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Everything You Pretend to Know about Food and Are Afraid Someone Will Ask (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rommelmann's Los Angeles Bar & Nightlife Guide (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bad Mother (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Queens of Montague Street (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Transportation (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Destination Gacy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
To the Bridge (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Nancy Rommelmann is an American author of fiction, nonfiction, and crime novels. She is best known for her book, To the Bridge, a nonfiction work on Amanda Stott-Smith. The book To the Bridge tries to explain what led a mother to attempt to kill her children ruthlessly. It’s one of the cases that shook the country and left many with more questions than answers. Aside from writing novels, Rommelmann writes for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and LA Weekly, among other publications.

To the Bridge

To the Bridge is a novel centered on the Amanda Scott-Smith story, a mother who dropped her children into the Willamette River. The country listened in horror as the events that led to the death of Eldon, Amanda’s four-year-old son, unfolded. It was considered a miracle that Trinity, the eldest of Amanda’s children, survived, and her cries attracted those who saved her, 40 minutes after their mother drove to the middle of Sellwood Bridge and dropped the two children in the river. After the rescue, Amanda was arrested, convicted, and later handed a jail term of thirty-five years.

While her conviction put the matter to rest, Nancy Rommelmann, a journalist by profession, was curious to find the truth. She was still puzzled by the fact that a mother would want to kill her children and in such a brutal manner. To the Bridge, highlights the author’s journey for seven years in search of the truth. Rommelmann not only traces the cause of Amanda’s fury but also highlights past and present circumstances that drove a mother to murder her children leaving her family and friends shocked beyond words.

Rommelmann tries to explain the circumstances behind what many considered an unforgivable crime. She unravels a cycle of addiction and codependency, capricious justice, and toxic masculinity. At the heart of this crime was a stormy marriage, a family set to self-destruct, and numerous lies that could be tough for anyone to handle. Unfortunately, the children had to suffer because of the choices made by their parents.

The details in this book are sourced from Amanda, her ex-husband, family and friends, and the court interviews and filings. Even though the authors attempt to speak directly to Amanda and her ex-husband Jason did not bear any fruits; she was able to gather adequate information from those who knew these two better. It is hard not to pity Trinity and Gavin considering the circumstances they are brought up in before this tragic incidence happened.

Rommelmann discovers that Amanda’s problems started before she met Jayson. According to her friends, she would leave her kids for days without caring about their wellbeing. Unfortunately, Amanda was not remorseful at all. Once Amanda was incarcerated, Trinity was left in the care of her father. Remember, this is a man many of their neighbors referred to as a sociopath.

One of the issues that come clear is that it was evident that this family would end tragically. Gavin would not have died if neighbors and the people who knew about the couple’s abusive ways had called and informed children protective services.

Rommelmann brilliant writing and in-depth analysis of Amanda, her marriage, and her upbringing make it easy for many to understand her better. It becomes easier to understand why a mother is capable of turning against her children and kill them most ruthlessly. This is an ideal read if you want to have a deeper understanding of how people behave. More often than not, there are many underlying issues.

Everything You Pretend to Know about Food and Are Afraid Someone Will Ask

Everything ……. Afraid Someone Will Ask is a food and drink reference book that is designed to answer all those questions that you have when you look at a menu. The information is provided in a fun way so you can sit and enjoy learning a lot about food. Prepare to get educated on what dim sum is or how a wine can be said to have legs. You will also get helpful tips on how to preserve your food, ensure that you retain the flavor in your spices, and enjoy the best that the culinary world has to offer. If you are a foodie and you want to decipher some of the items you find in an upscale restaurant menu, this book is ideal

Some of the details included here include common cooking terminologies and phrases, fascinating food role, and the terms that are often misused in this sector. How is prawn different from shrimp? Just how much food content is in a dollop? Are Arabica coffee beans only grown in Arabia? Get the right answers to the above questions and so much more. This is a food encyclopedia of sorts that covers different topics and comprises of interesting facts on various subjects. The chapters are well organized, so it is easy to quickly find the information you are looking for if using the book as a quick reference.

This book is ideal, whether you want some quick reference before visiting a restaurant or in-depth study for a better understanding of your foods and drinks of choice. Let the author take you on a culinary journey throughout the world and help you sample the best cuisines in far-flung countries. Most of the information is well researched, which makes it perfect for those working in the food industry. The tone only makes the information easier to digest, even for those who do not know a lot about food and drinks.

Aside from being informative, this book is also fun to read. Buy it if you are looking for an entertaining read on matters food that works, whether you are a novice or seasoned foodie. It helps that this piece is neither a boring food science thesis nor a cookbook with recipes and ton loads of ingredients. The food trivia in it is excellent, and the book comes in a small package you can carry with you whenever you want to go on a culinary adventure.

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