resolute

My Name Is Resolute tells the story of Resolute and her life in the New World. It is in 1729, and pirates have taken Resolute and her siblings. Throughout the voyage, Patience, Resolute’s elder sister takes care of her and they all land safely in their new home. Young Resolute and her sister are sold to slavery in New England where they are forced into weaving and spinning. At a point, Resolute will find herself alone in Massachusetts where she works to find a place for herself in a society where a woman her age without a family is frowned upon.

Resolute, just like her name triumphs over all the curve balls life throws at her. She learns how to survive the harsh conditions at a young age, and through perseverance, Resolute finds a way to make the best life for herself. While she is first driven by misinformation and wants to go back to Jamaica, she eventually manages to rebuild her life. Through sheer will and a little bit of luck, Resolute manages to enjoy the freedom she was looking for, have a family, and give them a decent life.

A lot is happening in this story. From the harsh conditions associated with slavery to courage and romance, you get to read it all, and so much more. There are many choices to make, and Patience and Resolute are forced to grow up real fast and adapt to survive. With the effects of war, the unfair tax laws, and seizure of property, life was surely hard for the slaves and other disadvantaged members of society. The author will take you through the lives of the different characters, the new relationships they form, and the old enemies they have to confront.

If you like books with characters that are hard to forget, an element of intriguing history, and a unique storyline, you are going to love this book. Follow Resolute through self-survival, motherhood, and her becoming an accomplished seamstress. It is impressive how Resolute adapts in every environment using the skills learned in the convent to become a success in her field. Later in life, resolute succeeds in saving a woman from slavery because this is a path she had walked through before.

My Name Is Resolute comes with all the ingredients of a perfect historical fiction piece. The book is not just thought-provoking but also informative, eye-opening, and hard to put down. This is a book you will want to savour as you take in every detail. It is clear that the author is knowledgeable about this era, and a lot of work has gone into writing the story. Definitely an excellent ready that is worth every minute of your time.

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