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Publication Order of Queen of Camelot Books

Nancy McKenzie is an American author. She currently resides in the town of Danbury in Connecticut. Shewas born in 1948 and continues to write to this day!

As several other authors before her have done, Nancy has taken inspiration from tales and times of the past. When it comes to older stories, nothing is more fascinating to her than the Arthurian tales of old. As a result, she has channeled some of those stories, times and characters into her books based on those tales.

Nancy McKenzie is the creator and the author of the Queen of Camelot series. The series kicked off in 1994 with the release of the first book in the series, The Child Queen. This was then followed by a sequel in 1995 when Nancy’s thrilling second installment came out, titled High Queen.

The Child Queen is the first novel in the Queen of Camelot series by acclaimed author Nancy McKenzie. If you are a reader that loves romantic tales, then this is the book for you! Get the telling of an old Arthurian tale through the eyes and mind of Queen Guinevere.

This is the story of a love between Arthur and Guinevere and how they made their way to the altar and what happens after! This is a romantic pairing for the ages and the story of a betrayal and treachery that would have such a great impact on the lives of many for years to come.

Readers will be introduced to a lot of main characters from Arthurian legend. Those who know Lancelot as well as the wizard Merlin and the character Morgan Le Fay will be thrilled to see their return and see what they get into in this exciting book from an author that is well versed in Arthurian tales.

This book was named the “Discovery of the Year” by Del Ray and for a good reason! See characters of myth come to life in flesh and blood (no, not literally) in this awesome book from an author that knows her stuff. Check out The Child Queen to find out what happens for yourself.

The High Queen is the second novel in the enchanting series by Nancy McKenzie, Queen of Camelot. When it comes to Guinevere, she is now the queen. This comes with a lot of responsibilities, including producing an heir to the throne.

When she was first born, Guinevere had a prophecy made about her. Several years later, that prediction of what would go on to occur has come true. The prophecy can be considered fulfilled, and all that was spoken has come to pass.

She has made it to the throne and joined the love of her life in the reign over a country. She and King Arthur watch over the land with an awareness and a strength that cannot be matched. They have worked hard to not only create but watch over a kingdom that is so legendary that it will pass into stories for years to come.

The fame of what they have done in making Camelot will be their legacy. Yet for all of the truths that the prophecy got right, it also had a dark side to it. Since what the prophecy foretold has come true, the threat of what may also come to be has been bothering Guinevere ever since she has heard it. She worries that she will not be able to escape the Sword of Damocles, the shadow of her fate that is always hanging over her head.

Guinevere had always thought that she had an awareness of what the dark side of that prophecy would be. She has always suspected that the shadow implied that she would be barren and never be able to bear a child. But is that interpretation that she has made absolutely correct, or just in her own head?

It’s true that Guinevere has worked very hard at accepting the idea that she may never be able to have a child. However, she has also accepted the concept that her husband absolutely requires an heir to the throne. Without a child, they will be not be able to keep Camelot safe from the people that seek to rule it.

There must be a child to take over the kingdom, but at the moment, the queen knows that there is only one child that Arthur has fathered. That would be the result of his cursed encounter with a witch. Morgause was his very own sister, and what he did while under a spell was to produce Mordred, his only child and what would be the only true heir if another baby is not born.

Guinevere knows that the prophecy has said that she cannot bear children. However, she cannot allow the risk of Mordred inheriting the throne the way that things are. Since she believes that she is not able to give a child to Arthur, then she can has no choice but to work within the circumstances that they both have been given. Who knows, perhaps it really is fated to turn out this way.

The queen vows that she will do what she can to work with Mordred. Since Guinevere cannot give the king his own son, she decides that she is going to raise him and teach this son of Arthur what it means to truly be a king.

Since she believes that she can never get pregnant, this is the only option left to her. She decides that she will do everything in her power to love this child like she were his own mother. Her goal is to raise him to be just like the king. If he can be as wise and sound of mind as Arthur, he will go on to be able to honor the legacy and power of Camelot.

As it turns out, this is a greater task than she anticipated. While Mordred will go on to give her great joy in life, he also will turn out to be the greatest source of her despair. What will happen in the end? Read this book to find out!

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